I hate this new "forum"!

Oh I do hate the new lay out. I keep going on to see if I can work my way round it but after several tries I too am joining the many who I am sure are getting more and more frustrated with it.
What I particulary dislike is the way the lay our of active and latest posts now look like the other forums of McMillan and Cancer UK - which is why I never went on them 369000 posts!!! Confusing.
My general feeling was that the old forums fault was that it was “pink stinks”
BCC gets millions of pounds to support people like us and can I tell this new forum is crap.

I agree Sally. The pink was indeed hideous but at least the Latest Posts feature was fit for purpose, unlike this rubbish now.

It breaks my heart that people are coming here for help but don’t get any replies because nobody can find their posts.

i have to agree, it is so difficult to navigate, i think soon i will stop trying and leave.

I hate it too can’t find anyone or anything

Me Too!!!

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i hate it too. i cant see how it has improved for the better at all.

I too am very concerned that people will both stop using the forums and site and those newly diagnosed will not use it at all. The layout is so much more confusing - granted I have been using the invaluable forums since 2008 and am not a techie person - but why couldn’t it have stayed similar to what it was and perhaps change the colour to a more purple one if pink was annoying people? I am a bone mets lady so am nowhere near as ill or struggling as loads of either primary or mets people but am running out of patience very rapidly when I lose posts or can’t find updates easily. It pains me to say all this by the way…

With all forum revamps, the owners always expect a bit of a barrage from people saying that they don’t like it, can’t use it, can’t find anything etc. I have been a member of several foums and this has been the case, however after a while, people stop moaning and get on with it.
The difference with this forum - BCC are you listening to what people are saying? OK so now I’m going to shout because I’m not sure that you really are listening and that you’re hoping that folk are just going to calm down and get on with it.
Sadly, I fear that what is going to happen is that a lot of people with a huge amount of experience and knowledge to impart to others are just going to walk. Personally, I spend more time on an American forum and have recently joined a private FB group made up of around 15 SBC women from this site who have become exasperated to the point of giving up.
A friend recently asked me if she should fundraise for BCC and hand on heart, I could not recommend the charity because of the state of these forums. I had so much support from the forums here after my diagnosis but now, I point others to the US site. I’d like to be able to point them here but can’t until you get things sorted.

Hi everyone I want to echo what everyone else has said about the new style forums - if ‘pink’ was the only reason the site was tranformed then I am really disappointed as the help and support I got from this site was second to none and the Pink thing was very very minor in all this. In my line of work if you are changing the IT systems then you get the users input in what changes/improvements are needed - if ‘Pink’ was the only suggestion then surely it would have been easy to get rid of the Pink stuff. Secondly before anything is launched it is ‘tested’. That is real live testing for a handful of people at each stage, to get feedback on the strutcture etc. We all know that the IT people whilst they are very clever they are very good with with IT stuff and not necessarily ‘people’ or 'customers. There is a need to get people/customers involved in any project particularly any IT change, and particularly a site as important as this. I am sorry but it does feel that you have failed to do this and the consequence is a mish, mash unfriendly site which very few people really like or can access. Surely now common sense must prevail and you need to get a few people together in a room with the IT people and see how we can get this site up and running again so that people can use it. I am willing to volunteer for any event and willing to travel to wherever need be to get it sorted. I am sure there are others who can make time for such an important task. look forward to any responses to this.

Hi Laurie,
I so agree with you.
The new lay out is clunky and not user friendly at all. The techies have had ages to get it sorted out - how come they’ve made such a hash of it. I remember last time the forum was revamped there was an outcry about loosing the latest post option but this was fixed fairly quickly. How come they’ve made the same mistakes this time? Some might say I’ve been hanging around these boards too long and am getting too grumpy but I have raised money for BCC and encouraged my friends to do so too, I hate to see it being wasted in this inefficient way. Afraid I will redirect my fundraising efforts elsewhere from now on.

Hear, hear!
I know this is a difficult process, and you are perhaps working on a shoestring budget, but it is ridiculous to put something up that is so unworkable. It concerns me that so many of the groups seem to be switching to facebook, and I think it should concern you. I am another who has switched to a US forum for my lymphoedema problems and solutions. What a shame.

tHIS IS THE 6TH TIME i HAVE TRIED TO POST ON THIS THREAD.it wont work but my hands need exercise…what is this required field that I am not using???

I agre with most of what has been said. I use to come on here everyday and navigate through latest posts to catch up on everyone I know and also new members needing help and support, I feel now there are lots of women not getting the help they need because of this new site. Really miss the old site and I am thinking of giving up on this one

Am writing my posts in word and them cutting and pasting because
every time i try to post the stupid forum eats them or possible shoves them up
its own A****. Not certain which. Sorry for use of technical term but there are
times when one gets slightly masculine and not being able to get round technical stuff brings that out in me.

So this particular post was just to add my increasing moans
about this forum. My daughter ran the marathon and raised £2k for BCC – I’m
beginning to wish she had done it for prostrate cancer instead as this forum
has become a loaf of B*******.

Mary M

Actually I meant a load of B****** but a loaf of B**** seems
a funny idea…bit like a currant loaf maybe

And then when I do post …why doesn’t it appear in My Posts
or in Latest posts?

I am a project manager for a multi national IT Company, I promise you if I had been the manager of this project I would expect to be picking up my P45 this week that is the honest truth. This site is a source for ladies who have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer (as if I have to tell you ladies this) but as such this abomination should have been tested then tested again, nobody knows better than me that you can’t iron out every little nuance straight away but the amount of bugs within this site are horrendous and frankly scandalous.
Get it sorted these ladies do not deserve this rubbish you have served up stop making excuses and get it right.
In our company out motto is right first time what is yours, get it right maybe sometime in the future.

I am disppointed that the ‘search’ feature no longer works as I found it invaluable…Where has all the info gone and can it be reinstated please


I agree with everything that as been said this new forum is absolute rubbish