In view of the recent deaths we have experienced on this new site, I think it is important to open a new In Memoriam heading. There are two reasons for this. Such significant events should not be allowed to just drop further and further down a page until it is eventually archived (although I acknowledge that after a reasonable time period this will occur with an IM heading), but also for those who come on this site irregularly, it would be very easy to miss the passing of any of our friends in this current format.

If death doesn’t warrant a new heading, I’m not entirely sure wha does

Totally agree Celeste. Most of us on Live Chat were in agreement last night.

The sooner the better. J x

I think it is a good idea too but a word of caution. It needs to state In Memory/memorium of our members otherwise you get everyones pet, relative and even celebs and I think it rather loses its meaning then.


Yes I too agree Celeste…also good point Dawn! x

Yes to this from me as well, including Dawn’s proviso!
Marilyn x

And yes from me. And no pets!


I’m another yes.

And another yes!

I agree another yes

I agree too

yes from me

Another yes from me.

May I ask - would it be for anyone who has died of breast cancer or only users of this forum?

Yes from me too.
Lindiloo x

Hi all,

I will get the answer to this for you.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Thanks Jo

Yes thanks Jo…I’m still ‘yes’ I think but I really wouldn’t want to end up on the page myself as my plan is to slope off very quietly…but I guess if I slope off quietly I wouldn’t end up on the page…but thought I’d mention this in case anyone else felt similar. Maybe we could add our wishes to our profiles?

I think I probably won’t slope off quietly when my time comes but I do understand why some do. I want least of all to be remembered as anyone inspirational, brave or battling. ‘She loved Miriam Engelberg’s cartoons’ would make me smile though.


Yes I agree as well.
In Loving Memory

I also think this is a good idea