How much does it cost??

How much does a tablet of tamoxifen cost?
would be interested to know.
Considreing i get 60 tabs and pay £7.10 I think i am being robbed.


Not sure about tam but Femara is 134 Euros per month!

As I understand it, Tamoxifen, as it has now been around for some time, is out of patent and can therefore be produced by anyone, under licence, and is consequently very cheap indeed (I think we’re talking single figure pennies per tablet, here).

It might be worth asking your chemist if it is cheaper, and possible, to just pay him the retail price for it.

I imagine it you don’t take enough prescription medicines to make an annual Pre-Payment certificate worthwhile?



Hi, when are we going to be getting our prescriptions for free, i know it is sometime next year but anyone got an update on this. When i went to Spain recently you could buy Arimidex over the counter for e13.50! If you have a doctors prescription the pharmacist told me she would accept a UK one, she would photocopy it and keep it for me then Arimidex was only e1.30!!! Amazing isn’t it!


tamoxifen costs 10 p per tablet roughly -i can’t remember where i read that but it sticks in my mind.

I’ve just searched for this info on internet and found a site that said it costs £200-£400 for 5 years of Tamoxifen.
I know that Herceptin is about £22,000 a year.
Alli x

Hi All,
I was looking into pre-payment certificates this morning. Apparently free prescrits for cancer patients will come into force in April, probably in the budget.

Hi Liver

Can you ask your doctor to give you more than one month at a time… Mine up to now as given me six months a time …

I don’t know why you feel you are being robbed, Liverbird. Many women have had to fund Herceptin at a cost of several thousand pounds. I think in the grand scheme of things, £3.55 for a month’s supply can hardly be called robbery, especially given that it is the gold standard treament for premenopausal women. I am grateful that Tamoxifen has kept me cancer free for 5 years.

Hi Liverbird

I was told by my doctor that Tamoxifen was particularly cheap, so he gave me a 3 months supply on one prescription. Money is not the only issue, our doctor’s is in the city centre and a nightmare to park near, so for me the inconvenience of getting a repeat prescription is another annoying factor!


That was a bit harsh RMW26! Everyones financial circumstances are different and you don’t know Liverbirds!

Hi Nicky, does your doctor not do repeat prescriptions online?? Mine started this a few months ago and it’s wonderful! I only have to call in once a year for a blood test for my thyroxine and now i go online to re-order, which is then kept at my chemist as an annual prescription,They dish out two months worth at a time, and i don’t pay for these as they are for my thyoid problem ( a godsend now, of course!).I should be able to ask for my arimidex the same way,which will save me a lot of hassle…though my doctors is only a ten minute walk away,but is often very busy, so i’m grateful not to have to go down there too frequently

Yes would highly recommend repeat prescriptions on lin e- my GP does them,(and,just in case there is confusion arimidex isn’t free from the prescription charge but thyroid problems are so thyroxine would be free).

Most of this thread has been helpful which i intended it to be infact i like to think i always post with alot of thought and encouragement. I find this site to be extremely informative.
RMW with an attitude like yours BCC and other cancer groups would not have bothered campaigning for free perscriptions for those of us who have cancer.

I did read a study about tamoxifn Alli. prob the one your referrring too, it was very helpful, not just the cost factor of the treatment.
I wish my Gp surgery had the online facility for repeat perscriptions.

Heres to April and free perscriptions!


Oh dear Liverbird, an attitude like mine??? I merely expressed how pleased I was that for a mere £3.55 per month my cancer has been kept at bay for 5 years.

Hi everyone

This is a very important area for those on the forums who do need regular prescriptions and we don’t want to curtail this discussion. However, can people remember that finances can be a very sensitive area and people on the forums can be in widely differing financial circumstances, so please respect the views of others whose experiences may be different from your own.

If anyone would like more information on the coming changes in prescription charges then go to:

Kind regards

Katherine, ALL my prescriptions are free, because of my thyroid problems, so the arimidex is free too.No matter what i need on prescription, it’s free.I think it stinks that anyone has to pay for cancer drugs and have always had this belief,not just since i was diagnosed.I also find it thoroughly awful that it’s free in some parts of the country (eg Scotland,) and yet they have to be paid for in England.I think the prime minister should have declered scripts free from the moment of his announcement, not months down the line…and he should hang his head in shame that this wasn’t done.

My surgery will only give me a months supply of Tamoxifen at a time, but allow me to have 3mths supply of my epilepsy drugs, don’t understand this!

I was on Arimidex and bonefos for a while. Bonefos is mega expensive, I think it is £10 per tablet, and at 2 a day for 5 yrs that’s equals £36,500 !!!

What we need to bear in mind is that as a nation, we are subsidising some drugs which like bonefos cost mega bucks, with our £7.10 standard cost for all items, some of which will cost pennies, it’s called socialism.

I agree though, cancer patients across the board should not have to pay and not pay NOW.


Hi All
I feel very fortunate to be living in Wales, we dont pay for any prescriptions here,


Just to point out prescriptions aren’t free in Scotland, though it’s something we are aiming towards. We currently pay £5 per script. I’m the only person in my family who has to pay for scripts, even though I’m not working! I don’t know if the cancer drug free script is coming to Scotland.