Hot flushes

Hi just wondering if anyone has any tips to help with these hot flushes on a night I’ve got the wool quilt and pillow didn’t really make a difference I have the window open foot out the quilt still a nightmare ! Any Ideas anyone ???

I’ve got a little paper fan and a battery operated one by my bed which helps… Actually prefer the paper one as not so noisy and can whip up a good wind if needed :slight_smile:
Helen xxxx

That’s a good idea Helen il try that it’s a nightmare I’m fine soon as I get into bed they start. The oncologist suggested accupuncture I’m on a waiting list at the hospital julie x x x x

Put loads of cream on your feet before u get in bed.
Keep baby wipes beside bed and use them to cool u down.
Keep bottle of water to drink.
Otherwise go out into garden in Pjs and sit in your new Sumner house !!
Ha ha . I’m useless …hope there are more sensible ideas posted from other ladies !!

Does putting cream on your feet help I’ve never heard of that defo give that a go too. Carolyn I must wake up at least four times a night forgot what it’s like to have a good sleep x x x

I don’t suffer as much as you probably do but for some reason I found putting loads of cream on feet kept me cooler at night.
It’s not fun when u can’t sleep and summer hasent started yet either.
It’s not fun either when hubby is shivering and sort of making a wall of pillows to keep the draught off as window wide open and then flies and moths decide to visit too!!

I think it could be worse because I wasn’t old enough for the change yet the chemo put me into it so it’s not happening naturally. My husband is always freezing lol x x

Chemo did that back in 2004 too. The only thing is it gets it out the way as sometime or other u have to go through it !!
Avoid anything with lycra in it …even knickers !! Lycra seems to eat you alive !!

Does it eventually stop ? X x

Hi , get a chillo pillow. That helped me. They are quite flat and you put water in it. They really work. You may have to turn it over a few times in the night but it cools you down. Mine used to get really hot where it absorbed the heat from my body. You can put it in a pillowcase if you don’t like the feel of it. When I was on the zoladex injections I had a terracotta bottom sheet on my bed. I got up one morning and you could actually see the outline of my body imprint ? (soz too much info, but that’s how bad I got). I would deffo check out the pillow, I think you can get full body ones now, and ones for pets.

I know how you feel, and hope you find a solution. Another thing I did which was naughty was I kept use lollies in the freezer. My partner quite often turned over in the middle of the night and there I was sucking on my ice lol ?.

All the best xxx

Amazon have a chillow pillow at £9.97, bargain! There’s nearly £28 off it. When I bought mine in 2006 it was £20 then, and I’ve bought for others since and never seen as low as that. You just measure a certain amount of water, pour it in and put the stopper in, done. You very rarely have to top it up.

Mine was also a phantom menapause as I was only 38 yrs old when diagnosed. I had chemo and 2 yrs of zoladex. Then after a few years off meds my body went back to normal. Then after 7 yrs clear it came back, then another round if chemo and another menapause I’m finally post menapause, so went through the piggin thing twice. Still get the odd one but nothing like before.

Good luck and big hugs xxx

Just seen another one for £6.95 on amazon with free delivery x

Thanks deedeepuss I’m going to order one now. I’m going on zoladex injections letrazole and Herceptain and perjeta so four hormone blockers il be all over the place lol x x x

Oh my goodness, good luck with all that.

When I went on Zoladex it was a monthly injection, which was a bit of a nuisance as I was working full time (still am for my sins!) I had mine at the docs. I found out that if your medical practice was licensed to give the zoladex injections to prostate cancer patients every 3 mths, but not bc patients, your onc could send a letter to your gp you could have 3 monthly injections instead of monthly. It’s just a higher dose implant. It’s probably all changed now so you can have the 3 monthly injections automatically, but if it hasn’t its worth investigating to save traipsing back and forth every month and will reduce the number of injections you have to go through.

Don’t forget to stock your freezer with ice lollies!

Take care xxx

Thank you I will ask about the 3 monthly because the h and p is every three weeks so I feel I’m never away the injection every 4 and tablets every day as long as they work I suppose is the main still working too. Hope your doing well julie x x x

Forgot to say I will defo be doing the ice lollies any excuse x x x???

I went through an orange lolly stage, and then the fruit pastille ones. I’m not normally an ice lol person, but they cooled me down.

All the best Julie xxx

It’s funny a lot of the symptoms are like when your pregnant especially the chemo you go off similar things x all the best to you too x x x

Jultz …deedeepuss has given you some good ideas …aagh the chillo pillow …it’s like marmite love it or hate it . It’s like putting your head on a Lilo BUT …you can use it for your feet or back to cool you. Price wise …they r a bargain now compared to the original.price.
Hot flushes start from the feet so the secret is cool tootsies !
Bet its like musical beds in your house with one of you wandering off to the spare bedroom …in our case …you get to the small single bed to remember that grandson left crisp crumbs or his wrestling figure in it …ouch !!
Life’s never boring …

Hi ladies, when I first started on zoladex 2 year ago my onc said to me that my GP may suggest I have the 3 monthly injection (10.6) but it must not be changed to this!! Also I mentioned my hot flushes and she said that there is medication you can have to help with this (venlafexine) but I poo pooed that I idea i think we have enough medication as it is don’t you! !! I have found cutting back on coffee has helped me too, I only have 1 a day now in the morning, I don’t drink tea and only have a couple of glasses of wine at the weekend, all those are meant to be hot flush triggers.
Hugs Janette xxx