Good news at last!

Hello all …

Just wanted to share some good news … I received the unexpected call yesterday asking me to go in today to see my consultant for my results. It has only been just over 3 weeks since my surgery, last time I waited 6 weeks for the results.

Well, it is third time lucky for me! We have eventually gained clear margins! I am over the moon and sooo relieved!!

Next step is radiotherapy. Do you know how long after surgery radiotherapy usually starts please? xx


Wonderful news! Congratulations!
I think it depends on your area, but in mine it is about a 10 week wait.

Thank you :blush:

And thank you for your reply.

Oh gosh… that is a long wait. Is that 10 weeks from surgery date or when the consultant refers you to the oncologist? I was diagnosed on 22nd December so am really hoping radiotherapy will start soon xx

My radiotherapy was 10 weeks post op date.The week before radiotherapy commenced I had 2 planning sessions which involved a scan at the second planning session and practicing breath holding techniques.

The 10 weeks is from my op date to starting the radiotherapy treatment, fingers crossed you won’t have to wait too long!

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Thank you @boo1 @emmeline1 for your replies xx

@tracy1 that is fantastic news, i am so pleased for you :two_hearts:

My radiotherapy was 6 wèeks from the surgery as they have to wait for everything to settle down.

Enjoy the feeling of the good news and celebrate xx


@Summer-sunshine thank you so much :white_heart:

Oh 6 weeks is better. I really hope mine starts soon too.

I will, thank you so much! :sparkling_heart: xx

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I had not heard from the Velindre cancer hospital in Cardiff by week 7 post op r.e radiotherapy .I rang my breast surgeons secretary who gave me a telephone number to ring to get an appointment with the radiology oncologist in Velindre.Velindre hospital were great and gave me an appointment with the Oncologist by week 8 post op then first radiology planning appointment.
I would advise also that you bring a friend or partner with you for appointments for emotional support which helps the process.Good luck x


Thank you @boo1 I will call as you suggested if I havent heard anything in a couple of weeks. How long post op was it before your first radiotherapy session? Are you alllowed soneone to go with you to your actual radiotherapy sessions? xx

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I had;
Feb 20th - full mastectomy
Mar 13th - full results
Mar 21st - started chemo (so 4 weeks post-surgery)
July 4th - ending chemo
August 19th - starting radiotherapy (so 6 weeks later)
It seems to vary massively from hospital to hospital. They told me radio is normally 4-6 weeks after chemo but it may be different for lower stages that are surgery + radio and no chemo. Less urgency I guess for a lower stage cancer perhaps?

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Thank you for your reply @swk1981 it does appear to vary between trusts. I needed 3 surgeries to gain the clear margins, I was diagnosed in December so am keen to start radiotherapy now xx

My husband had to wait in the waiting room when I had my radiotherapy.The first actual radiotherapy sessions were 10 weeks post op but i had 2 planning sessions and an appointment with Radiology consultant before these.I expect every hospital is different though.

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That’s good to hear that your husband could be in the waiting room. Thank you for all the information, it really helps xx

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Our wait times for chemo post surgery are insane…
I’m having mine start this week, 7 weeks after surgery only because I complained and was getting so anxious. The wait here is about 12 weeks plus after surgery…
It makes me so nervous about the cancer regrouping and starting more attacks ….


What good news! My op was on 19th December and radiotherapy started on 4th March 2024. I had a DIEP flap reconstruction so they wanted to give everything time to heal before starting radiotherapy. Also my cancer was oestrogen receptor positive and responded well to Letrozole so there was not an enormous rush. Good luck with your treatment :crossed_fingers:

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Hi @badger81 thank you for your reply. Would you mind telling me how many sessions of radiotherapy you had please? xx

Hi Tracy1 I had 15 sessions.

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That’s wonderful news!
I had my last surgery the week before Christmas and confirmed margins were clear 16th January.
I had to wait until 6th May to start radiotherapy - and that was with chasing, which I hated doing as it was pointed out I was low priority.
This was with Leicestershire & Rutland PCT
Fortunately just the five sessions and it was very straight forward
Sending you luck and best wishes

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@badger81 thank you for your reply xx