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Does anyone else think it would be a good idea for us to have a thread /s about general chat just about things like fave books, films, tv, pets or hobbies etc. I don’t do facebook anymore as don’t feel I enjoy it the way I did when my life was a bit more carefree. However, its nice to talk about non cancer things too with nice people. Maybe it would be more suited to some other board on the forum, but I think I would prefer it on the private one as I think my relatives and friends would work out who I was. Any thoughts.xx

Hi Waffles,

I think that’s a great idea, much like you I don’t use Facebook so much now, and I’m trying to focus on positive things to keep me happy, my happiness comes in the form of my horse, dogs and of course my wonderful amazing husband.  I try not too think  about my sbc if I can help it, so I have been shying away from the forums a bit, I’m not burying my head in the sand, it’s just that at the moment I feel well and that old saying living with cancer, not dying  from it, is how I’m trying to live my life, hopefully for as long as possible. Finished my chemo on Tues, and had my first dressage lesson on Freddie my horse yesterday, the only riding constraint from my husband is that I don’t jump horses anymore, fair enough having seen his face when I slipped over the other day I can understand flying off my horse might just cause him a bit of extra unwanted stress!!

So pleased you put this idea out there

Di ?

Waffles, I agree with you, it’s a great idea ? sometimes I feel my hole life revolves around this damn disease!! It would be lovely to just chat about non important things ie TV, shopping etc. 

Hugs Janette xxxx 

Hello ladies

Waffles, I think it’s a great idea, and also that it’s on the private board as I don’t want anyone to recognise my postings and Facebook’s not for me, though I do have an account. I’ve just taken ill health retirement from work this week so I’m now free to do things I like in the time I have. I’ve ordered a sewing machine so that I can make myself a quilt - something I’ve wanted to do for about 25 years. It’s going to have sections with appliqued or embroidered birds and flowers that are in my garden. I like all things animals and crafts and my days start with Frasier on TV. I’m reading ‘The Yorkshire Shepherdess’ at the moment (about the lady at Ravenseat farm, from The Dales programme). A friend of mine has suggested we go for a day out to have one of the cream teas this summer - can’t wait.


Waffles I think it’s a great idea to start this thread. It will probably work well as a continuous thread as we float our thoughts and then if one particular topic takes off to then create a thread for that subject. I’m also glad you started it in our private area. Hopefully it will help to get it off the ground. It would be  shame as quite a few of us have asked for this over the years if it was to fail now. I think it will help us to get to know each other as well.


Over the years I have had quite a few pets as I used to breed Burmese cats. We also had dogs - first of all dobermans and then german shepherds but as my hubby & I are getting on a bit now when our last dog died we decided we would not get any more.  My cat breeding days stopped when we moved to our present home. I cannot believe now that was 30 years ago but we moved to start up our own business - a Bonsai Centre - which was going to involve both of us and mean a lot of hard work and I wouldn’t have been able to give time to my cat breeding. If any of you have been to RHS Wisley, or Chelsea Flower Show over the last 30 years LOL you would have seen something of our work. We have had a couple of display gardens at Wisley and now the “bonsai walk” there. Over the years we have had 21 Gold Medals at the Chelsea Flower Show. I haven’t really had time to be ill with bc/sbc!! which I have had for 26 years. I love what we do but the last few years the disease has taken its toll and I have had to take more of a back seat.




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Good afternoon all

Dawn, good luck from me too re tomorrow’s results. Good luck with your bloods too - I’m hopeless at keeping on track with treatments and am on another break while waiting for neuts to rise. Your bonsai are amazing, and such variety.


Done too much in the garden since a bit of sunshine appeared this afternoon so need to give my arm a rest.


Hope you’ve all had a good day.






This is just a quickie as I am off again to the Marsden for Chemo & zometa. Woohoo - bloods O.K. well just about ok. My platelets are the problem with Kadcyla and even though I only have it every 6wks now they still struggle to get up to a reasonable level so it is a worry - each time it is a bit lower. But my MUGA scan was amazing. It was the best result I have ever had. For those of you into LVEFs - mine was 76% this time which is really good for anyone to get. It is usually around 56%! Got a bit of finger wagging as I am told I do not drink enough (sigh). Better get a move on.




Morning all,

Big whoop whoop to Samantha and Dawn, great news !

