It isn’t easy just take one day at a time, there are plenty of people you can talk to, I was in shock when I was first diagnosed as they said I hadn’t cancer, but I have had all of the treatment, and so far so good
Good luck and take care

Thanks for all your lovely messages,they really do help. I thought i was going out my mind but today we took the plunge and decided to go through all the info they gave you. I think its done us good. I’m not going mad :slight_smile: although my friends would disagree lol. I’m so glad i’ve joined the site knowing you’ve all been there too and can guide others in the right direction especially trying to take the news in, i just cant believe it?? I’m going from being terrified to being numb to crying buckets then calm again. I think during the calm spells im taking it in,sort of? I go back on monday watch dvds and decide what reconstruction ect is going to be better for me. I’m glad i decided to change BC nurse too specially when the other one couldnt be bothered to talk. I guess onward and upward and i can only hope the days ahead might be easier to cope with? I’ll keep in touch of how it goes on Monday. Hope your all doing good? Catch up with you soon.
Take care
hugs and kisses
dee xxxxxx

Hi Deeboo - many of us have found that once treatment starts, it is much easier to deal with. You are then absorbed with the day to day management of treatment, and you at least get a sense of fighting back. The shock wears off, and frankly thinking about it all the time gets boring. I’m in the middle of chemo, and apart from the few crappy days at the start of each cycle, feel pretty cheerful most of the time. I keep busy and don’t think about it for hours on end. Two months ago I would never thought that possible. It will get easier to deal with - try not to think too far ahead. Good luck - and keep telling us how you are doing.

finty xx

Hi Dee…:smiley:

Agree with everything that finty has just said - it really does get easier even though that is hard to believe at the moment…

I hope you get alot of your concerns explained on Monday - remember to make a list and try to also write down the answers as you only seem to actually take in part of what they say…

Take care and do keep posting as the support on here is amazing…

Theresa x

Yes, agreeing with Theresa and Finty, it does get easier as you go along and understand more of what is happening. I remember at the start, before I’d had any treatment at all I was sat reading the mountain of info given to me and not really believing this was happening to me? I think joining this forum was a big turing point for me, finding like minded people who I could unload onto knowing they had all probably been there. Keep posting and buy yourself a handbag sized notebook for questions! Di x

Hey Girls well managing to get my head around things so far… went to hospital today and they’ve said ive not got enough fat on me for them to do the reconstruction using tissue so i’ve gotta have a balloon fitted and filled with saline over a few weeks to make a pocket for the implant to be fitted. I’m booked in for the 11th February for the mastectomy,as well as another implant fitted in my good breast at the same time. Hopefully its remained static and not decided to travel,i’ll know 10 days after the operation. I guess i cant say anymore til after i’ve had the op. Thanks for all your words of comfort. If anyones had a mastectomy can you offer any tips on getting comfortable ect around the house?? Please look after yourselves and i’ll be in touch soon. Many thanks again
hugs and kisses
dee xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

oh forgot to say again Di for the tip on taking the notebook, it came in handy today :slight_smile: xxxxxx

Oh my goodness, you really have suffered, just read your profile…only because I’ve not done mine and have been wondering what to put…I hope you get all the help and support you need, hugsxx


Hiya Tally, just when you think you’d seen it all. I’m finding now i’ve got over the shock of the last week, gotta get on and get through it,somehow. The info you get really does make a difference to your thought process. I’ve got good support altho a good friend of mine has ran to the hills,i feel quite dissapointed in her. Am i right to feel that way or is it just me being sensitive?? I dont know how to deal with the situation.
Cheers Tally xxxxx

Hi Deb, you were asking about mastectomy advice. To be honest I found I felt quite well straight after the mastectomy although I only had a couple of weeks and I went back for a full node clearance.

As I did eventually have seroma problems (following clearance not mastectomy)I would make sure that they do not remove your drains too early, I was borderline with the amount of fluid draining but was so keen to get out of hospital I chose to have them removed and come home, big mistake.

The exercises are really important, I am a terror for not doing exercises but I made myself do them as they will make sure you get full movement back. As my scar healed I used bio oil massaged in daily to help with healing but it also helps to keep the skin moving so it doesn’t heal stuck to your bones which really restricts movement. I know ladies on here who weren’t told to do this and it’s too late once healing has taken place.

I’m sure others have other advice and as with everything everyone’s experiences will be different but hope this helps, Di x

PS I too had a couple of friends who ‘disappeared’…many will tell you this is a good time to sort the wheat from the chaff and find out who your real friends are.

