Hello, is anyone starting chemo in February 2015?

Hi, I had a mastectomy on December 23rd and am starting chemo at the beginning of February. It would be helpful to share this daunting experience with others going through the same…

Hi, ive been hanging around waiting for mine, guessing its starting february now. Was just going to start a february fireballs…or something like that thread. Xx


Hi, I was supposed to be starting chemo in January, but is looking more and more like February.

Hi ladies
I had mastectomy 10th Dec, grade 2 invasive lobular Cancer, tumour was 65mm in size.
Staring chemo 3rd Feb! Hair chopped and ready to go!!
Hugs to all ?

Hello February Ladies,


I am a January starter, it has all been manageable so far.  The worst part is the waiting.


Nattyoo, if you go to your original first post then click ‘edit’ in the top right corner, you will be able to change the name of the thread.


Good luck and good wishes to all of you.


Love Su



Hi Anniegran and Nattynoo, welcome to the BCC forums

I am posting a link to a long running thread called ‘Top tips for chemo’ which you and others joining this thread may find interesting:


Please also feel free to call our helpliners to talk any concerns or queries over, lines are open during the week 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2 on 0808 800 6000, they are on hand with practical and emotional support for you

We have lots more support services which you can read about here:


Take care
Lucy BCC

I’m starting chemo on 2nd Feb after being diagnosed with grade 2 ILC.  Had bi lateral MX and SLNB in Dec.  Lymph nodes clear and bone/ct scans clear too but the tumour was a whopper (15cm) so they recommended chemo and rads.  Having 6 sessions of TAX but will know more when I’ve been for my pre-chemo appointment.  I thought I was the only one starting in Feb so its so great to know I won’t be alone, I’m so grateful you’re all here, sending a high five to all of you xxx

Hi, Sandie, Natalie, Annie, Pippa & Su
Sadly think others may be joining us ladies, as time goes on!,
Are you all giving the cold cap a go? I’m undecided still but think I should probably give it a go. Sandie, think I will be having rads after chemo then tamoxifen and I’m going for a wig as a back up. I’d like to think I’ll be hip and cool with a lovely flowing head scarf but not sure how that will pan out!! ?
One day at a time I keep telling myself,
Wishing you all a good weekend

Morning all,
I’m going to try the cold cap but worry that looking straggly will be worse than boldly baldly beautiful? I guess we’ll find things out as they happen… Thanks for the link re tying scarves. I also found a site called Eyelineher very inspiring. She shows you how to tie scarves and paint eyebrows and eyelashes on without looking like Betty Boop!
A friend has advised to take a cool bag to chemo with calipo-style homemade lollies to suck to avoid mouth ulcers and taste loss. It worked for her. Ice cubes from a flask might work?
I feel I need to get the house sorted (we’ve even the odd christmas decoration still up!) and the dreaded tax return done before chemo starts on 5th but I’m still very sore from the mx and, horror of horrors, still can’t drive. We live in the middle of the countryside with no public transport and it’s very frustrating. It’s that damn fifth gear… Still, might limp along to the shops in fourth…
I’m in bed with a cup of tea, looking at a bright blue sky. We’ve all come such a long way already and we’ll be going through the next rough patch together.
Keep calm and carry on (eating shortbread biscuits, in my case)
Love Natalie

Think it might be ginger nuts in the next few week!! Lol
Will definitely check out the YouTube as like you the thought of straggly & patchy doesn’t appeal.
Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by all the side effects??just read about dark nail polish??
Too many decisions to make & all I want to do is take a nap!!
House is far too quiet, usually quite like my own company but today feels too quiet
Hugs to all

Morning All,
Welcome pjw, gosh things have moved quickly for you haven’t they?! I was diagnosed beg November, surgery beg December & start chemo on 3rd.
Sandie, I know that feeling of panic! Have been a bit off myself since getting the appointment date, not really bad just a bit up and down. Guess it’s just that whole BC roller coaster thing that we’re all on.
As always hugs to all, take care ladies

Morning everyone,
Welcome pjw, I’m certainly finding this forum an additional support. It looks as though most of us are starting on or around 5th Feb so we’ll be able to share experiences. My main concern post surgery has been whether 'is this swelling/bruising/pain etc ‘normal’? '. It will be really useful for us all to be able to travel this chemo path together.
It is easy to feel isolated as it’s such a deeply personal experience, and of course our personal situations are all different. I’m learning to not expose myself to precarious situations when feeling vulnerable.

