Grade 2 IDC and a papilloma in same breast

I was told last week that I have a Grade 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in my left breast which all came following a routine mammogram as I am 60 years old. I also have a papilloma in the same breast but on the opposite side. I have just had the call from the hospital and will be seeing the breast surgeon on Thursday. I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has had a similar diagnosis and what treatment they have had. I am expecting it will be a mastectomy. Any advice? Thanks Lynn

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Really sorry to hear about your diagnosis @paddington1, I’m sending all the best wishes and love :heart:

I’m sure you will have more responses soon from those who have had a similar experience, but in the meantime you might find this recent topic helpful as they refer to a similar diagnosis Diagnosis invasive ductal cancer

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Thank you Alice. That is really useful x

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I had grade 2 IDC … but didn’t have a mastectomy… just had it removed along with it’s margins. Think it depends on the size… my margins were tested after surgery and they were clear so no further surgery was required. Hopefully you will get a better picture after your consultant appointment xx

Hello Lynn, it is such a scary time not knowing but in reality you won’t know until they get it out and have a look at it under the microscope. I had the same diagnosis last Jan at 58. I had a lumpectomy but unfortunately I did not have clear margins and they found grade 3 lobular cancer. I then had a mastectomy and radiotherapy and I am now on Letrozole and 6 monthly infusions of bisphosphonates. I think they will offer you breast saving surgery first and hopefully you will get clear margins. That would be a great outcome. I think my main advice is to try not to second guess what lies ahead. Just take each step as it comes and be sure that you are in good hands. You can look at everything positively or negatively. I actually find myself thinking ‘thank goodness I had the lump’, without it they would never have found the other stuff as it doesn’t show up on screening. I wish you all the best, it will be tough at times but you will get through it!

UPDATE. will be having lumpectomy x 2, and sentinel lymph node biopsy, followed by radiotherapy. Felt a bit calmer now I know what the plan is, but then your mind quickly turns to the practical stuff like bras and clothing after surgery. Any advice? I am plus size with GG cup breasts. Thanks Lynn

Hi, I’m glad you feel slightly calmer, it really does help to have a bit of clarity doesn’t it?

I had a double lumpectomy with a snb a few weeks ago. I’m a size 42 DD/E and was recommended the Flexifit bra range from M&S. I tried on a few and the non-wired crop top suited me best although post operation I took the scissors to them to change the alignment next to my armpit. My snb was done via one of the other incisions but the pain around my armpit has been crazy (perfectly normal apparently). I’ve ended up buying some larger crop top style bras from The Big Bloomers Company which don’t offer a huge amount of support (due to me ordering a larger size than I am) and are a little bit scratchy but they are ok to sleep in as they avoid my armpit and incisions and are fairly loose. You will have some swelling so take that into account when you try anything on. I liked the crop top style as I could step into them and they don’t dig in.

You will need slippers for the hospital and I was told to take a dressing gown as you walk to the operating theatre. However, the ward was really warm so we all doubled up on hospital gowns instead (wearing one normally with the opening at the back and a second one the opposite way round like a dressing gown over the top).

I was sent home with paracetamol and ibuprofen but I would suggest stocking up!

I hope it all goes well, we’re all here to support you x

Thank you so much blue lagoon. That is really helpful I will check out those suggestions for bras. Feeling calmer but a little over emotional too now. All feels very very real all of a sudden, but I guess that is perfectly normal. They have said they have caught it early and it is very treatable, but cancer is cancer, and it is overwhelming isn’t it? Thanks again Lynn

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UPDATE. So I finally have a provisional date for surgery, 23rd April. Was diagnosed in January and the waiting has been horrendous. Will be having Therapeutic Mammoplasty with a reduction on the healthy breast for symmetry. I am a GG cup and they have said I will end up a C/D cup. Bit anxious about a 4 to 6 hour surgery but I got to be done.