Have you finished with BC books, wigs, scalves etc?

Hi everyone, are you coming to the end of your treatment and find you have accumilated breast cancer books, wigs, scalve, hats, etc and don’t know what to do with them now…

My friend smallstar, from this site, is opening her cancer centre very soon and needs all the above for cancer patients to borrow. If you have finished with yours and would like to donate them to the cancer center please just PM me and i will give you details.

Anything you can offer will be very much appriciated, ask your friends too please.

Thank you, pauline x

Hi Hollymeg - I’ve sent you a PM and now bumping this up.
Elinda x

Thanks Elinda, have Pm you back hun, 3 replys already whooo

Luv Pauline xxx

I have two unworn wigs.If you pm me details I will send them.
Good Luck to her and you.


I too have sent you a pm.

Mal x

I would just like to thank everyone for there promt response, i am amazed with the response. Please keep your offers coming in ladies smallstar needs our help!

Thanks again, luv pauline xxx

Hi Pauline,
I have two unworn scarfs that I can donate - PM me the details and I will send them.
What a great thing to do - I’m very happy to support this.
Lynn x

I was given quite a trendy hat at a scarf tying session, which I’ve never worn. I will send it if you let me know the details.

Bumping this one up, had loads of response in 2 days, keep it coming ladies and thank you all who have already responded xxxx

Unfortunately I don´t have anything but sites busy so will give you a bump… good luck. xxx

Bump …

Unfortunately not a

What a brilliant idea!
Unfortunately not at the end yet but promise that as soon as I am I will send your friend EVERYTHING - wigs, fringes, scarves, books, the lot!

Thanks leela, just pm me when your ready and i will give you details. Hope your treatment goes well, take care luv pauline xxx

Bumping for you pauline xx

just bumping up, had lots of offers thank you all, just PM me if you want to donate to smallstar’s cancer centre any wigs, hat scalves, books etc…anything that will help others effected by cancer and you no longer need. I will let you have the address, thanks pauline xxx

bump !!!

I have just found one of my wigs[unused in box] still mislaid the other so will post the one off with a couple of new scarves tomorrow.Sorry for delay-I had put them away rather too well.


will pm you honey
got some scarves, wig etc to send on
monica xx