How to Look Good Naked!

Dear All
Please see below, from Laura Grossart, Press and PR Officer.

I wanted to let you know that Channel 4’s How to Look Good Naked will be featuring a special episode next week that follows the story of Kelly, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006.

For anyone who hasn’t watched the series before, each episode features fashion stylist, Gok Wan, as he helps women who have lost their body confidence to look good and feel even better.

This programme was first shown in May 2008 and thanks to an overwhelming response from viewers, they have re-visited Kelly one year on from her first appearance to see how Gok’s advice has helped her.

You’ll be able to see a short update on Kelly’s progress and the original programme will be shown afterwards. You can catch all the action on Tuesday 3 November at 8pm on Channel 4.

If you want to know more about the programme, you’ll be able to find more information here after the show is broadcast on Tuesday:

Breast Cancer Care provided support and advice throughout the making of the programme so a big thanks goes to all the volunteers who gave their time and got involved.

We’d love to hear your thoughts after the programme, so let us know what you think!

Best wishes

Laura Grossart
Press & PR Officer


will try my best to watch this as thought last years programme was filmed and handled in a very sincere and professional manner by Gok and his team.


Excellent progamme - bumping up

yes it was a great programme i will be watching tues

rhian x

Will Be Watching THanks for letting us know

Hi all, will be watching, any tips will be gratefully recieved, need confidence booster love junieliz

Bump - I think lots of us will want to see this!

I hadn’t seen the original programme in 2008 so I was interested in watching it. Kelly is a beautiful woman and it was great to see her confidence growing as the programme progressed. One of the best bits in my opinion was when Gok brought on the other ladies who had had breast surgery and Kelly acknowledged that they were all lovely and you couldn’t tell they had had surgery.

However, in some ways I found it a bit unrealistic. I had a mastectomy in October 2008 and I don’t think I would be able to wear many of the clothes and necklines that Kelly was wearing. This is probably because I have a larger remaining breast, therefore a larger prosthesis, than Kelly which is harder to conceal and keep in place. I have managed to have some good bras fitted and I know which necklines I can and cannot wear so I am able to go about my life with a certain amount of confidence but there is no way I could wear the underwear or necklines that Kelly was wearing. It just seemed yet another way of making people who don’t know anything about breast surgery think everything is fine and dandy when it isn’t. Also I didn’t like the theme of bc being a wonderful journey. I would rather not have embarked on this journey and still have two boobs!

I would love to hear what others thought of the programme. I hope I am not being too negative.

Maude xx

No Maude your not.

I watched last year and this year and still think the 2008 programme was very educational and thought provaking without being in your face (which is the sort of awareness I prefer).

I watched tonight initially on my own but was joined by 10 yr old son and 12 yr old daughter and we all gasped when Kelly said she wouldn’t change anything.

Personally for me there isn’t a day that goes by that I wish I never had it, or if I am unlucky 1/9, why at 37, why not at 57 when my kids are grown. I have seen 3 young BC friends die this year from breast cancer, 5 kids without their mums and especially with christmas looming perhaps I am too sensitive. I really struggle to see any good from having this disease.

(a tad disappointed)

I missed the programme - does anyone know if it will be repeated or how can I can view it?

that did shock me too when Kelly said she wouldnt change anything. She is a lovely person and she looked wonderful and is doing a lot of great things for breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer to me is a living nightmare and I would rather never have got it in the first place, hate what it has done to me, my hubby, kids, parents, relatives and friends, I honestly cant see anything good in in at all and would rather have my pre cancer life back, sorry for ranting.


Carol x

Hi All
What a very attractive woman, at the end of the programme she looked absolutely amazing, It was her journey through breast cancer not everybody else’s, and she reflected on how her life has changed now she has excepted her body, good on her, not everybody is the same, we have all suffered one way or another, but to see one woman with regained confidence was inspiring, don’t we all wish we could have that little Gok voice giving us encouragement, she has gone on to do a lot for breast cancer care, so thank you Kelly.

Hi all, I and my family enjoyed the programme, it did have neg points but also positives. Yes some of the necklines I couldn’t wear but it also gave me personally confidence to try different styles. I also wish it had never happened but it has and it’s no one’s fault, we have to try to move forward and not let it spoil what we have. Well done Kelly you looked fab and are to me an inspiration, take care all love junieliz

Mixed feelings here. I saw the first programme pre my diagnosis and thought it was wonderful how Kelly got her confidence back and looked stunning and still does. Its great that she is now helping other ladies. However, I agree with Maude, Debbie and Carol, I’m sure if we could turn back the clock none of us would choose to have BC - no matter how many wonderful ladies we have met!

Yes, we have to move forward and not let it spoil what we have, which is exactly what I’m doing and have done all through treatment. But BC is not such a closed book is it.

Looking forward to reading others opinions.

If you missed this you can watch it on “Channel 4 on demand” on their website, which is what I did.

I related to all parts of the programme except for the bit at the end where Kelly said she “wouldn’t change a thing”. She looked great and Gok really seemed to have worked wonders with her and her confidence, but I find it hard to believe that she wouldn’t rather not have had BC given the choice !!

Anna x

She looked so incredible on her wedding day and I loved the fact she ended up choosing her own dress - as you should!

Kelly looked wonderful, those first shots with Gok, you could feel the stress and upset, it aged her so much.

I keep singing Cher’s , if I could turn back time, would love some majic dust to throw over us all.

keep wellxx

i also saw the programme and agree it was wonderful to see Kelly’s confidence come back and to know that she had a wonderful wedding. Kelly looked fantastic, the hair, clothes and makeup. However i did feel the programme painted a rather rosy picture. There was no mention of lymphodema or anyone with it. How do you look good with that. How do you get clothes to fit. Its yet another thing to have to think about. Also Kelly had a wonderful figure. I guess a size 8 to 10. I could not have worn the low cut tops they put her in. I cannot even find a bra in my size a 40DD. Even Nicola Jane who they went to for her bras has little for the larger busted amongst us. And i would definitely rather not have had breast cancer.

Hi Starfish

I am a 40E and I managed to get my size in a Triumph Doreen Luxury bra (it is available in 40DD)then I had a pocket sewn in. It is quite a pretty bra too. Go on the website for woman zone (they are based in Warrington, Cheshire) and you should find it on there in the Triumph section. They will also sew a pocket in if required and they can post it to you.

Maude xx