Itchy Bum

I swear I swear, I have not got a fixation with embarrassing side effects, honest! But since I did one about botty burps and one about smelly weewe I might as well go for the hat trick and do one about bottoms. I have an itchy bum (as in my back passage as opposed to my bum-cheeks) it is really annoying when i go to the toilet (oh and I heard chemo makes you constipated, not in my house) as tissue paper is a bit scratchy and makes it worse. I know when they give you anti-sickness steroid in hospital just before they start the FEC, this can make your backside tickle but the nurse said if that happens they just know to be a bit slower on the old plunger, she never said anything about it continuing at home and I am not taking any kind of tabs. I thought of using sudocrem as it’s soothing. Anyone else know about this? I did make a chili on Friday night but I am no stranger to chili burn being a lover of spicy food and it is not the same.

I would say I am blushing but I think with chemo there is little room for personal embarrassment :frowning:

hi Clarabel
i suffered with irritation mid-way through first chemo cycle, and asked my GP about it.He gave me cream for thrush, as that can be a cause. I actually found mine cleared up by itself after three days anyway, but at the time it really annoyed me.( that’s an understatement, it kept me awake a couple of nights ).
So, may be worth asking your GP.
Hope you get it sorted!
Ann G

I have some thrush cream actually so i will give it a try, it is not affecting my lady area so I never thought about thrush.


You have my sympathy - I have not had this problem but did suffer the issue with a thrush like itch in my ‘lady area’ as you put it which stayed for the duration of my period, 2 months in a row - it stopped immediately the bleeding stopped. Mentioned this to the BCnurse at the rads unit and she said it is most likely hormonal. My period is due to start in the next couple of days so I wait in anticipation.

Hi, Clarabel, this isn’t funny at all is it, but you are keeping me going today! Might you have a little pile? In which case anusol is your friend.

Hi Cryst - er, yes I do have a little pile, it has been there for years and never given me any probs so I never did anything about it. I will ask the chemist for Anusol.

And I do not mind if my embarrassing side effects make other people chuckle, laughter is the best medicine and all that.

Oh here’s another one… last weekend my best friend came to stay, I have a one bed flat and we have been friends since we were children so no issues sharing the bed, but I warned her about my windypops and she said whatever, if I had to do one it is better out than in. On the Sunday morning I did a CRACKING one, I swear it lasted more than 5 seconds and changed note at least 3 times. I was not sure whether she was awake yet (although more than likely after that little episode) but I said excuse me anyway. and she said “oh was that you, I thought it was your door squeaking!”

lol - sorry to laugh - at least your friend is very understanding.

Hi, I’ve been suffering in a similar sort of way, but have found that Ground Arrowroot works for me. I take a small teaspoon in the morning mixed with squash and that seems to have helped with my wind and also has firmed my number 2’s up. It is an old fashioned remedy but perfectly natural. Arrowroot is normally in the home baking aisle as you can use it as a setting agent for flans etc. Hope this helps

ooh, Arrowroot is also quite good for nausea I think? I remember having Arrowroot biscuits on the cross channel ferry when I was a kid. although I bet someone will now say the biscuits are no good for the bumbum troubles.

The other one I know of for itchy bum, which is also known as pruritus anus I think is pro biotics, although I’d ask onc if they’re OK.

I know that antibiotics almost decimate your good bactria in the gut leaving you with thrush. I had this happen early last year. So I started making my own easiyo yogurt and every time there’s a little trouble eat that for a week. I have yogurt but it works so well that I don’t hate it that much.

I also use these aloe vera wet wipes made by a company called earth friendly kids. They’re brill especially if you’re a bit delicate.

Oh and I found baths soothing too.

I have used a cucumber facial cleansing wipe and that was nice and cooling (I first experimented with them after developing a love of hot chillies LOL)

I love yoghurt so I will give it a go. Any excuse to make tzatziki :slight_smile:

Hi clarabel34,
I Had the same thing after my 3rd Chemo.I had it from front to back and developed raised lumps which eventually cracked open which was really sore. Tried Lanacane and Anusol which didn’t help much.It all went after a few days.I never want that again though.Every time I have my Chemo(now on 5th)I say to myself ‘I wonder what lovely side effect I’m going to get this tim?’
Alli x

BTW the yogurt needs to be live, very alive preferably.

That horrible prickly sensation when getting chemo, oooh I remember it well. I used to nearly jump off the seat. I likened it to having a big thistle rubbed back and forth down below for about 5 minutes. I hated it.
One of the nurses said that one old lady loved it and said it was the best feeling she had for years. Each to their own I suppose !!!.

Clarabel , I know i shouldnt laugh at peoples problems but your postings are very funny. Oh and even if you havent got piles, heomoroid creams sometimes help with an itchy botty. Some people use it on their crows feet ( I kid you not ).
Hope it gets better soon
Love Andrea x


I had a little pile that gave me an itchy bum hole…easily dealt with though with annusol :slight_smile:

Good luck lynnc

I got some anusol ointment today. I thought, well if I don’t like it i can stick it up my arse. I have now done that and I got the windypops feeling just afterwards and thought oh great, I can’t do a bottom burp just yet but then I got sidetracked with something else and the feeling’s gone, hooray. I hope the cream will help with the itch even if piles were NOT the problem.

I will NOT be using it on my face if I ever get crows feet LOL.

Conversely, would Oil of Olay have worked on my bum?

Hey you may get the smoothest bum crack going ha ha

Thrush cream, aloe vera loo roll and big knickers does it for me.

i don’t own any big knicks :frowning:

I favour Boots’ own brand cucumber cleansing wipes when I have a sore arse from too much chilli but they are not flushable. I will see how the anusol cream works, what a horrid brand name. Did they miss the E off the end of it do you think?

PS my lady area is a bit sore due to frequent weeing as this means more tissue paper down below, any brands that are kinder without causing thrush, I use andrex but it feels like sand paper now.

well I just thought I would let you know that my period arrived … and so did the itch! That’s 3 months in a row and what the hell is the story with me still aving periods … I’ve got tamoxifne to stop them AND a mirena coil … and still they arrive, I think they just do it to annoy me!

Love the comment about where you could stick the anusol clarabel!