her2 results timescale

does anyone know how long these take to come back as im unsure whether i should have a lumpectomy or chemo 1st depending on status of this. i have been offered both options but i feel i need to know all the facts to decide. dx grade 3 idc on tues 37mm so fast growing

Hi - I get my final HER2 results tomorrow which will be a week


My ER took a week, HER2 took longer, but not sure how much longer.


thank u all it seems to be different everywhere. im scared to leave it much longer as it is fast growin but dont want to make the wrong decision? should i have surgery or chemo first? x

thank u all it seems to be different everywhere. im scared to leave it much longer as it is fast growin but dont want to make the wrong decision? should i have surgery or chemo first? x i had the biopsy 24 july so it has been 2 weeks monday

I didn’t get my results til after surgery .Personally given the choice I would want the tumour out asap ,but its a difficult choice.Why is the HER 2 status affecting your decision?Have you been told you will need chemo whatever the HER2 status ?

yes i will need chemo regardless as im only 31 but been told chemo first is only best if im her2 positive… been booked in for surgery 16th aug… hopefully all results be back by then xx

Ok Fairy , I didn’t realise that would affect the order in which they did things if you needed chemo anyway .Horrible to be in limbo isn’t it ,you can’t really make any plans/ preparations as you don’t know what will happen when.

i am.hoping to get results asap to get things moving, im scared of waiting, scared of everything

You will better once you know what the plan is and what happens next .

well its her2 positive so chemo 1st

I am currently waiting on a Her2 status. I know my cancer is metaplastic and is fast growing. I have surgery booked for next week 14th February but have been told that if Her2 status is positive then I will be referred to oncology for Chemotherapy and herceptin first. I am anxious because it isfast growing and worried about the time scale and what will happen. It’s already 3 weeks since biopsy and still no results. 

Hi Jane - the first few weeks after diagnosis are really hard - waiting for all pieces of the jigsaw and treatment plan.Have you any idea when you will get your results ? What do you know so far ? Jillxx

Hi Janet55

How did you get in with surgery after lymph node removal?

I’m still struggling with mine due to awful cording.

Pauline x

Hi Kip - what a difficult decision did they explain why you can’t have Herception if you have surgery first ? You could also ask about this in the Ask the Nurses section .

Sorry I meant why you can’t have chemo if you have surgery first ?

Hi Kip, poor you having such a decision without the results back . I had Her2+ and was also borderline but results took 2 weeks, I had chemo before surgery and as far as I am aware if you are to have Herceptin it is only licensed by NICE if chemo is given too ( Herceptin is what you have usually for a year if Her +) it was all doable and chemo shrank the tumour away to almost nothing .
Like Jill asked - why can’t you have chemo after surgery ? I hope you can get some answers , wishing you all the best , let us know what you decide !

Perjeta? It is given with Herceptin sometimes - I’m still not sure why you can’t have surgery first whatever the HER2 result and have these treatments after .I really don’t think you have enough information to make an informed decision- you need to speak to the Breast unit on Monday and ask to talk all this through carefully with someone and preferably have someone else with you to listen to what is said and ask questions too .xx

Write all your questions down and don’t leave til you are sure you understand the choices you have and why .Have you got someone to take with you who can listen to what is said too ? You can also ring the helpline at BCC and talk to one of the nurses - they will have the medical
knowledge to help you understand the implications .The number is 0808 800 6000.
opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and 9am -1pm on Saturday.

Yes I totally agree , you need more information before deciding , the helpline are very good as are the Breast care nurses .