I wonder if I could trouble my new and trusted friends for a bit of advice.  I work part time at a gp surgery, senior admin/receptionist, hours split between the two roles.  During my chemo I’ve dropped my reception hours so, and continued to work on my second and third week post chemo doing admin way from our patients.  My colleagues have been amazing, supporting, positive, brilliant,  apart from ‘The One’.  She is Mrs negative, moans about everything and as such I avoid her.  So Tues I’m back to work for the first time post my last chemo, and I notice that my name on the leave board for March has been wiped off and replaced by another girls name.  The practice manager is on leave, and only her or me can make alterations.   But guess what ‘The One’ decided to wipe me off!  At first I was angry then I was really upset. Something to the effect of not only is this bloomin cancer tring to wipe me out, but someone at work is as well. I know on the face of it its a small thing, but symbolically it’s the cruellest thing anyone could do.  So, am I over reacting? Should I leave it? I’m not a confrontational person, but given the distress should I formally complain, or should I just say it’s just 'The One’being her normal self (which is what we always say when she does something like this) any advice will be great fully received.  Apart from that yippee the tiler is finishing in our kitchen as I type and that’s our new kitchen finished and looking amazing 

Di xx

Hi DS544, I would want this out in the open. First I would ask the one why your name has been removed from the leave board and then ask for it to be put back and explain how her actions have made you feel. I think you are amazing trying to keep the normality in your life as much as possible and there is no way you should be discriminated against in this way. Good luck xx

Hi all,
finally got to see Dad’s Army. Not as good as the TV show which I thought would be the case anyway. It wasn’t hilarious but it was very good natured and I found it quite enjoyable. A pleasant way to spend an afternoon. xxx

Hi Julie,
Hope you cold doesn’t last too long. xxx

Hope the lymph node in your neck is a false alarm and the chemo has killed the little cancer bugs again.
Enjoy the sunshine and forget it all until your scan .
Hugs Carolyn xx

Waffles we all live in fear of every ache or pain and its a rotten life BUT we have to keep fighting.
I had my 2nd denosumab injection Tuesday and have aches and pains I never had before and hope its doing its job but worry its hit all the cancer spots and if it has …boy am I in trouble !!!
Hugs xxxx

Yes I was fine After the first one too …I’m seeing oncologist at end of month and will ask if it settles after a few more! I thought it was supposed to help with pain !!
I watch tv but I’m afraid I watch total rubbish …soaps and ant and Dec last night! I liked "vera"that was on itv. I like home programmes like homes under hammer etc. As I’m not so mobile I have taken up tapestry but only still doing the beginners ones !!! And it stops me picking at food !!!
Hope u have had some nice sunshine too …it’s colder now but was nice earlier .
Hugs xxxxx

Hiya Kay…what terrible care you received but to b honest I think all the nhs is under huge pressure. Getting an appointment at our doctors is like gold dust! Up to a few months ago to get a drs app u had to queue outside at 8.30am but it’s now changed to another system.
Have u tried taking a vitamin c pill daily to build up yr immune system against colds etc.
Hugs xxxx

I know I am tempting fate but I haven’t had a cold this year yet!! Others around me have so would like to think it’s the vitamin c helping. I have the ones that make a fizzy drink so refreshing In the morning.

Hope u get yr injection as it’s vital the bones get strengthened. I forgot but it’s very expensive so it must be doing something to justify nhs money!!! I think it costs £150 a time. 

My aches and pains lasted from day 4to day 9 this time. Hopefully settle down until next one at end of month.


Hugs xxxx

Hiya Kay. I loved that Susan Lewis book too. It was well written. The fizzy vitamin c tablets are in a tube. I get them in boots or sometimes the £1shop! I use the drink to swallow my letrozole and cod liver oil tablet every morning! Then I don’t forget.
All the best …even blood tests can b a nuisance when its hunt the vein with blood in it. My nurse always says drink a pint of water first and put some heat on the arm ( heat pad or hot water bottle) makes it easier.
Hugs xxxxx

Ugh … I had a pic line in for my chemo in 2004 had it in for five months and hated it . Only thing makes life easier for treatment and blood tests when we only have one arm available!
Unfortunately I don’t have a mum to buy for on Sunday …always a sad day but it’s 41years ago I lost mine to breast cancer when I was only 21.
Hugs xxxx

I think my favourite book of all time was “ps I love you” and then they made the film …apart from Gerald butler ( yum) the film was pants .
I’m afraid I only read rubbish type books nothing intellectual that I have to think about !
Did buy and read Jane plants bc book but I suppose if I had followed her diet I wouldn’t be sat here with bone Mets now!!! Lol.?
Hugs xxx