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Hi - since my recent diagnosis I have tried really hard to change my diet to a healthier one, lots of organic veg and less animal products. I’m hoping I can keep this up for good but a bit worried I will lapse!

Would be interested in hearing from people who’ve had/recovered from BC a long time ago - did it change your lifestyle permanently? Or did you gradually revert to old ways?! I’ve read the usual cancer fighting food books but any tips would be welcome for long term changes.


hi there

mine is not long was diagnosed in june with brain mets lots of cluster apparently, somebody bought me the book beating cancer with nutrition and I have eaten organic every since. I went on Friday and they said they have reduced. I also juice a broccoli everyday , I hear thats very good for you.

Wow that’s brilliant - well done you! Great to hear diet can really make a difference. I have started juicing also, lots of cabbage, brocolli & carrots etc. My tummy doesn’t know quite what’s going on - but hoping it’ll help me fight the BC as much as poss. Anyone else do juicing? Seems good, at least I’ve finally lost my baby-weight after 2 years!

I saw a dietician on Monday to try to clear up some of my concerns about these issues.
She recommended a book called “The Breast Cancer Treatment and Prevention Diet” by Susannah Olivier ( who had BC herself 13 years ago). Lots of copies on Amazon (used from 25p).
She told me there is increasing evidence that reducing dairy products is beneficial. The same with red meat ( I don’t eat it anyway).
Soya products , in her opinion, are ok in moderation and the phytoestrogens are more likely to have a protective effect like Tamoxifen.
Things to avoid include: caffeine, alcohol, salt, sugary foods and processed foods.
“Super” foods include:onions,leeks,garlic,cabbage type things and broccoli, brussel sprouts,citrus fruits, pineapple, olive oil, brown rice, ginger, oats, green tea, oily fish, parsley,nuts and seeds and orange/red/purple veg and fruit like peppers,apricots, berries, carrots, sweet potatoes…

She recommends not skipping meals or becoming hungry, snacking a little and often (on healthy options as above)and taking plenty of fluid during the day ( 1.5-2 litres), which should be water, juice, non-caffeinated drinks or smoothies.

She had other suggestions for low energy, anaemia, poor appetite, and constipation.

She did stress that these were guidelines not rigid rules and that it is important to have a little of what you fancy from time to time (ie. treats).

I found it quite useful and came away with lots of ideas.
Anna x

I think we need to take an holistic view and as well as good diet make sure we exercise - whether its walking around the garden a few times or doing miles per day. Also take care of ourselves and pamper with good moisturisers and soothing baths. Diet for the body and other for the mind. Relaxing for 10mins per day with eyes shut and calm thinking can do miracles and relieve stress.

Lets look after ourselves ladies I think we deserve to for ourselves let alone others.

I also eat apricots and avocados - lets also remember bananas for the potassium - brain needs all it can get. Lots of fibre and fun too.

Good post Daisy,
I’m a great fan of avocados, bananas and apricots too !
In fact, am off to have one ( or maybe all 3!) right now!
Anna x

Hi, i am going to ask another silly question. How do you juice broccoli?? Do you mix it with anything else?? do you do it in one of those juicer things?? I am just starting to get interested in the adjusting diet thing and any help much appreciated.

Hi there

I’m 8 months down the line since my diagnosis and radically overhauled my diet (and lifestyle) from that day. I’ve cut out all dairy, all red meat, all alcohol, all sugar and increased fruit and veg to a minimum of 5 portions a day but usually around 7 - 9. I have also increased consumption of pulses, nuts and I do regularly do juices or smoothies. I do occasionally make treats of cookies using dates to sweeten them or a little raw agave syrup and occasionally have dark chocolate that again is sweetened with raw agave syrup. I’ve also used a lot of different recipes such as authentic curries, Moroccan food etc to make our less meat based diet more interesting.

In spite of having had a love of three or four glasses of red wine each weekend, a very sweet tooth - I used to each dairy milk chocolate every single day and I also regularly consumed dairy such as cheese, yoghurt,milk etc I have not even once deviated from my new diet.

I have found that over time it has got so much easier rather than harder. What has amazed me most is that whereas I used to crave sweet things all the time I don’t any more. I’m sure my dentist will see a big improvement. I was also overweight and have lost two and half stone. A whole new wardrobe is called for once I’ve finished my treatment in January!

I’m very lucky because my husband has gone on the same diet although he does have a bit of alcohol. He has lost over a stone too. We both keep saying we wished we’d done this years ago.

Elinda x

Well done Elinda, that is fab !!!
I have been trying to modify my eating over the past few weeks and I agree about not really having cravings for naughty things!( and like you I was always on the chocolate, wine, cheese, crisps etc. etc)
I did have a glass of red and a dessert when we all went out to celebrate my dad’s 70th at the weekend though…!( very special occasion!)