Deeboo I’m 45. Had chemo 4 x FEC and 4 x Taxol (spread weekly over 12 weeks) last year and had mx and full node clearance on 8 jan, and had a temporary inflatable implant put in at the same time. I was in hospital for 3 nights - felt well enough to be discharged after 2, but didn’t want to leave with drains in place. Really speedy recovery…didn’t need hefty painkillers after the first 24 hrs, soon onto paracetamol only at night, and could move my arm pretty well from the start. I could drive on day 9. Had husband with me in case it was too much, and it was just a local trip to test the waters, but it was fine. From the start I was totally mobile, didn’t need help with showering or dressing while in hospital. My husband took 2 weeks off work to look after me and the children (x4) but to be honest I could have done more during the second week of his time at home…but if my fab husband was around to do the school run, cook and bring me breakfast in bed every morning etc.,while managing to do some of his own work at home, who was I to complain !

As for the implant, I too am quite slim - size 8/10 - and this was reckoned to give me the best cosmetic result, not to mention I just didn’t have enough fat on my back. (My tummy is a whole different ballgame though after 4 kids…!) Following the final inflation it did feel a little tense but nothing a simple painkiler couldn’t deal with. I’m about to start rads, after which i can either keep this implant (surgeon will remove the port) or have a permanent silicone gel one instead. I’m in a mental place now where I can make boob jokes with my friends and husband. Not only can i make the jokes, but nobody laughs out of pity (I think !); they just laugh and so do I…

Any other questions, just ask.

Take care. It must all still be a bit new for you. My friends tell me I’m very strong, but there’s no doubt this whole business is mind -altering in the most profound way.

hey piper now its completely sunk in,im feeling quite positive. God only knows how my emotions have changed but they have. I’m glad im getting myself together,the last week i could have cried at an egg boiling. I managed to have a word with my friend about how she was feeling and i reckon she just panicked and ran to the hills not knowing what to say to me. She’s been round to see me and we spent the day out,i think we both feel better for it. She’s come up trumps so i’m quite pleased shes not abandonded ship so to speak. Hope everyone is okay? Thanks for all your messages. I’d like to keep in touch with you all regular if thats cool with you all? I’m off into town today with my good man shopping for stuff for the hospital,hopefully i’ll find something,too cold out there to be wandering around for hours :slight_smile: I’ll be back on soon. Take care of yourselves
Hugs and Kisses
Dee xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Dee, so glad your friend has returned, good friends are hard to find, and sometimes keep.
Sneak a few “treats” in with your shopping, sounds like you deserve them.

Hey Tally good to hear from you. My positivity is starting to wain the closer i get to thursday. I’m absolutley terrified about the op and just hope I can manage to calm down, i was doing so good as well,dont know whats happened that i’m suddenly really scared. We got lots of new stuff for the hospital, im ready to rock and ride i think? Going to pack my bag tonight i think then it’s out the way. Been keeping myself busy around the house theres only so much you can do,i think my better half thinks i’ve developed ocd lol Hope your all okay and doing fine? I might not get back on before i go in so i hope you all take care of yourselves and catch up with you soon.
Hugs and Kisses
love Dee xxxxxxxxxx

Dee - hope all goes with the op and send you loads of love and positive vibes… glad to hear that you have been able to sort things out with your friend…

Theresa x

Dee,hope everything goes well for you on Thursday,will be thinking of you.

Good luck and best wishes,

Ann xx

Hey Girls thought i’d pop back to let you know surgery went well, i was out of hospital the next day,thank god. The night in the hospital was a living nightmare,the nurses constantly ignoring patients so they could catch up with each other,not good at all. I’m recovering at home now,i came home with 3 chest drains in,got the last of those taken out on tuesday,easier to get around,im still looking for the bags they came in lol i kept wandering off and forgeting to pick them up :slight_smile: at present the pain is increasing more everyday,stabbing chest pains,burning feeling,cant stand my clothes touching my skin and pain in my arm pit,i feel really washed out just now and a bit down. Guess thats whats gonna come along following a mastectomy?? I go back to hospital on 25th for the results of the lymph nodes they took,hope to god they come back clear. I was feeling really positive this week then yesterday just felt so down,back to the crying at an egg boiling thing again,i hope it passes i promised myself i wouldnt feel this way. I’m taking a cocktail of pain relief but its lasting less and less and believe it or not i had a headache?? how can it be? Sorry for moaning im normally chirpy and just dont know why im feeling like this? I hope your all okay? Sorry ive not been on sooner. I’ll pop back later hopefully i’ll be feeling brighter. Take care of yourselves. Hugs and Kisses
Dee xxxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s. Thanks for all your lovely messages too :slight_smile: i forgot to add that part
hugs and kisses
Dee xxxxxxxxxxx

hi Dee, glad to hear your home, sad to hear about the nursing care or lack of! You seem to hear more and more of this in the UK now.

I,m not surprised your feeling down we are all thinking of you and sending you lots of cyber hugs, sorry I haven´t been in touch I started my chemo last Thursday and feel like ivé don 10 rounds with Mike Tyson!

The pain in your arm pit can get quite nasty at times but then you lose all feeling which I did and still haven´t got back! I`m surprised that when I shave I havent severed a main arterty!!! It´s weird, I still cannot stand anyone brushing past my arm!

Do try and do the exercises as these will help.

Take care hun, Keep in touch,

Love Teresa xxx