January 2019 chemo starters

I don’t think anyone else has started a Jan '19 thread yet so I will.


Just found out I’m starting chemo (4 x AC then 12 x T) on 4 Jan.


I’d love to meet others starting their new year in a similar way!


Well done for starting the thread!  I am sure that you will soon have other ladies join. It’s such a great support as you go through the highs and lows and only ladies going through chemo and other cancer treatments really understand how you are feeling! 

I am part of the April 14 thread and 5 of us are still posting and have supported each other not just through chemo but surgery and radiotherapy! We meet up once a year for a reunion! 

At least you have got Christmas and New Year before you start your treatment, have a good one! ???

Hi B74, I’m sure there will be others joining you soon.  In the meantime here is my story which has lots of tips for getting through chemo which I collected from chatting with others on this forum along the way:  lifeafterlola.com maybe you can get ahead of the game and be ready to pass on some ideas to others as they join the thread.  Please feel free to reshare my blog if you have found it useful.  I do wonder this time of year whether women are less likely to check their breasts and/or put off going to the GP until after Christmas.  I finished 8 rounds of chemo a year ago and I’m pretty much back to “normal” again now.  Just like Rosie, I also keep in touch with my chemo buddies.  It’s a very special friendship.  Best wishes to you and I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year. xxx

Thank you all. I got to the blog by deleting the extra characters that appeared at the end of the address. Lots of helpful info there, thank you.

Gocat - maybe you can be the expert / ‘old hand’ in the Jan group!

Hi I’m new to here too, I’m starting chemo on Friday 21st so before Christmas just wanted to say hello :relaxed:

I’ve been reading the Dec 2018 thread and all the ladies diagnosed way after me who have already started chemo, & I’m not starting til Jan. I’m beginning to feel worried about the delay (while also kind of grateful to have a normal Christmas). Is it normal to wait 8 weeks after surgery to start??

Hello B74. I’m in Dec chemo thread. I had my op end Sep and started chemo just over 10 weeks. I’d read/heard the guideline is before 12 weeks post op, so at 8 you’re well within. Know the waiting is tough when you just want to get on with it but enjoy your Xmas and New Year. Best wishes KC72

I am new here and due to start Chemo in January. Hello all January chemo starters ?. I had a diep flap with immediate reconstruction on the 20th November. Unfortunately my pathology report was worse than anticipated and I now have to have chemo. I am still healing from surgery but hope I don’t have to wait until mid Jan for Chemo, early January would be better. Delays can be detrimental… looking forward to connecting with you all during this horrendous journey. I guess I am looking for any Chemo tips, what to put in the freezer in advance and is it a good idea to get a juicer?
Happy/sad Christmas ladies. X

I’m new here too.  I start my chemo on 7th January - Taxol for 12 weeks and 3-weekly Herceptin for a year.


I went for the talk at the hospital this afternoon and came away with so much info to read.  The nurses were lovely and kept trying to feed me lemon cake.


I had my flu jab last Saturday and have developed an impressive cough.  Fingers crossed it’s gone by Christmas.

Hi Sunnydaze and DebsE, I think that makes 3 of us now starting in Jan.

Kc72 - thanks for the reminder about the 12 weeks guideline, I think I read that a while ago but had forgotten.

Sunnydaze - I’m sorry about your pathology result and finding out you need chemo. My report wasn’t a surprise & I was fully expecting to need chemo, but still burst into tears when they confirmed it!

DebsE - good that your nurses were lovely, that has got to help when it comes to starting treatment.

My info session isn’t until the 28th. In the meantime I’ve been doing way too much research - side effects, all the hints & tricks, preparation & packing lists, & have gone & stocked up on all kinds of stuff (Biotene toothpaste, soft toothbrushes, moisturiser, scarves, waterproof mattress protectors… you name it). It’s almost like I’m preparing for the end of the world! I guess we all have different ways to deal with the anxiety. I wish though that I could just forget about chemo for a couple of weeks and enjoy myself.

