Hi joined today so just starting to learn what is available 

Had my first chemo yesterday 13th but due to admin cock ups i won’t get my PICC line until next Weds.

Yesterday was the beginning of P 12 weeks/4 cycles before I move on to EC. I had my breast surgery in April but they had some worrying results so 2 weeks ago I had ovaries and tubes removed and they found a new but different cancer there so I will have hormone treatment for that after Radiotherapy. Long road ahead but hoping for a long life when it’s all over and grateful for the initial mammogram that started this process.

The hardest part is that apart from post operative I have not had a days sickness with this since the start, it just doesn’t make sense to feel so well!!!

I was given a thick book from Cancer research that takes the form of a diary. I think it’s a good idea but would rather have the portability of a diary on my phone. Does anyone know of a good app they would recommend? Would prefer one that has a UK bias but know that’s not easy to find.

Not very social media chatty but will definitely be checking up the posts.

Great to have a group of people who understand.


Welcome to the forum . If you follow the link below it will take you to the July starters thread where you will get lots of support . Best wishes Jill x