I've got fuzz...

… it’s multiplying, and It’s looooooooosing control…

Sung to the theme of GRease Lightening from the film Grease…

There has been so long between the last two chemos that I have fuzz…all very excited in this house. My one and a half year old took my scarf off and said in a VERY surprised tone…


She keeps checking my head now to make sure it is still there…LOL

Hey Boo

You have a new meaning for fuzzy head then!!!

Hope your keepin well


Wow great news babyboo. Just goes to show, it does come back fast & furious like they say.

Hope it stays put, till end of treatment, so you at least have head start (excuse the pun).

How’s the weather where you are?


Dont bother answering… I just read your other post!!! LOL


Brrr…chilly…have to scrape the car every morning and have set the motor warmer and inside warmer on timer to make it easier…going to get colder as of tomorrow…actually, I can’t wait for the snow…and the minus 20 degrees…LOL

As soon as my treatment finishes, about 6 dec(last treatment 15 Nov, then 3 week follow up). I will be heading to villa in costa del sol for the winter…Can’t wait!!



I’ve got to share in your good news - mine is growing back too, and we’re very excited here aswell ! Everyday, we all have a check to see how its coming along ! My eyebrows have started appearing aswell, and my eyelashes !! I finished chemo on 31st August, but it’s only started sprouting in the last fortnight.

It’s so exciting, I’m whipping my bandana off at every opportunity to show people - LOL !



I finished my chemo on 30th August and now have a bovver boy look, about quarter inch all over except on the temples which still came out 3 weeks after last chemo. Thats now on its way back too

Sharon x

I have kept a layer of fuzz around the front and back, a little on the sides.

I quite like it actually, not that I don’t want my hair to come back. How long after last chemo does it really start to grow?

Cecelia. x

Can I share in the good news too? I didn’t lose all my hair - I had the Friar Tuck look. Hair is is starting to appear now on the bald areas but I am now losing my fringe and the bits round the edges. My chemo finished unexpectedly early in August because of the multiple problems I had (blod clot and severe neutropenia). Mind you as the new hair is very fair or possibly white, I think it will be quite a while before it is noticeable enough for me to go without my wig!


Oh can’t wait! Last tax today! Am going to start hair hunting in about five weeks! Good for you. Bring on the fuzz!



Last Tax Friday 26th Oct… when can I hair hunt?!

Cecelia. x

Hi Cecelia

I do it all the time anyway. But reckon three weeks before it realises no more hits coming and then two weekks for some fuzz! Or a damn beard!



I’d even welcome the beard! haha!

Actually I really have not missed that wiry singular chin hair I have! But if it means hair on the head, tweezers are at the ready!

Cecelia. x

Yes indeed - me too! Hope the head comes in curly and auburn! Though will probably be dull and grey which it never was. Have always been natural blonde. Before this I thought it was boring, but since so many girls (well women) have said they envied me never having to colour it. “you don’t know what till it’s gone”. But sure will be grateful for anything that comes back!



I finished chemo Sep 14. Can just see hair starting to appear, but some of it is definitely GREY! It wasn’t before. What a bummer. I’m hoping there won’t be too much of it (the grey I mean).


HI Roadrunner

So my six weeks might be about right then? Here’s hoping. Sorry about the grey, but hey, think of the fun you can have colouring it in due course. And not having to worry about the wind removing it!

Love and keep looking


still having chemo but finished epirubicin 6 weeks ago onto cmf now. Was told hair would start to grow back and today was a first real sign of fuzz! except on temples where it seems to be refusing. I too have extra eyelashes and eyebrows, one more than the other!! but definately excited about fuzz. LOL

Now paranoid about bandana rubbing off the new hair, so going commando whilst indoors to encourage it to grown (may be silly but makes me feel i am doing my bit to encourage growth LOL)


Congrats to all fellow 'fuzzers!

It’s just awesome isn’t it when you find that first sprouting of hair, I couldn’t stop looking at mine and touching it!! Mine is now growing so fast its becomming increasingly unruly! I’m having to use serum to try to tame it but not sure how much longer I can control it for!

I’m not complaining though!!!

Take care all,


Mine’s coming in grey too… OK, so I did colour it before, but I didn’t realise I was that grey! Far too young for that, at 44, but I really don’t feel like putting any more chemicals on my scalp… So some folk will get a shock the day I remove my brown wig, to expose a grey head!