You made me choke on my Fruit & Fibre, Sandie. Whilst juggling chainsaws has never been on my To Do list, we might all be up for something Wonder Woman-ish by next year. Roll on June!
Big hugs, Natalie

Hi everyone.
Saw my oncologist yesterday and am booked in for 5th. This next week is going to be a bit agonising but gives time to get things organised. Planning on some serious food/hat/ vitamin shopping over the next few days.
Planning to try some wigs on tomorrow whilst I still have hair so if I decide to have one I can just order it. Have had a horror of wigs and masks since childhood, always hated that moment in scooby doo where the villain peals off his disguise… I saw a woman at the clinic who was obviously a bit further down the chemo road. She was wearing an amazing black peaked hat made from folded jersey fabric, I think. (Possibly suburban turban? ). I think I might go for that look with a striking lipstick… Strangely, I’ve never been overly vain but this seems like a matter of importance. Really don’t want to go out feeling too not-me.

I had only two weeks left at work when we got the diagnosis. Daughter is at uni, husband retired, and although I’m only 52 had planned to ‘retire’ to travel the world, build a studio, oh, and tidy those kitchen cupboards… So having lots of free time is new to me and I’m rather enjoying it (given the circumstances). The world and cupboards will have to wait. I’m off to watch the new series of Homeland.
Thinking of you all, Natalie

Hello everyone!?

It won’t let me delete comments I’ve made in error…just edit them lol!x


I’ll start again!?
Hi I’m Rachel,single mum,diagnosed with Triple Neg Ductal BC stage 3…Masectomy week before Christmas and have at last got my Chemo date…pre/chemo 3rd and 5th feb…yikes!!Been on another thread with some lovely ladies and found this one,which is ideal as we are all starting approx same date?X
Makes me smile reading some comments…and so nice to share things.
Hey Sandie…chatted to you on other thread,I see you start on the 5th too?Ive never heard of a Portacat before?X
Natalie…you start same date as me too and sounds like you are preparing just like me?..wigs etc…thanks for the website tip,will look at that,as don’t wear makeup usually,but will no doubt need it!X
Hi Alison…what do they say about wearing dark nail polish lovely?X
Pjw…hey,I’m a single mum too,how you finding things,how old are your children?This site is great isn’t it,such brilliant support?.Have you cut your hair before your Chemo?X
Hope I’ve not rambled on too much!Just thought I’d introduce myself and say Hi!So nice to know I have lovely ladies to share the journey with?..just wish it led to a sunny Carribean beach with Jessie Pavalka serving me cocktails dressed in just very small trunks!!
Take care,love Rachel X

Hi all & welcome Rachel,
The nail polish is to do with trying to preserve nails, there’s a whole thread on here!!
Can I ask who is trying the cold cap? I think Sandie you said you weren’t, I had a chin length cut but had it cut to a more manageable short style. Driving myself mad not knowing wether to try it or not, the thought of bald patches etc freaks me out a bit??!!
Just thought I’d see what you lovely ladies thought, I’m having FEC-T, not sure if this makes a difference or not.?
Thanks lovely ladies ?

Hi all.
Alison, I’m having the same treatment as you and am planning to use the cold cap on the basis that a little bit of hair showing from under a hat might be a good option. However, heard from a friend of a friend (who had very fine hair) that she didn’t try the cap, lost all her hair, and it’s grown in much thicker and luxuriant. I could do with a bit of that! So now undecided!
Bought a gel mask today to wear during chemo. Following the cold cap principle for eyebrows and lashes. It might work! I’ll look a twit but would very much like to keep my eyebrows.
Went to the wig shop today. I was amazed at how natural they looked. Just a bit scary when it came off and my real hair looked so thin and flat! Not sure I can cope with all these drastic contrasts. Someone did say she found a wig helpful because people didn’t ask her about her treatment all the time.
Is anyone else feeling exceptionally tearful? It seems to come from a very deep place sometimes and is out of my control. A natural part of this process we’re going through, I guess?
Bets wishes,

Evening ladies X
Thankyou Alison?..I’ll look at the nail polish thread,I always wear polish,so that will be handy!It freaks me out too about the hair thing…but got my head around it now(excuse the pun!)…and am ready for the big chop…I’m not doing the cold cap,as I don’t think they do it at my Oncology dept,but that’s fine,I’m okay with that?.Let me know how you get on Natilie and with the brows etc.I think that will be the hardest thing to lose for me,because I quite like my lashes and brows…but hey ho,as long as the BC goes and doesn’t come back,I’ll give it all up?XX