Hi Ladies
Thank you for your replies. Loved the link to your blog Mai74. Thank you for posting. Invaluable tips! I wish you nothing but the best on your road to wellness. Thank you also B74 for starting this thread, I hope we can get to know each other a little more.It sounds like you read a lot too and have really organised your self. I really now must do the same.
I met with my Onc today and hopefully I will be starting the dreaded chemo in early January. I had to push for this because they were suggesting mid Jan and Chemo is more effective if given as early as possible. I had to wait a Massive 105 days to surgery. Not good…and now I need chemo. I wonder why!!! Nothing to do with the delay of time to surgery they tell me ? yeah right! Welcome to NHS Scotland…
So, today I managed to secure a meeting with the chemo nurses for a pep talk on Monday and hopefully a heart scan very soon after Christmas and Chemo hopefully very soon after that. The Onc gathered that I would not tolerate any further delay given my delay to surgery . It’s a shame I had to threaten them with contacting my MP to bring my chemo date forward. Anyway, I don’t want to have to do this. I want to put all of my energy into getting well again.
So here we are and I am trying to be as positive as possible between the tears ! I am looking after myself as well as I can . I am glad we have Christmas to enjoy ladies, something good to focus on.?
I am interested in nutrition and I follow an American Nutritionist on Facebook called Cancer Dietician, Cancer Services. I find her information to be very interesting and really worth listening to some of her webinvars. Good sensible information. She busts lots of myths and is both practical and realistic about healthy eating through cancer and beyond. I recommend if you’re interested.
I also have a cookery book which has lots of recipes called eating through cancer. The recipes are based really for an American palate, so not things we would automatically cook, but loads of brilliant information on things to eat through nausea, sore mouth etc. I think this book will be useful both to me and those cooking for me over the coming months. One of the recommendations was to use this mouth wash after every meal to help with a sore mouth. I teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, a wee bit of salt all dissolved in water, so I might well try that to preserve the old gums.
In the meantime ladies.
Enjoy your Christmas the best you can.
Love and light Xxxx

Hi Sunnydaze, wow that’s a really long wait for surgery, how horrific! I can understand you not wanting to wait a moment longer. I am also really interested in nutrition & will check out the dietician on Facebook and the cookbook you recommend (I’m a bit of a sucker for cookbooks!!), I already bought “The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen” by Rebecca Katz which has some really tasty recipes (I’ve already tried some). It’s not totally plant based as some people recommend (she includes chicken & eggs for example), but I’m vegetarian so I just ignore the chicken recipes. I’m also planning to fast 48 hours before & 24 hours after each infusion of AC - it’s not for everyone I know but is meant to help a lot with reducing side effects (protecting healthy cells) and maybe increasing the effectiveness of the chemo.
Anyway we’re currently on our way (1.5 hours into a 6 hour drive!) to spend a week at the in-laws, and I swore I was going to put thoughts of chemo aside for a few days to enjoy the break, but here I am still reading the forums! ?

Hi B74 and everyone else! A bit late to this thread as only found out on Wednesday when I would be starting and snap we are chemo twins as I too am starting on 4th of Jan. I had my first op on 30th of Oct and then needed a mx 28th of Nov with a tissue expander for now.

Look forward to learning, sharing and smiling with you all over the coming months!

This is quite useful. Again American skin care products, but definitely a few inexpensive products here that I may find useful.

Blimey, I am now starting my chemo on the 28th December. I think due to my long delay in surgery, they didn’t want to delay my chemo. My protesting finally worked. Now I’m in a bit of a panic about starting chemo, not knowing how I will be on this unknown journey. At least now it will finish sooner. 3x FEC and 3xT.

And hi G - what treatment are you having?

I’m getting 4 x AC (doxorubicin & cyclophosphamide) then 12 x Taxol. I can’t believe it’s only 1 week til we start (eeeeek)

Just had a similar conversation…this time next week…eek! I would rather it be here now to be honest, I am not good with waiting.
I am having 4x EC (epirubicin & cyclophosphamide)
and 4x TAX so I guess we will have different experiences due to different drugs but emotionally with you all the way!! Looking at everyone’s post so far we are all different. Anyone else noticed if on similar combinations to anyone?
Also is anyone else cold capping? I am going to have a go as have two girls who are very scared of seeing mummy with no hair but I am under no illusion that it is not a miracle worker?

Hi everyone
I had my first chemo today and it was a positive experience. The build up and anxiety beforehand was probably the worst. I have been prescribed double doses of anti sickness medicine and so far it is working well and I have managed to eat roast chicken dinner tonight. Goodness knows how I will feel when the feel good drugs wear off, but tonight at least I feel good.
Take care ladies. Fear is half the battle and no matter how bad the day is, there is always something positive to be found, even if it’s only tiny.
Love ?to you all, Sunnydaze xx

Well done sunnydaze, that is brilliant news! I hope tomorrow and the next few days continue to be kind to you ?