Interesting article.

Interesting article.

Interesting article. Hi there, in case anyone might be interested there’s a good (I thought) article on women living longer and stronger with breast cancer mets in the current online mag MAMM.
Not sure if I can type the web address here but here goes it’s
the article is on the front page.

I’ve had a read, what a good article. I always like to read about women 13 years with mets etc. but I also found the discussion on the differences between primary and secondary cancer so true - stage discrimination they called it. I too think if people stopped seeing us as the scary, worse case scenario then support systems and research would come on leaps and bounds.

Love Twinkle xoxo

thanks so much for sharing belinda , i have read a little but saved it in my favs for later when have done the saturday kiddy thing !
i love to read articles like this and had no idea there was a online mag .
thanks again love Tracy 1964 xx

THANK YOU Belinda,
Thanks for telling us about this site. I thoroughly enjoyed it and
have saved it to my favorites to read regularly.
The articles are interesting and topical

We are all in the same club I really enjoyed the article in the online magazine MAMM - thanks for bringing to the forum. I have recently been told that it appears that I do not have secondaries although this was not the original expecations. Hence I have been on the secondary forum for a while and last night went back to Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

The article really hit home how things are treated so differently depending on whether you are an Early State or Secondaries person. The article made me realise what I already knew, in that you girls are so supportive and knowledgeable and do know now to live with cancer - something that I did not manage over the last six weeks…I hope if my lungs do eventually prove to be secondaries (or infact, if I develop secondaries in the future) that I will be able to adopt some of the survival techniques that lead you all to live as near a normal life as possible.

The article made me feel a bit like a traitor (or bad friend) by going off to another forum, but having been with you for a few weeks, I want to continuing taking inspiration from you all and following your progress.

Much love and good luck to you all.

Hi Heather, I’ve been following your posts, it does sound good news about your lungs. I don’t often use the other forums here as I feel I’m in such a different place. Arimidex has kept my secondaries stable, no progression, no cancer activity, for over 2 years so when I read posts on other forums about joint pains and perhaps giving up on Arimidex I want to type and share how well it’s worked for me. Occasionally I do just that but most of the time I feel it’s not my place to advise. It’s not the same for them as it is me I put up with joint pain because Arimidex is keeping me here.
There’s a big wall, I think, dividing those with primaries and those with secondaries but it’s nice to meet at the wall and have a chat sometimes.
I’ve met up with lots of the girls who post here on Secondaries, some of us meet up regularly, from all corners of the UK. They are all truly inspirational and help me live live well with my cancer.
Take Care Heather…Belinda…xx

when? hi there , when is your next meet up? i live in the channel islands and would love to meet up and say hi . i also posted similer on the yoounger women forum
Love Tracy 64 xx

For Tracy and BCC Moderator. Hi Tracy, we’ve just had a meet, in April, but sure we will meet up again soon.
Hi Moderator would it be okay for you to pass on my email address to Tracy?
Tracy if you receive my email address from the Mod please feel free to drop me a line sometime.

For Tracy…sorry another message! Hi again (!) Tracy. If you check out my profile there’s now a link there you can use to contact me and some of the other ladies here.
Hope this helps.

For tracey1964 I have removed the email address you have posted as personal details are not allowed to be posted on the site for your safety and security.

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Hi Moderator would you be able to pass on my email address to Tracy if she asked you?

Dear Belinda I am sorry but we are not able to swap email addresses between users.

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For Moderator and Tracy. Okay thanks for getting back to me Moderator.
Hi Tracy one of the ladies I know from these forums has told me you use the forums. I’ve just sent you a private email there.
Hope it reaches you okay. Belinda…x

Hi belinda
thanks so much for putting the really helpful website on this site, it has really helped me understand my friends reaction to my recent diagnosis and also my reaction to letting friends who have primary know about me. I feel totally out of all groups at the moment as being regional spread and there being very little information about it makes me feel in no man’s land. while I realise I am lucky (!) it feels a very lonely place to be. i find the contributions made by everyone so helpful but I am always on the outside looking in. and dont feel I can really contribute anything helpful. Have been feeling poorly for the last two days cant put my finger in it really but hardly able to go to Doctor and say that. I did have a fab macmillan nurse for 7 years but she has moved to another area and dont feel I can talk to the temporary person that is in her place at the moment. I’m sorry I’m coming across as a real misery and eveyone else is so up beat.

Thanks once agin for your posts


Hi Mollie, I’ve just read your profile and wondered if you are still taking Arimidex? It’s worked so very well for me for over 2 years now so hope you are having the same results.
Also I’ve been to Sidmouth and my Sister goes there for a break at least twice a year.!!.she would love to move there eventually.
Hope today is a better day for you.

It was a website Belinda added to her profile not an email address :frowning: What a shame you are preventing users chatting off board.

Message for Mollie I think I know what you mean about no man’s land. I’m in it too with a regional recurrence.

Many thoughts on this and the v. interesting article Belinda has posted…in a bit of a rush now, but this is just to say Mollie that yes I think I kow how you might be feeling…

You can contact me through another site where I have the same username. Its


Contact buttons:moderator Once again I am so frustrated by the lack of contact buttons. How many more times do some of us have to raise this issue or are you planning to bring them back when those of us who can remember their importance first time round are all dead??

I hate having to send other people off to another site (which I like less than this one) just to get an e-mail contact from me.

When oh when is the update on improvements ot the site happening.


Wasn’t something promised a while ago re contact buttons and improvements?
It was a long while ago though. As Jane has pointed out a few months is a long time when you’re wanting to talk to others in the same boat. Yes we can talk here but anyone can read our messages so it limits (for me anyway) the contents of my posts. Yes we can discuss treatments but it’s how this illness affects our minds which is as (and sometimes more) important. Those thoughts and feelings cannot always be shared with all on the world wide web. I would not be coping as well as I am at the moment if I’d not made good friends with others when the good old contact buttons were working.