Hi Everyone I just wanted to say a quick hello, I’m new to the site. I found a lump away back in November 2009, I had a mammogram and scan done, the consultant wasn’t happy with the lump, it takes up a quarter of my right breast. I had 2 biopsies done, the results came back that both tests scored 3. So they done a bigger biopsy on December 17th going down to my chest muscle this time. It’s still sore. I was due to get results on Christmas Eve my Breast care nurse called and cancelled. Then I was due to go in New Years eve for results and yes they cancelled again. The pathologist needs a second opinion. I called my breast care nurse on January 5th and have never heard such an insensitive and uncaring person. Well she says you’ve just gotta wait til the results come back,and when they do we’ll call you. Great huh?? I didnt know whether to laugh or cry in disbelief. I’m still waiting to hear. How i’ve not lost my mind i’ll never know. My fiance Iain has been a rock to me despite him recovering from a motorbike accident and him possible needing more surgery in the future. I just wish they would hurry and get in touch this is not fair on us and thousands like us waiting,waiting and waiting some more. I can only pray to god it will turn out good. Thanks for reading my tails of woe and look forward to hopefully talking with you all.
Thinking all you all waiting for results. Hugs and Kisses Dee xxx

Hi Dee

It sounds like you’re having a pretty tough and worrying time at the moment. Whilst you are waiting for the other forum users to reply to your post please do give the Breast cancer care helpline a call as here you can share your concerns and feelings with a trained member of staff. All the staff on the helpline are either breast care nurses or have experience of breast cancer. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 2pm.

I hope this helps
Kind regards Sam (BCC Facilitator)

hi dee
im sorry you are just left waiting around, it is tuly awful,i would honestly start been a bit more demanding now, what about your gp, they can access results for you, but i honestly think you have waited long enough start making some noise and make yourself heard !!
good luck , hope it all works out
love galen x

Dee, it must be hell for you, you need to demand answers from the hospital, you have been left in limbo far too long, dont know how you have managed it, fingers crossed its good news for you

take care


Carol xxxx

Poor you! Waiting is one of the worst things. My appointment was cancelled on 18th Dec because of snow, but at least I had it the following week, but that week of waiting was awful, so I can understand you must be going bonkers. As GB says, you could try your GP to see if he had any info, or at least he may be able to chase it up for you.

Keep us posted,
all the best x

Hi Girls,
Thanks for your lovely comments,they mean alot. I called my GP on the day i called my breast care nurse and he said he’s got less information than i have,doesnt fill you with confidence does it?? He was very understanding and said to start making some noise like a couple of you suggested. To be honest I dont even want to speak with them,theyre just so insensitive and uncaring to the point of saying how dare i call them when i said that this wasnt fair on us. To make matters worse lastnight i discovered that my right breast is now a bit disfigured,i was in floods of tears at the sight of myself. My better half was ready with lots of hugs,kissses and understanding. We spoke most of the night,how this is making me feel. I dont know how i’m keeping going,the house has never been so tidy :slight_smile: I’m sorry If i dont call the number provided just yet,I dont think i’ll manage to stop myself filling up again. If i hear anything i’ll keep you posted. Many thanks again. Hugs and kisses Dee xxxxxxxxxxxxx

hello Deeboo, I’m not surprised that you’re at your wits end over this, it seems like a ridiculous length of time to wait. Its also crap that the bcn has been so unsupportive - you deserve better.
I hope you get sorted very soon
xx monica

HI Deeboo, that all sounds terrible - why such delays?? The waiting is the worst part, we all know that, but to have to wait for so long is out of order.

I hope you get your results soon, and I hope that all the delays are because it is good news for you. Let us know.


Dee so sorry that you are going through this worry…:frowning:

Have you heard of the PALS service…? They act as patient liasion officers and there should be one at your hospital… they work to chase up things for patients… please try and contact the one at your hospital and see if they can help you… often just the fact that PALS have been in contact is a kick up the backside for staff… they really shouldn’t be treating you like this…:frowning:

Just phone the hospital main switchboard and ask to speak to PALS…

Take care

Theresa x

The time you have been waiting is absolutely shocking.The very least they could do is phone you or get you in to clinic and explain what has taken so long.
I think I would write a polite (though I am sure you would rather not be polite)letter to the consultant saying that you want an explanation of the delay as the waiting is causing you distress.Letters cannot be brushed off like phone calls.
Good luck,
Love n hugs

Hi Girls,
Just thought i’d let you know the Breast Unit called today and finally the results have come back. I’ve to go in tomorrow at 1045. I just hope to god everything is okay?? Cant stop shaking now. I’ll be in touch to let you know how things went. Thanks for listening to me and responding with such kind words. They gave me great comfort.
Catch up with you soon, take care luv Dee xxxxx

Hi Dee,

Good luck for tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed for you…what a terrible wait you’ve had.

Lots of hugs

Fiona xxx

good luck for tomorrow


Just to say thinking of you tomorrow and got everything crossed for you.


Dee - i so hope that it is good news tomorrow… will be thinking of you

Theresa x

ive got early stages of breast cancer,they’ve said i need a full masectomy with reconstruction. Sorry i just dont know what to say. x

So sorry you’ve had this news. You sound like you’re in shock, as a lot of us probably were. Early stages is good news though, if there can be any good news. I should try and take a step at a time and let one lot of info sink in before going on to the next. I don’t want to sound like a preacher, it’s just I found things easier to cope with…one day at a time. Keep a little notepad with you and when you think of questions or things you don’t understand jot them down so you can ask your BC nurse or consultant. Don’t forget there is plenty of support on here for you too and we’ll help you all we can along the way.
Take care and keep in touch Di x

Dee - sorry you have had this news. Take it one step at a time and when you feel up to it, let us know when your surgery etc is. There is lots of support on here to help you… take care xxx

Dee so sorry that it wasn’t the news we wanted… i agree with Di and Jayney take it one step at a time and if you find you have forgotten to ask your team any questions also remember the helpline on here which is manned by qualified breast cancer nurses as well as cancer patient volunteers…

Sending you loads of love and do keep posting

Theresa x

Hi, you will get through this the same as we all do you find the will to fight, keep going one day at a time,
thinking of you,
Luv Teresa x