im worried

hi i found a lump last week after bring in some pain i thought i had maybe knocked myself somehow so rubbued and found a lump. i called my gp on monday and made an appointment for tuesday morning, i felt silly as i though i was wasting their time, she had a look then felt, said she could feel a lump about 3 cm then went on the check lymph nodes and as well as being tender she said the were swollen,as i told her about discharge and the obvious size difference she referred me for an urgent appointment at the breast clinic this came through today and it is for monday the 1st of march, and now i cant sleep and its constantly on my mind!!

Hi lizzieloo55

It is perfectly normal to be worried whilst waiting for your appointment, it’s always the very worst time.

I am sure there will be some users along soon to offer tips and advice before your appointment, but in the meantime, I have posted below a link to one of our booklets.

It will tell you all you need to know about your appointment at the breast clinic and may, hopefully, answer some of your concerns:

You can download the booklet or order it through this site.

Kind regards


Hi Lizzyloo

Waiting for appointments and results is by far the worst part of this experience. We all understand what its like and, although most of us ladies had the news we didn’t want to hear, It doesn’t mean that you will. Whatever the outcome, we are here for you so please keep us posted.

Lots of love and hugs

Julia xx

Hi Lizzie

Welcome to this site. I’m sure you will find it a great source of support when you most need it. Its perfectly natural to feel worried and concerned. Im sure others will chip in and tell you that the waiting is the worst. Even thinking back to November when I was in the same position as you, it gives me that horrible sinking feeling in my stomach. I really can empathise with you. Its a very stressful time and no matter what anyone says to you, you will feel nervous. Strange as it may seem once you know what you are dealing with, you can move on and plan and you never know it may turn out to be nothing sinister (hopefully)and never worry about wasting GP’s time. It is always better to get anything abnormal checked out. You have done the right thing.

I’ll keep everything crossed for you and my thoughts will be with you on 1st.

Please keep in touch and feel free to ask any questions. This site has been my godsend and don’t know what I would have done without it.

Lots of love and hugs

Krissy xx

Hi Lizzieloo,

As everyone is saying, the waiting is very difficult and we can all empathise with you in this. This site is great for support so do keep coming back and asking any questions you have or use it to say how you’re feeling.

One thing to remember is that as Julia said most of the people who have been around this site for any length of time are here because we did get a diagnosis of breast cancer. There are many people who are seen in the breast clinic and who turn out to have a benign condition.

Thinking of you,
Eliza xx

thanks everyone i really appreciate your comments, i have just had a couple of hours sleep as i have been tired and not sleeping properly it feels like as soon as the lights go out my mind races…
can i ask has anyone had the same symptoms as me?


Hello Lizzieloo
just wanted to wish you well. As the others have said, you have done exactly the right thing and got the situation checked out as quickly as you could. I hope things go well on Monday and that you get the results quickly - many clinics are able to do a range of tests and get the results on the same day.
The waiting is hideous, we all understand that, and will be here for you if you need to talk, rant, share your fears etc.
sorry, my symptoms were not like yours - which is good as I’ve had bc diagnosis twice, 12 years apart! I hope the outcome for you is very different to mine xx
be kind to yourself
love, monica x

hi lizieloo,

can’t add anything to what the other lovely ladies have said here, other than if it’s possible, take someone with you on monday.

it helps to have company while waiting for your appointment and also four ears are often better than two :slight_smile:

good luck for monday

gill x

my mum has said i need to take someone with me, the first couple of days i had convived myself i have breast cancer, now im thinking i dont have it.
im scared i am wasting peoples time then i would feel so guilty!!
what do i do?

please don’t think about not going… the doctors really will not think you are wasting their time… {{{hugs}}} the majority of people who go to the clinic are sent away with good news and believe me i am sure nothing pleases the staff more than a day when they are able to give all the people good news… if you don’t go you will only carry on worrying what is happening so it is best to go now and if it did turn out to be bad news the sooner you start treatment the better…

I know how awful this waiting period is and will be thinking of you on Monday.

