I wondered if anyone had any tips for the horrible taste in the mouth.
I had first Epi on friday and have had almost constant indigestion, heartburn and ‘the taste’ since.

Any tips to relieve the symptoms would be gratefully accepted.



Hi There

I always had some sliced fresh pineapple in the fridge to suck after the chemo. It seemed to work for me!!

Hope all goes wqell for you.

best wishes


Hi Sarah

Everyone says pineapple but nothing worked for me. In the end I gave up and joyously lost a stone and a half through not eating. Depends if you can afford the weight loss of course, but for me it was a delightful side effect. Those Enlive drinks kept me going healthwise.

Good luck my dear and remember it will pass!



HI Sarah

Try Lemon Sherbets when receiving your chemo.

Good luck


Chilled San Pellegrino mineral water was great,so was diluted Roses Lime juice with ice.

Hiya Sarah

Oh, I remember it well, awful isn’t it. Nothing tastes the same, not even water! The only thing I found ok was ice cold Schweppes Lemonade (or anything lemony really). I constantly chewed sugar free gum and drank water at the same time, it was the only way I could get water down. My biggest disappointment was that my wine tasted revolting, so reverted to lager shandies when the need arose (quite often as I remember lol). Grit your teeth girl, you’ll get there and well done for getting through the first one, time will fly now, you’ll see.

Julie x

Chewing sugar free gum!


Yes a disappointment to me too about the wine tasting funny. Tonic water is doing it for me at the moment (just had second EC)

Louise x

Lucozade worked for me. I got through tonnes of the stuff! Just a sip every time I got the funny taste.

Good luck!


Lime cordial worked for me.

The awful taste in my mouth after chemo left me with a distaste for red wine, that was sad as I enjoyed a glass after work, oh and the weekend and then when visiting friends, another just to be socialable. So I guess the chemo did help me in another way too.


Hi Sarah, have you had your second Epi yet? How are you feeling, did the taste go away, or what did you find most helpful to make it better?

Start my Epi on 11 April so I hope you don’t mind being asked for tips and experiences.

All the best to you for the rest of your treatment. Lyn x


The horrible taste has continued through the Epi and I have just had my third on friday. Just one more to go.
I found that fruit from the fridge is good, melon and pineapple. Also ice lollies. Clean teeth really well and use a mouthwash.
Soe things just taste horrible where others are OK.
Good luck with your treatment I( hope the side effects are good to you.


Oh the horrible taste thing is the worst side effect for me being a real foodie person! I find food with a high salt or sugar content taste vile! Feta cheese is the worst.I’ve been eating strawberries and apples because they are so refreshing.

Really good big naval oranges are splendid too. Cheese is horrible full stop and tea, well I cant bear to drink it now and that is something as I loved my tea.

2 weeks and I will be done with Epi. I am so looking forward to the last one, ticking the days off.

Good luck with the tastebuds!!

Even better luck with your treatments.


I found that lime juice and fresh lemon juice was good any cold fruit except bananas they were horrible.Also I really found it good to eat chilli and indian spicy food they were great because I could still taste them, Glad you are nearly done with the chemo, its brilliant when everything tastes normal again.

Good luck with any further treatments


Oh… I usually have two bananas a day and can’t imagine ‘going off’ them! Love reading these tips from people who know.

My onc told me not to eat curries during chemo, I didn’t ask him to elaborate but assumed they’d worsen any tummy upsets… I suppose the thing is just to have whatever you fancy, and hope it a) stays down and b) goes through without trouble. Will stock up on fresh pineapple, and juice, and have sherbet lemons ready… I’d forgotten how much I used to love them! Hope I don’t go off Baileys, that really would be a shame, I’d have to let my daughter finish the bottle!

Lyn xx

yes, i love my bananas too, so hope i don’t go off them! Read somewhere that you can peel them,wrap them in cling film and pop in freezer,ready to eat cold. Supposed to be soothing if your mouth is sore.

Think I’ll buy some lemony things today. Start chemo tomorrow! Can’t wait to get first one over with.I’ll take my chewing gum and a nice cold drink to sip!

best wishes to you all,
Ann x

During my FEC I always drink loads of water, suck sweets and eat an ice lolly not all at once I hasten to add but I found this helped with the taste like others pineapple, kiwi, grapes, stawberry and kiwi squash loads of bitter lemon and Louise yes tonic too I found cool things really helped and soft foods like soup and rice puddings nothing spicey though or too hot, however I found that each cycle I liked different foods or drinks . Drink plenty of water 3 litres a day I was told!!
I also went off black coffee but have now started buying those sachets with milk or cappacino they are quite refreshing and not too strong. ice cream and jelly too, and natural yoghurt.

Hope this helps

Good Luck

Hi all,
forgot the frozen bananas they are really nice I just did not like normal ones, and grapes frozen very soothing for a sore mouth…
Lynn I def would of been well fed up if I had gone off Bailleys and Tia maria my fav. Luckily I did not !!!
I think the curry helped me because I got a quite constipated cos of steroidsand some anti sickness tabs. My chemo form said no take aways etc in case of food poisoning as your immune system is down and you might not be able to fight off bugs.My local indian is well nice so was ok
Take care all and good luck with all treatments!
Dawn X

I couldn’t stand the smell of normal tea - was a HUGE teapot pre-chemo - but have found that decaf tea is fine - and I used to HATE that!

weird or what ???
FizBix xxxxxx