Hello, Anyone from North East about?

just wondered if there is anyone else on here from the North East - I live in Sunderland but am being treated in Gateshead for recurrence. Had first bc 12 years ago aged 38, 9.9mm lump plus extensive DCIS, grade 1, stage 1 - axillary clearance, mastectomy and tamox, fine for 12 years.
This time have 1.9cm lump plus DCIS, grade 3, no sign of spread - had WLE now at chemo no. 1, having 6 x FEC then rads then hormone therapy.
Would be great to ‘meet’ up with people who are in a similar position around here
monica xxx

I live in Northumberland…:smiley:

I was diagnosed May 2008 with IBC… so had chemo first and then mx and rads - now on tamoxifen for 5 years… I’m going into hospital on Monday to have a second mastectomy due to family history - hopefully there won’t be any signs of cancer in the lab so won’t need anymore treatment…


Hi Theresa, hope everything goes well in hospital. You must be really sick of it all by now. Guess it was a hard decision to make to have second mx. Which part of N’land do you live in? I work in Morpeth so know some bits of it.
hope you results are perfect after the op
take good care
monica xx

Hi Monica - i live in Morpeth lol… We moved here 13 years ago and before that moved around alot due to my husband’s job…

I had wanted both breasts done last November but my surgeon said no… then in April i started getting strange things happening with the good breast - so had to go back to the one-stop diagnosis clinic… had ultrasound and MRI and it was a benign condition called duct ectasia (it caused pain and for my nipple to go inverted…) so they agreed with me i could have the 2nd mastectomy after all…

I’ve just been for genetic testing at the centre for life as i come from a family with a really bad history of BC… should get the results in a few months time…


Hi Monica

I live just outside Bedlington, near Morpeth.

I was diagnosed with secondaries in my lungs, lymph nodes and midiastinal space last November, some 5 years after my primary diagnosis. Had 6 cycles of Taxotere and am now on herceptin, zoladex and letrozole and seem to be stable at present.

Coincidently, I was in the bed opposite Theresa (Rhapsody Angel) when she was getting her first mastectomy and I was getting the fluid drained off my lungs. Hope the second mastectomy went well Theresa.

Would be happy to meet for a coffee and a chat if you fancy.

Hi Paula…:smiley: It is good to hear that things seem okay at the moment…

All went well thanks…:smiley: i got out even quicker this time… they said i could go home on the tuesday… lol At the moment i’ve still got one drain in - but hoping that will come out today or tomorrow…

I would really like to meet up for a chat too if you fancy it sometime Monica…:smiley:


I would live to meet up - guessing n’land would be best as 2 of you from those parts - and much prettier than sunderland!!
I have chemo on weds and see you still have a drain in Theresa, maybe we should give it a lttle while - Paula would be lovely to meet you too.
What about aiming for a couple of weeks time? very happy to come up there
love, Monica xx

Hi Monica & Theresa

I would love to meet for coffee and a chat. I also have treatment on Wednesdays (every 3rd week) but could meet on another day.

Why don’t you both let me know what day works best for you. I have just returned to work on a phased return but won’t be working afternoons for a little while, so a weekday afternoon in the next few weeks would suit me.

Theresa - I could always pick you up if you aren’t up to driving after your surgery.

Hi all. I’m from Hartlepool. Not too far away from you all.
I don’t drive but my friend who has been through the whole process dose.
There are 4 of us living in the same area Gasp! One next door but one.She is a Nurse so works shifts. I will ask if any are interested in a meet.
i would love to meet you all.
Maybe my Chemo buddy might too. I have my next treatment a week on Wednesday. Only two more to do. Thank goodness. xxx Rita

Hi everyone…:smiley:

I would be free to meet up anytime really…:smiley: I have got appointments on the 28th and 29th of this month but other than that i am very flexible…:smiley: I can’t drive either so a lift would be lovely Paula…:smiley: I would need to be home for David getting home from school - he goes to special school and comes home in a minibus so needs me here…

I’m not sure if we will end up having a couple of meetups - perhaps a Northumberland one and one a bit further south…? We could think if there is anywhere near the metrocentre suitable as the further south people could then combine it with a shopping opportunity…?


Hi, I’m another north east girl.
Born in Seaham but now living on Teesside.

Hi all

Sorry, missed this thread - not been on much recently, and posting much less. I’m in Gateshead and would love to meet up too. Anytime, anywhere, and can offer lifts within reason. The only commitment I have at the moment is Fri 2nd for treatment, otherwise a blissfully clear calendar. Original dx 2003, then bone mets in 2008.

Hi Paula!! So pleased to hear from you, and glad you got through your chemo. Been thinking about you and of suggesting a meet up, but knew that it was summer hols so people would likely be busy.

