holiday insurance

does anybody know of any good hols insurers ???

Hi Sharon

Whilst I was on chemo last year I used Freedom Insurance who are based in Cambridge - you can google them. They were the only company I could find who were willing to cover me for breast cancer despite me going through treatment. Insurance isn’t cheap but it worked for me.

If you’re travelling to Europe and have the European medical card - can’t remember the number, you gain many benefits from that although each country is different.

Good luck and I hope you find something.



I use Tesco and they do cover the bc. Am on hormone treatments and 1yr from dx but only had to pay extra £50 for a week in Europe to cover bc.

Try Miaonline, quoted me 105.50, for 15 nights caribbean cruise, included cancer cover. Some companies suggested on camcer uk won’t even quote till 3 months after chemo finishes, others will quote but exclude cancer.

Thanks so much im only going friday to monday to marbella dont want to pay over the odds!xxxx

Try Columbus Direct. I have yearly travel insurance with them for a couple of years now and it covers breast cancer. Two years ago I went on safari and their special adventure insurance covered me for all sorts of things including bungey jumping.

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Hi smallstar

Here’s the link to our publication about travel insurance which you may find helpful:

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Lucy have been great for my holiday insurance

I used Marks and Spencers - did it all online - and gives various levels of cover according to treatment - it was by far the cheapest option. It cost about £68 for a one of trip to Greece.



I got insurance with Direct Line for £159 for an annual,worldwide policy. This also covers the breast cancer. This is for my husband as well.

I finished chemo Dec 07. Rads March 08 and Herceptin March 09.

Couldn’t believe the price so snapped it up !

Liz x

Glad I found this thread. Only got diagnosed 2 days ago. Have holiday to China and Malaysia planned for November 09 and worried sick about getting travel insurance. I am due to have the tiny lump removed on 10th August so what are the chances of getting insurance now and is it better to wait till after my op as when I look at insurance sites it says things like what treatment have you had etc. Have looked at M&S, Columbus and they have declined me online. I do have other health problems too (diabetes, well controlled, hip replacement) so maybe that is why they declined me.

Any advise welcomed as need to find some insurance soon or dont know what I will do about the holiday (flight paid for already, accommodation free c/o rellies).

Just looked at the link Lucy posted and it doesnt look very hopeful for me getting insurance. Might be better to persuade someone else to go with my hubby (e.g. my brother did express some interest) and get the flight transferred .

Go Cat, dont give up and cancel - Have you tried Mia Online?? I am off to Cyprus in September - if I cant get covered I am not going to tell them and just get general cover for me hubbie and son - I need this break (my situation is that I will have only finished chemo in mid august following an op for bc and secondaries to the bones.) If something extraordinary happened connected to the condition and I found I was not covered we would have to deal with it there and then. I guess the longer distance of your holiday may be a concern to you but keep trying - will keep an eye out on here - let me know how you get on xx best wishes, debbie

I have had an annual policy with “It’s so Easy” for the past couple of years and found them very good to deal with.

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Hi Ladies. have posted elswhere but don’t know how to move this. i tried two recommended insurers for pre existing medical conditions. One quoted £300-400 with letter from oncologist. insure pink would not insure me Unbelievable considering the pink ribbon logo they dispaly. I tried compare the market and the first company listed would insure me and hubby together for £68 however i could take off cover for cancer and that would be £15 for a week in Madeira. I am so angry that so called specialist companies appear to in the trade to rob the unfortunate. my case incidentally diagnosed.lump and 15 nodes{5 affected}removed dec 08 chemo finished april09 then 20 rads finished last week.

mine was through GET MY who specialise in pre existing medical conditions… they insured me, my partner and 2 teenage kids with an annual policy for £65… with a previous hx of BC…

i was due to go on holiday yesterday and just waiting to hear about my claim.


Miaonline cover Madeira (which is still Europe) and it’s usually £44 for two weeks including cover.

Good luck

Have just got an amazingly cheap quote from Marks and Spencer covering breast cancer and asthma for 2 weeks in the Med. Insurepink will not cover my cancer!

Enjoy your holidays girls x

HI Ripley and thanks will give them a go thats £24 extra for vino.

judyw47 I am still furious at Insurepink i feel thy should change their name and logo as they are operating under false pretences. Bl##dy h#ll am I becoming a grumpy old womans
So sorry you had to cancel Lulu hope you manage to get a holiday soon
take care kitty x

Kitty you are absolutely right about Insurepink. I was really expecting them to cover my BC for an extra charge and they didnt want to touch it! Still at primary stage too.