Hello, Anyone from North East about?

I went to see the physio yesterday and now have another appointment for oct 12th… (i’ve had shoulder problems since i went for my breast mri in july and apparantly have an impingement so the breast care physio wants me to see the bone physio…)


Just wanted to say hi, I’m Sandra and I’m from Teesside. I was diagnosed with High Grade DCIS yesterday at North Tees Hospital but I am also under a Genetic Doctor in Newcastle so not sure where my op’s and treatment will take place. Hope everyone is doing well or as well as can be expected, xxx

welcome Sandra, sorry you have to join us, but this is a cracking website for company
hope things go well with you
monica x

Hello everyone

Paula - I can’t make it till the last week of October onwards, so do go ahead and meet up without me in the meantime. I dropped into this thread late and wouldn’t want others to wait because of me. I’m sure we’ll make another arrangement later on. Have a fab time on hol … going anywhere nice?

Monica - hi, no I’m having treatment at the Freeman. I used to live in Newcastle, and then when I had the sec dx I wanted to stay with the same team that I had before. Bit of a trek, and I gather the chemo unit at the QE is really calm, friendly and efficient; the Freeman is quite hectic and there are always delays. Never mind.

Val - love the idea of fox and hedgehog watching! We had a baby hedgehog in our garden for a few nights earlier in the summer, and I swear that that was the first hedgehog I’d seen up here since moving up to Newcastle nine years ago!!

Best wishes to all.
Alison x

Hi All

Sounds like we may need to re think our dates as Theresa now got appointment on 12th, I have had something come up on the 13th and the 15th won’t be so good for those having treatment on the 14th.

How are people fixed for the following week? I think I would be OK for the Tuesday (20th)or Wednesday (21st)?

Paula X


I am from newcastle - I’d be up for meeting when you have all found a date that works for you. I am back at work full time but might be able to get some time off - have you decided where you are meeting or what time ? Lisa

ps nice tank photo

I can make tuesday 20th…:smiley: (i’ve got a follow up with dr lee on the 21st…)


Hi everyone,

I too would like to meet people in the area.
I live in Sedgefield, moved here from Edinburgh in June 08, I was diagnosed in Oct 08, had right mastectomy, had the Chemo and I have just had reconstructive surgery 2 weeks ago. On Tamoxifen for 2 years.
I have had all my treatment at Hartlepool and visit Edinburgh often. My husband works away from home, so I could do with chatting to like minded folks.

All the best

Audrey xx

Hi all, why don’t we aim for Tuesday 20th October?

What time is best for people - I can do anytime during the school day as will just take some time off work.

Probably best to meet somewhere close to A1 as people coming from North and South - any suggestions?

Paula X

Hello everyone
I am OK until about 2 then have hosp appt at 2.30 in Gateshead. If people are travelling from N’land and Teesside I guess meeting close to the A1 or even A19 would be a good bet. I do know a nice pub/restaurant where you can get a sandwich lunch (Ravensworth Arms in Lamesley) about 5 mins from the A1 at Team Valley, which is fairly central but I feel guilty suggesting it as it is so easy for me! Very happy to take up any other suggestions…
Monica xx

Monica - that sounds good to me… especially as you have your hospital appointment to get to…

Paula - i take it you are still okay to give me a lift…? It will be lovely to see you again…:smiley:


That is fine by me.

So we are going for the Ravensworth Arms off Al at Team Valley on Tuesday 20 October - shall we say 12 pm?

Theresa - no problem for a lift. If you want to PM your address I will let you know what time I am collecting you.

Looking forward to it.

Paula - thanks i will send you my details now…:smiley:


Got your PM Theresa.

Will pick you up around 11.20 which should give us plenty of time to get there for 12.

Any one else joining Theresa, Monica and myself?

Paula X

Just really bumping this up in case anyone else wants to join us.

Lynni has also confirmed that she will be coming so there will be Monica, Theresa, Lynne and myself up to now.

Really looking forward to it. X

me too!

and me…:smiley:


Hi Theresa & Monica, just a note to confirm details for tomorrow.

Theresa - I will pick you up at 11.20.

Monica - we will meet you at the Ravensworth Arms at 12 noon.

I will send you both a PM with my mobile number in case of any problems.

See you tomorrow,
Paula X

See you later…:smiley:


Fab! see you soon