How to look good Naked

Awwww, sob. I hope I can feel that good about my body again someday.

I’ve realised that I don’t feel good about how I look, I just don’t think about it, I try and think about things that make me feel better and my body isn’t one of them right now. But maybe, in time, that could change… How much are gok’s styling fees I wonder :slight_smile:

But I have to know where she got that bikini (and the flat stomach).


Blast I’ve missed it!

But Margaret, I wear a prosthesis, and fitted clothes and feel quite comfortable with it, please don’t let BC dictate how you feel about yourself! You are the same person you always were, and although it’s true that our body image takes a battering, and we have to adjust to wearing slightly less revealing clothes, we can still look, feel and BE gorgeous!

Good luck with your fitting…!


Hi justme

have you got channel 4 plus one cos its on now!!

Kay x

Hi girls

Just watched this program what a boost!!!

Thankyou channel 4 we are all beautiful

Kay x

Hi watched it as well and thought it was very well done, had a few tears through it also, it was great to see Kellys confidence boosted as the show went on. She looked wonderful but i think what was so great was you could see she felt so good in herself !!! Wish I could spend some time with Gok !!! Would be just what the doctor ordered !

Thanks Kay, I just watched it.

She did look lovely!

Not sure I could look half as good though, as she had a small, neat bosom …I’m a size 8 but with a DD frontage, and after mastectomy one droopy DD and then nothing is a bit more noticeable!


She looked amazing. I cried as soon as she came on and said how she felt and I think I speak for many that we feel like that. So brave to go in the window. she has a fabulous figure and Gok just showed it perfectly.

Liz xx

Awww, just cried my way through the programme. I’m so pleased they chose someone who’d had surgery for breast cancer. I remember saying to my husband a few weeks ago that getting women naked is all very well but they wouldn’t do someone like me!!! (I had a bilateral mx last year at the age of 36). Well, I was wrong and what an inspiration that lady is and the other ladies who looked so fab in their underwear. I will remember that and hope that some of that bravery will rub off on me!

What a lovely programme.
Kelly, if you read this, you are absolutely stunning and an inspiration.
I love Gok- he’s brilliant

Kat xxx

I really appreciated this programme, as someone who didn’t go for an immediate recon. is ‘younger’ and has a ‘small frontage’.

Kelly looked fab at the end, I really don’t think I’ll be wearing a red bikini like that. Does anyone know what she put in her mx side?

Bye all


Wow, what a super show! Kelly is blessed with a gorgeous figure and Gok helped prove it needn’t matter a jot that part of that figure has had surgery. And what a smile! Be happy Kelly… because you’re worth it. Good for you - and thank you.

Lyn xxx

Hi All

Loved the programme, I’ve always loved Gok too, he seems so supportive of all his ladies.

The programme brought many tears to my eyes, I identified with Kelly so much.

Well done Channel 4, at last a great and sensitive programme about breast cancer and surgery.

Cecelia. x

I haven’t seen the prog (recorded it, didn’t feel strong enough, need to watch it on my own) and have never seen any of the programmes because not that interested in style stuff (arrogant me I like to choose my own clothes, so there! flounce) but the main reason I haven’t seen them is because I was afraid of 2 things and all your positive comments seem to show that neither is right: I was afraid he had seduced women into appearing nude just for the tv producers, and that they might not think it such a good idea when the excitement dies down, and secondly I was afraid there might be an element of freak show about this particular programme - the programme’s webpage didn’t encourage me because it seemed very tabloid and coarse - bangers indeed, yuk. However - you are all so enthused that I think they must really have handled it well, and this Gok guy may turn out to be a real human being. So now almost looking forward to watching. Will let you know how it goes…

I sat and watched it with my 10 year old daughter and she gave me a massive cuddle afterwards, unfortunately at her young age she is already wise to the bending forward trick and low under arms but I felt it did her good to see other woman my age having the same crap scenario, also really connected with public swimming as I was mad and annoyed at buying expensive swimwear that still felt gran-i-ish.

Well done C4 and Gok it was done tasteful, I never did show my scars and was dreading what it could have been, I now have my recon but still dont feel right but mostly there. Well done Kelly you did blossom throughout the show just as a bride should.

Good luck and best wishes

I think the show was fab and she looked fantastic - wish I coulkd look like that! Does anyone else have a problem with large chest. Think I will hopefully go for a recon (god cant beleive I would think of more surgery), Ive just started wearing prothesis in pockets as with me being so large wudnt fit, now squashed it in and makes loads of difference but no way I could get my bra off as it still rises abouve the bra line and have to have scaffolding type bras but hey ho, as long as looks okay on outside. Her scar looks so neet too, mines a bit flabby and fleshy!!

She looks fab and god I felt choked up, specially when she showed her wardrobe, Ive never flashed any flesh even though im 35 and few of my friends do but no my wardrobe consist on high neck tops and Ive gone from 1 to 12 cardigans as extra protection - costs me a fortune.

Well done to her for being so brave to go on TV and good on C4 for dealing with it!!! Gok should be offered to all of us!!!

Kelly, if you are a member of this site then well done!

I had lumpectomy and to see what you went through and how your confidence came on was tremendous.
You look absolutely fabulous and a million dollars.
Like most of us I cried.
Kelly, I wish you the most lovely, romantic wedding day ever, much happiness and ( more importantly ) health for the future!

Love Shorty x

I’m mad, I can’t believe I missed it…will it be repeated?

SallyLou- I know you mentioned that Kelly is a friend of yours…I really hope you can pass on all that everyone has said.
She looked stunning…and in that red bikini…whoooooo hoooooooooo.I loved watching it and she echoed many things I feel about myself. She was amazing and I am so pleased Gok did this about time too.Loved it and cried lots but brilliant.

Becks…ok sweetie which one were you lined up?I take it that was what you meant by a small part in the programme. All those women looked fab.

Paula xxx

I would just like to say thank you to all the woman that took part in the show last night. I cried all the way thru it, but with happiness mainly, it was such a positive thing for Kelly to do. Although I had a lumpectomy, I did have chemo etc and Kelly is right, you dont feel like you, and you dont look like you.

I hope she has a fantastic wedding and a fit and healthy life to everyone who took part.


Hi all

Like you say Ann I watched last night whilst drying my eyes, Kelly looked fantastic and I found it inspirational considerting I am at the beginning of my journey. I thought Gok dealt with the whole issue with tact and humour and if I ever had the chance to be Goked I would love it. Thank god for programmes like that!!!

Debs x