Itchy Bum

To come off a thread with a smile on your face is certainly a compliment to the writer, I now look for your name as well as the topic knowing that even on a serious subject you will see the funny side - brill.
Keep it up

i am gonna go outside to the garden if I can fit my head thru the door

thank you chick xx

my hubby suffers in that region and when it’s bothering him tells me he’s got dinosaur bottom again - aka megasorearse :slight_smile:


You asked the question “I hope nobody thinks I am lowering the tone of this board into the gutter but my filthy sense of humour is all that gets me through this” so hope you won’t mind me saying that personally I don’t like reading filthy & obscene comments in the serious forums here. I know we can all block certain forums, and many do with the chit chat & fun one. But the main forums most of us want to read I think without this sort of stuff. Give me humour any time, but good clean stuff preferably.


Hi all

Can I please remind everyone to be careful of the language and tone used when posting and remember that the forums are a place for everyone to come to support each other.

Best wishes


I am actually mortified that the worst of my side effects are all lavatorial and if anyone is offended by me discussing them on here then I will save my questions for my oncologist in the future and keep my own experiences to myself irrespective of whether I might make other people realise that they are not alone in what is happening to them, god forbid ONE person has said they took offence to something I wrote whereas countless people have thanked me for giving them a laugh when they were otherwise in the depths of despair. If people do not like discussing their bodily functions or reading about other people’s well there is a clue in the title about what the thread might be about. Personally I have always been too busy getting on with my life than to take offence at someone discussing their bodily functions, even more so now I have had a dread disease and am my body is conspiring against me, priorities and all that. OK so I made what I thought was a lighthearted comment about offering my partner something that I would not normally allow and which good girls would not even think of. Fine, I offended someone, sorry. I will leave it here. I wish everybody all the best.

Lighten up dawnhc, clarabel has given me and many others something to smile about. Give her a break.


Please dont consider leaving this thread, its far more important that you make us all laugh and cheer us up with your brialliant sense of humour, as you say the clue is in the title if people dont want to read it they are not being forced to. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.



I love this thread - it’s a giggle a post

OOoooo ive got some annusol left over …not suffering with itchy bum hole with taxotere like i did with the FEC so maybe i should try it on my crows feet cause this bloody chemo craps making me look 101 not 31!

Im high on me steriods so power to the chemo ladies im going for a kip im knackered but now dreaming of a smooth looking face!

lynnc xx

Sorry didnt read the posts above about this thread…is a serious thread and fun too we NEED it and DERSERVE IT!

I do mind my p’s and q’s on here best I can but you cant stiffle character sorry its all some of us have.

Night to all ladies x

I don’t post on this forum very often, but I do come here for support and humour. I would like to add my support to dawnhc. I’m always up for a laugh, but I would draw the line at offensive and crude inuendo and langauge.

I think this could get out of hand and can see both points of view.I am not a prude by any stretch but would not post anything I think may offend.We all have our own threshold and that is hard to define without knowing someone personally.We have our own ways of dealing with this trauma but by coming here we still need to respect others points of view and post accordingly.
Humour is a great healer and by god we need that.

Keep strong ladies and take care


The day i find myself “blocking” chit-chat & fun is the day I give up

Clarabel, i have laughed out loud at all your postings, keep up the hard work, we are all grown up (or supposed to be) and if people take offense or think you have been crude they can always stop reading!!!
anna x x

Hi Clarabel

I too have laughed out loud at your postings - please don’t stop them! I bet you’d be great up on stage doing a ‘Peter Kay’ act - I certainly would pay to see you!!!

Anita xxx


Hope you dont have Marrows growing in your garden ?

love Andrea x

Hi Clarabel

I have restricted myself to using this site only once a week and this thread has had me in hysterics. I have sat hear crying with laughter and can’t wait to tell my hubby about the ‘marmite motorway’, never heard that one before lol. Laughter is the best medicine and it was obvious where this thread was going so if people don’t like it they should stop reading it. Keep up to funnies, its brilliant that you have this wonderful sense of humour with what you are going through at the moment.

Take care.