Would also be interested to know how you juice broccoli as asked by the other Anna above…


I’m interested in making some healthy juices.Anyone got any advice as to which juicer to buy.Preferably one thats easy to clean.
Do you have to peel the veg before you juice?Also interested in how you juice broccoli.
Also,does anyone have any nice recipes because i have never tried veggie juices and was wondering how you make them taste nice!
K x

Hi all, great post. I was diagnosed in April (so very recent) and had really tough time on chemo, now started rads. Have been seeing a herbalist and nutritionist recently. They’ve said the same about dairy and soya. Nutritionist said apply 80/20 rule (20% "treats, lapses are ok)so don’t beat yourself up about not being “good” all the time. I’ve got a hand blender which I used for weaning my toddler, from Braun. Great for fruit juicing to make smoothies, and really easy to clean. Recommended high GI breakfast - Apple/pear/banana plus medium oatmeal, flax seed, almond and sunflower and oat milk - not half as bad as it seems and now not skipping meals or feeling hungry. Also recommended to use a lot of tumeric in cooking to help with all the effects of the heat from rads and infections. Mushrooms great for immune system. Have started using oat milk in tea, again not as bad as I thought.

Not tried it yet but nutritionist recommended following raw juice especially mid moring: half cucumer, 2 sticks of celery, bunch of watercress, brocolli and apple (every other day beetroot, twice a week add 2 carrots). And Green smoothie - handful of spinach and watercress, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 cup water, handful of berries. Think adding fruit probably helps.

Avocados great for restoring lost oils from treatment. Have a tiny city garden but brother-in-law put in a raised veg bed for me in May, now have a great supply of organic beetroot and tomatoes - not really grown anything like that before so really pleased - every little thing helps.

I’ve definitely done a big rethink on my diet, as I was eating a lot of dairy and soya.

Alice x

hi everyone,

i have just found a smoothie maker in argos, half price at £19.99, reserved mine, will collect later and attempt to make one.

take care


hello all… i’m trying my best too, but lapsed a bit during and post chemo cos i kept ‘craving’ nasty food…
i have a silly question for you…
do you need to lightly steam/ boil/ cook broccoli before whizzing? or does it go in raw?!!
ta, becky xx


i may be wrong but i am presuming raw?? i will be trying it later so will tell you if its bearable raw.


Hi everyone,
really enjoyed reading this thread. I did lots of juicing during chemo and my bloods were always ok to have chemo on time and I put it down to the juicing doing some good. I have to say since going back to work I’m not as good as I was and really need to get back on track, probably only doing 2/3 juices a week whereas I was doing that a day at one point! Trying to loose weight and one of the dieticians pointed out how much sugar/cals I was getting from the fruit in the juices and I have lost half a stone since cutting back my juices. Anyway my reason for posting was to say yes i juice broccoli raw and find that adding all the stalk provides much more juice(though still not a lot!) I add kiwi and apple to broccoli and find it’s really nice. Another tip I was given was to add a bit of lemon juice if intending to not drink the juice immediately as it helps keep the colour and vitamins.
Happy Juicing!

Hi, broccolli, apple and kiwi actually sounds really nice… i think, i will try that when i am armed my my new smoothie maker later, and thanks for the lemon tip.


Hi all
Just been rummaging in the darkest recesses of the kitchen cupboards and found a juicer/blender that was OH’s before we got together ! Also found the instruction booklet, by some miracle or other!!!

It was very grubby so all its bits are now in the dishwasher and I have given the base a good clean.

Have a small bit of broccoli in the fridge ( not enough to do for a famly dinner) so think I’ll give it a whizz later !!! ( raw…!)

Anna x

yay, thats brilliant, im going to try the broccoli, apple and kiwi,

happy juicing

take care


thanks girls… just back from tescos armed with lots of fresh veg and fruit… including broccoli… i’m off to the kitchen now to get whizzing!
thanks for inspiring me!!

This is great and so good to hear others ideas. I’m not keen on cooked broccoli but know it’s really good for you so I’m definitely going to try in the juicer. Other juices I’ve done which are nice are carrot and apple and kiwi or melon. Another is carrot, celery and tomato.
For a sweet treat even though more calories a smoothie is great. I keep some frozen grapes or cranberries in the freezer and blend up a few of those with a ripe banana, apple juice, blueberries or strawberries and recently some blackberries from a bush at the end of our garden.

i find the whole soy thing really confusing some people say its okay and some it isn’t. I read that keep it low is probably best so I just have once a day on muesli. If I go out I do have a soy latte if I’m anywhere near a Cafe Nero.

Green tea I’ve read is really good providing you let it steep for about quite a while.

Anymore smoothie or juice ideas anyone?
elinda x