Best wishes.
Alison x

Hi all, sorry for delay in response. Have just started a phased return back to work so haven’t been on the website much.

Well, I tend to work mornings at the moment so lunchtime or early afternoon would suit me best depending on where we are meeting. I have quite a lot on next week and have herceptin on 14 October but am fairly flexible otherwise.

Why don’t we aim for a couple of weeks time. How about Mon 12, Tues 13 or Thurs 15 October? Lets see what the majority of people can do. Once we know who is coming we can organise a venue somewhere in the middle.

Alison - lovely to hear from you. Was just talking about you the other day (in a good way) with Christine who does Phoenix cards. She said she knows you. Would be lovely to catch up again.

Take care everyone

Just checked and i am okay for all those dates at the moment as long as i am home by 3.20pm for David…:smiley:

Paula - hard to believe it will only be a couple of months since the one year anniversary of when we first met…


Hi all

Not sure if I can make it on the dates mentioned, so I might have to make it to the next meet instead. I’ve saved this discussion in my profile so I don’t lose it. Beginning to work out how to use this site …

Paula - yes, I met Christine in clinic last year and we’ve talked about getting together for a coffee. Small world, isn’t it?

Alison x

Alison - it would be a shame for you to miss out. What dates could you make it? I am fairly flexible really but am on holiday the week commencing 26 October which is the half term holidays. If you let us know when you can make it, we can perhaps work around when you are free.

Paula X

Hello everyone
sorry I disappeared for a few days, been sleeping off chemo last week. Just went to bed with my ‘bowl’ for a few days and whined to myself under the covers but woke up today feeling like myself (hurrah!)
I can do 12 and 13 Oct but am due for next chemo on 14th.
I guess somewhere central would be best and fairly early for Theresa to get back in time.
Alison, are you having treatment at the QE?
Shell, I’m from Seaham too. What part are you from? I was born in Tyne Street, grew up in Eastlea, then Neasham Road before I left home.
Lokk forward to meeting up
xxx Monica

Hi Monica, I have missed your posts so thought you might be not so good. I am sorry you have been having a tough time with the chemo and the sick bowl. I have not been too great either. On chemo too but just so so so tired and feeling a bit sort-of lonely…a bit of an odd feeling because I do have suppost from OH but close friends appear to be too busy to even phone and are keeping a wide berth which I feel saddened about. It may be nothing at all to do with me, as they have their own lives and problems to deal with, but a phonecall even, would be appreciated. I feel like I am out on a limb and there is no-one there. (I don’t mean the ladies on the forum coz I find this support invaluable and a great opportunity to let off steam). I hope you are well enough Monica to join the others for the get-to-gether, but just wanted to let you know you have been on my mind and I have been thinking about you. My younger daughter was 27 today and she was here for tea along with a friend. I made Chicken Tikka Masala and she cooked the rice, naan bread and poppadums. We shared a couple of bottles of wine, and it was a lovely evening. We even had time to watch the hedgehogs in the garden! Take care. Let me know how you are doing this week, love Val Xx

Hello Val, just been responding to the ‘whole new world’ thread then picked this up. Your daughter shares my mum’s birthday - isn’t that lovely?
hope you are feeling better than you were - I was a bit concerned to read your postings.
The bed and bowl things not fun, but its only 5 days and I feel like thats not the end of the world, especially since I must sleep about 15-20 hours of each day while it lasts. I’d rather be asleep than awake, do you know what I mean?
One of these days I should maybe get myself on the train up to Edinburgh and meet up with you and Lulu - would be a real treat for me!
hope you stay well, take care, love Monica xx

Hi Monica, I would love to meet you too. I know what you mean by the rather be asleep than awake thing. I cannot keep awake just now. I get up really late, today it was 11 30 ( so much later today than usual) did the usual stuff, and perhaps go out for a walk. Sometimes I go off for a nap for an hour around 5pm, ( only it usually ends up 4 hours!) and can still sleep for England…or Scotland… overnight. Even when I wake up I am still tired. I am up late tonight but am enjoying the peace as everyone is away or away to bed. I have just been fox-watching and hedgehog watching in my garden…I am only 6 miles from the city centre yet right in the centre of wildlife…mind you there is enough food out in my garden to feed all the animals in Edinburgh zoo!! It is good to see you posting again. I guessed you were not too well recently. When we are both up and running again we will arrange a meet-up. Meanwhile, be good to yourself. I always say when people ask how I am " I mustn’t grumble. Anyway no-one listens!"…but that is not true of the lovely ladies n this site. Good to hear from you again Monica, much love Val XX Say Happy birthday to your Mum from me XX