Found lump in healthy breast

Last year I was dx with idc in left breast. Went through wle, mastectomy, chemo and now on tamoxifen.
Three weeks ago I found a lump in my right breast, as I had an appointment coming up with surgeon thought I would wait to see him.
I saw the surgeons registrar yesterday who said it doesn’t feel like anything but would send me for mammogram just to be on safe side.
I’m so scared that I have cancer again.
I just wondered if anyone knows what the chances are of it being cancer again. I only finished chemo in september and had clear mri scan in november.
Thanks in advance for your replies
Chris xx

Hi Chris

I can’t give you any statistics, but I am in a similar situation. I am having tests on Friday on my healthy breast. I haven’t found a lump, but I have a cord running through it that they cannot explain. I went through the works too and am currently on herceptin. I hope your lump turns out to be nothing. Just wanted you to know you are not alone in your worry. Debx

Hi Midge
There always seems something to worry about when you’ve had bc doesn’t there?
I wasn’t this panicky first time around but I’m so scared this time.
I haven’t even got a date for mammo yet, but keep telling myself they would have rushed it through if they thought it was anything to worry about. I’d have felt better if it was my surgeon I had seen and not the registrar.
Good luck with the tests on friday and i’ll keep fingers crossed it’s nothing to worry about.
Chris xx

I had a lump in my ‘healthy’ breast about 18 months after treatment and after mammo and ultrasound it was found to be a cyst which my surgeon aspirated then and there.It is always so scary post bc and I suppose it always will be.I also had an area of ‘thickening’ found by my GP which turned out to be just normal tissue.
Hang in there,

I hope everything turns out well for you ladies.
Once we have had bc, we zoom in on any change, but from what I’ve read on here, most are cysts or similar. xx

Thanks for your replies. The sensible part of me tells me its probably nothing but I can’t help the panicky feelings that never seem to be far away.
I just hope the appointment comes through soon then I can get back on track hopefully
Chris xx

the risk of getting a cancer in the opposite breast is about 5% for people who do not have a gene mutation and about 40% for people who carry a brca 1 or 2 mutation.

if you dont have a gene change a contra-lateral BC is very uncommon.

its always best to get these things checked out and ill be keeping my fingers crossed that its nothing serious.

Lulu x


Had mammo and ultrasound. All ok, tiny cyst and Mondors disease ( benign thick ropey vein) so am v relieved. Hope everyone else has good news. It is such a worry. Debx

Deb that’s brilliant news, you must be so relieved! I have 10 days until my first post-treatment mammogram, so my fingers are hurting from being permanently crossed!

Mrs S just postedvon your other thread. I admit I feel totally drained now. good luck. debx

I’m so pleased for you midge…you must have been so relieved.
I still haven’t got an appointment for my mammo yet.
Seeing oncologist next tuesday so if I’ve not heard by then I’ll ask him to hurry it up as waiting is making me very stressed.
Fingers crossed for all of us waiting

Hi Midge
Sorry I didn’t see this earlier - I may have been able to put your mind at rest as I had this just two weeks ago. I had it on both sides, a couple of weeks after biopsies on both sides for lesions I couldn’t feel. I raced down to GP to be told I had superficial phlebitis (aka Mondor’s disease), which can be a result of either trauma (biopsies) or exercise - in my case I’d been lifting weights trying to get fitter for big op.
Mine has just about disappeared, but was scary at the time.

just to update everyone after your advice and help.
I had my mammogram last week and the lump turned out to be fatty tissue.
Thank you all for your replies xx

So pleased for you :slight_smile: xxx

Phew, What a relief for you Chris, so pleased xx


midge and chris im really pleased to hear your news xxx

Thank you everyone
do you think the paranoia about it coming back will ever leave us? Or is it something we will have to put up with?
I thought the longer I went after treatment the easier it would become, but I seem to be more wary now and its six months since I finished active treatment.
I don’t think my oncologist helps as twice now he has told me there are no guarantees that it won’t come back, when all I’m after is a little reassurance that he doesn’t think it will.
He is known for not having a good bedside manner though.
Hope everyone is keeping well
Chris xx

chris it does get easier in time but never goes away completely.

i was diagnosed in opposite breast 3 years after first and at that time although i wasnt really thinking about it all the time… BTW the reason i got it twice is that i have a gene mutation if you dont have a gene mutation its very unusual to get a new primary in the opposite side (only about 5% risk)…

but i know that the worry of recurrence is always there, but the majority of women diagnosed with BC do survive… 20 years ago the survival was only about 40% to 5 years now its 80% plus for over 10 years… its almost 70% at 20 years but this will continue to rise as 20 years ago the treatments werent as good as they are now… so 20 years from now the predicted survival will be even better.

love and hugs xx

Thanks Lulu
I don’t have a gene mutation but worry as my maternal grandma died from breast cancer.
Hopefully as time goes on hopefully I’ll be able to put it to the back of my mind abit.
I have to learn to not worry about things that I can’t change and deal with it if it comes back.
Thanks again
Chris xx