Herceptin February 18 starters?

Anyone else newly started recently. Looking for a support group going forward. I’ve taken great comfort in the October 17 chemo thread. It’s great to share issues and more light hearted stuff too. Herceptin is a long haul journey so would be nice to have some company ?.
My first injection was today, projecting forward looks like my last one will be 6th February 2019. So far feel ok just aching hip on injection side. I’ve had chemo first now 18 injections and start anastrazole next weekend. Oncologist told me to leave that a week so that I would know which side effects were which!

Hi chaffinch. My 1st injection on wed too after hav8ng 3 herceptin with chemo. My last of 18 should be 5th December. I feel fine except for a rash which has been blamed on pertuzemab but as i still have it 3 and a half weeks after last pertuzemab, i am wondeting is it causedby herceptin. My forearms are covered in spots that look like septic spots. Has anyone else had this?

I feel very tired today and bloated but that may be because I had a busy day yesterday!
Hope you find out what is causing your rash Ali could just be one of the lovely effects of chemo.
Don’t know whether to post about this thread on a couple of the chemo threads. It would be good to gather a group of people to exchange side effects with.

Hi there, my first herceptin on Tues but along with pertuzumab and docetaxel. Eventually I will have 18 Herceptin injections at 3 weekly intervals.

I am following behind you, but a way back, I think. I’m a Dec starter. Anyway, always gd to compare notes.

Hi Chaffinch and Ali. I had my first herceptin on Thursday. I had one FEC and one EC and then had to stop as nasty allergic reaction so had Docetaxel on its own cycle 3 to be sure I didn’t have another reaction. Between cycle 3 and cycle 4 on Thursday I have been in hospital with an infection for a few days then I got shingles so it’s been all a bit pants. From day 2 I have felt totally exhausted and aches although I have an appetite. Today day 4 I had a sweating session solid for 5 hours, I assume this is the flu symptoms they say it can be. I know the shingles pain probably complicates things a bit. I’m also very bloated. Hugs ladies xxx

Really feel for you with shingles Mamadeacs. My mum had it about 18 months ago and it was really bad especially in her right eye. Hard to tell which side effect is which. Hope you get well soon x

Yeah hopefully doesn’t hang around for too long, I’ve been warned a few weeks at least though.
Are you having any issues with breathing. I have been out of breath since Thursday? Xx

Been waiting for that so far ok so far heartburn and numb finger ends which I had a bit from chemo anyhow. My dad has horrible breathlessness from chemo/radiotherapy last year don’t want to go there!

Hi I am on the December chemo starters had heceptin three sessions so far along with perjerta Doxectaxal and carbaplatin session 4 on wed had various side effects but no idea which of the cocktail of drugs are causing these . Due to have 12 of the injections once chemo of 6 sessions finish x

Ladies - I would suggest if you’re having your herceptin with chemo you will find more support in the chemo group for the month you started.    


For the majority of people having just the Herceptin injections (after the chemo) there are, thankfully, very few side effects.  Most side effects are from the chemo regime combined and indeed the chemo side effects don’t stop for at least 6-12 months.  I finished chemo in August 2017 and when I went to onc last week for my 8 week post-rads appt/joint herceptin check up - I mentioned pins and needles in my finger tips wondering whether it could be due to herceptin/potential heart problem - her reply “no - that’s probably due to the chemo”!  


Ladies, what we all need to keep in mind, is the fact that being able to have herceptin is a bonus and although it’s not pleasant if you do encounter side effects - it would be a whole different story without it.


Keep positive and keep smiling x



Thanks Jay for your advice. Day 5 now… furry, sore mouth and throat otherwise I’m feeling much better today. Will keep on with the gelclair mouthwash. Back pains and legs give way but I’m sure that’s the gcsf injections and last one tomorrow for this cycle.
Chaffinch & Ali - hope you are feeling a bit better today xx

Thanks Jay68, I am very grateful to be able to have Herceptin. I’m not greatly expecting any side effects I just thought it would be good to set up a Herceptin group because treatment goes on for a year and there are only a few from each monthly chemo group who have it we would have somewhere to keep in touch over the next year or so. The October group are particularly chatty but some of the other groups are smaller and less active.
We are very lucky to have this targeted therapy available to us. Let’s hope it has the desired effect ?

Think the fatigue is kicking in now, feeling tired and emotional just hoping that a good walk will sort me out later.

Hi Chaffinch, I had two herceptin prior to chemo starting as I had reactions to my first two chemo cycles. The side effects I’ve experienced are bloody nose, runny nose and feeling light headed for about 7 days after the injection.


I’ve just had my 2nd heart echo last week ahead of injection no. 5 next week. 


Not sure why some people have injection and some infusion? xx

I think they do the infusion when giving it alongside chemo then switch to injections when you finish. My nose is dry but running at the same time which is odd. I had dry blood encrusted nose for first week each chemo cycle too. My eyes are dry and sore too but I think this is largely down to lack of eyelashes and I suffer with dry eyes generally.

A runny nose seems to be my main side effect along with a bit of fatigue.

How are yoi doing Chaffinch? I had my 1st her eptin injection just over 3 weeks ago and 5 days before my mx. So when my back started aching a week afyer the injection i thought it was due to lying funny after mx.

I had my 2nd injection on wednesday and my aching back started again yesterday, i have an upset tummy and i am sneezing away. Do you think this is Herceptin?

Hope you are ok xx

Hello ladies…I had my 2nd herceptin injection on Thursday alongside my first of six Paclitaxel. I have had a really stressful few days so might not be the best to judge in but so far all I have really had is achey joints when I stand up and keep falling asleep at the drop of a hat. No more nosebleeds like I had on Docetaxel.

I sneeze a fair bit and my nose runs for the first few days. I had 2nd injection last Wednesday. Currently half way through rads so hard to tell which effects are which. I’ve had a sore toe for a few years and that’s worse at the moment but I’m also doing a lot of walking which really does help with the fatigue. I have pain between my shoulder blades which comes and goes too. Overall much better than expected and blood pressure is pretty good too.
How’s everyone else doing? X

Hello all, have had 2 herceptin jabs since finishing chemo in January. First time nothing noticeable as still suffering from chemo se. Second jab was last Friday , had a large bruised painful thigh! I guess there are some ses but compared to chemo it’s a breeze!! I also have occasional spots which I never had before and my bowels are loose… only 13 more to go! Also having mx and reconstruction on 20th , what joy . Love to all xx