Take care

Theresa x

Hi lizzyloo,

Just want to wish you well for Monday and reassure you that you are definitely not wasting anyone’s time. The healthcare team are always pleased to see anyone with concerns no matter what the outcome. They see hundreds of women all the time who’s lumps are not malignant and are more than happy to do so. So please don’t be worrying about that, I’m sure you will find them very supportive.

It is so difficult to sleep when you are worried. Perhaps you could try buying a lavender spray mist for your pillow as lavender is good for helping relaxation. Don’t know if it would help but maybe worth a try.

love, Esme x

thank you all, im going to try having a hot bath with candles to try and relax… not sure what im doing tomorrow yet, maybe a home day with the kids… sunday my eldest (8 yr old) is playing rugby so that will be the day gone with washing and ironing so monday will be here soon… i have decided not to take anyone with me, simply because i am the happy go lucky friend and i dont think i will be able to keep smiling if its not good news.


Hi Lizzyloo

As the other lovely women on here have said, please don’t cancel your appointment on Monday. They will never think you are wasting their time. It will hopefully turn out to be nothing to worry about but if you don’t go, you will worry yourself sick. If it is something which needs to be treat, then the sooner you start treatment the better. I would also echo to take someone with you. I did and I’m so pleased because I convinced myself that the consultant had said things which my father put me right on.

I will be thinking of you on Monday.

Keep in touch

Love and hugs krissy xxx

well i have been keeping myself busy, i even keep checking if the lump is still there, what if i have got it wrong? what if the dr has?

as i say i have gone from thinking i have cancer to thinking i dont and i dont know what is the best one to think? if i think i have it and they so i dont other than relieved ill feel guilty as some other woman might of had my appointment, if i think i havent then have will it be a shock,
the thinking behind not taking anyone is im liz, the happy go lucky friend who makes everyone laugh and smile when theyre upset and im not sure if i have strength to be funny when im in a situation i cant control, at least driving myself i can compose myself on the drive home before going home to my kids! x

Hi lizzieloo

Its good that you found this website…when you’re feeling alone and scared and have nobody to talk to about it, you can just come on here and lay your emotions bare and I can guarantee that within minutes you will find loads of lovely ladies offering support and encouragement and virtual tissues.
Sometimes its just easier to have contact with people who are going and have been through exactly the same waiting and worrying.

I hope everything goes well for you on monday and if you need to chat, feel free to PM me. Like you, my weekends are usually taken up with kids stuff but I’m nearly always around during the week.

Sue xx

Hi lizzieloo55

I know how hard it is to deal with just over a year ago i had a very bad lump in my right breast it was very painful i had tests and they couldn`t tell me what it was but i had a lumpectomy and they said i have fibrocist breasts. have since in the last few days found another lump and are going to get it looked at at the docs on wednesday. The best thing for you to do is warm bath good dvd and a good laugh it will calm you down, its hard to deal with but you will get there its all the waiting thats the hardest to deal with but this site and the ladies on here are the best to help you when i had my problem they were the best ones to talk to as they know how you feel. Will be thinking of you on monday and hope it all goes well for you fingers crossed and toes.xx

well, i had hot bath and in my pjs by 4pm lol, not sure if that is just lazy, my eldest oliver who is 8 is playing rugby tomorrow so its an early start! i am the rugby mum, take him to all his training and matches on a sunday…
so with that and getting 5 uniforms ready for monday my day will be taken up, my worry is monday, my appointment isnt until 3.10 so after the school run i will be thinking about it…

im going by myself as i have convinced myself there is nothing there and the dr is just wrong.

Good glad you are keeping yourself busy thats the best thing will keep my fingers crossed that all is ok on monday. let us know how you get on.x

thanks tracielouisa xx

Hi Lizzieloo,

It sounds like you have plenty going on around you to keep you occupied, thats the good bit in having younger children to run around after.

It’s only natural to start doubting yourself and thinking that you are imagining things, but just go on your gut instinct and see the doctor just to at least hopefully put your mind at rest.

Good luck for your appointment and I hope it is good news for you!

Paula x