I'm worried and need some advice

Hello, I’m new to this web stie, I had a mammogram last week, the results have come back that I need further investigation. The doctor is referring me, I can’t quite remember everything she said to me but she said my results had two lesions on them, one of 2 and one of 6, I’m not sure if theses were measurements or not. They are both in my right breast. She wasn’t sure if i need another mammogram, scan or biopsy. I’m confused could anyone give me some help on what she means please. I have to ring her back tomorrow.

Thank you.

Hello Scruffy,

You’ve definitely come to the right place for support. I can’t give you the information you need, as I was given the all clear after just one appointment, but there are people on this forum who will know and will be able to help. Don’t forget, you’re not on your own. We are all here to help as much as we can.

Take care, Hon.

beano x

Thank you for beano, I felt better this afternoon just being able to share my worries.

Hi Scruffy

The mammogram only shows a very small picture. Obviously you need to talk to the professionals but I would imagine you will be referred to breast centre and hopefully have a one stop appointment where you get ultrasound scan and a fine needles aspiration of the lumps to look for cells plus or minus a biopsy of the lumps if they need more info.

You will certainly get a lot of support, info and tips from other people on here if you need them.

Fingers crossed for you tho that you wont have to join us here for long.

Take care and let us know how you get on

hi scruffy,
no probs babe, i,m sure you will get the answer at the breast clinic hon, i would say the mamo was not enough and they need more nfo, i would in my opinion that they will do a ultra sound.
if the lesions can be aspirated they will try while your there and send them to histology to see if you have bc also if they cant get anything from fna they may do a core biopsy which is done under a local anesthetic

either way your doing the right thing in being refered, they are really nice at these places hon so try to keep poss

it sounds scary and you will be afraid, i advise you take someone with you sweetie for support

we will help all we can


Thanks for all you kind comments, I will let you know what happens.

Hi Scruffy,

It is very hard to take everything in isn’t it. You have definitely come to the right place. Without a doubt, there will be someone that can help in some way or another.

I am at the beginning of the process, not diagnosed yet (hopefully won’t be), but I have had a FNA - Fine Needle Aspiration, quite painless, also I had a core biopsy. Again, quite painless, had local injection. To be honest, the most uncomfortable thing I have had so far is the mammogram. I have had three in the last 3 years, due to lumps appearing, all so far have been cysts, it is only now that some abnormal cells have been found - hence the biopsy. I get results on the 8th August. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions. Its your boob! Anyway, take care. Thinking of you. x
jo x

Take someone with you next time and get them to write notes and explain what they mean by 2 and 6 - which could be inches, centimetres or feet. It’s impossible to take anything in when you are anxious I am afraid that’[s where someone else is useful to ask questions


God I would need boobs like a elephant to have 6 foot problems! , it was good to have a laugh and smile on my face, thanks for that it was a good tonic.

Thanks to everyone for your support, it means a lot when people you don’t know and are going through the same concerns and worries have such positive things to say and share. Wish you all well.

I wish when I was a sleep I could shut my thoughts off, during the day you can put it out of your mind a bit but at the moment it seems to be in all my dreams and as of yet I haven’t even got a hospital date.

Have a good day everyone. Thanks again for your support.

I didn’t think even elephants had boobs THAT big, Scruffy!! :slight_smile:

Glad you’re feeling positive; remember we’re all here for you, though

beano x

The hosptial phoned me today, I have an appointment for Wednesday at 9.15, fingers crosse :frowning:

oh hon
hope its good news sweetie
love you

Hi Scruffy,

Good luck for wednesday. I get results from my biopsy on wed too, 11.30am. I’ll be thinking of you.
jo x

Hi rosegarden and Scruffy,

I’ll cross everything for you both on Wednesday. Please let us know how you get on.

ceegra and I have agreed that this forum is like a huge pool of love and, when we are strong we pour bucketloads into and, when we are not so strong we just take out as much as we need. There’s always more than enough for everyone so you just take as much as you want to ladies.

Take care, both of you.
beano x

Hi scruffy

If it’s measurements then it will be centimeters (or possibly even millimeters) as they work in metric.

Keeping my fingers crossed it’s millimeters and they are both benign.

Lola x

oh scruffy and rosegarden,
wow all going this week please keep us posted on the results whatever they are babes

yes like beano says i have just deposited a bucket load of love, i go thurs for poss a core biopsy,

soo hopefully we will all know this week

spreading love all around like a warm glow on a summers day may you take some sure can help your self

we have more than enough to go round

good good good vibrations


Thanks to everyone for love and support, it really really helps, I can’t believe how screwed up i feel at times and it could be nothing yet, who knows.

I hope ceegra all goes well to.

Good luck to everyone, others have said it but it really helps knowing there’s others I can talk to.

love Scruffy

Bucketloads going in from here, girls!!

beano x

thanks scruffy, i will be thinking of you too hon, so hang in there babe

Lots of love and things crossed from me too…

Will be checking in tomorrow, so please let us know how you get on, and Ceegra and Rosegarden, that applies to you too!