June 2024 chemo starters

I had my picc line fitted on Friday and I’m not quite used to it yet ! I think it’s the fact that my right side still feels odd after my mastectomy and node removal so now my left side also feels odd. I’m running out of parts of my body that feel ok !

I guess it’s just another thing to live with…not sure how to cover it on a hot day but I have to tell myself that it’s all temporary and I will feel normal again one day!!!

Hope everyone ok … after treatment and prepping for this week. xx :two_hearts:

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Hi @donna_51 … aww I get that … it’s hard but like you say only temporary :smiling_face: I’m hoping by the time the hot weather comes my confidence will have grown to the point that I don’t care when I go out, at the moment I do feel a bit self conscious … but like my partner says if anyone has a problem with it … it’s theirs not mine and I shouldn’t care what they think!

But I suppose all that will come with time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Good luck with it all xx


@charlie22 @donna_51 thanks for your replies and for the links - will definitely check them out. I was actually feeling ok sleeping now after my lumpectomy but I guess that’s about to change again :woman_facepalming: As you say though, we just need to remind ourselves it’s not forever.x



I am a June chemo starter. It has all happened pretty fast as I was only diagnosed on 16 May and had my first round of chemo on 5th June. Don’t feel like it has hit me emotionally yet as I just have not had time to do anything but go with the process.

I am 42, married to an extremely supportive husband, no children, but a fur baby. I have two grade 3 Tumours that were 38mm, and a 16mm, and one giant lymph node that I know about so far. Have a follow up ultrasound this week with the breast clinic, which I am hoping it to clip the lymph node, and it is not to tell me they have found more.
It’s hormone negative, but hers2 positive and I am to have TCHP for 6 cycles at 3 weekly intervals.

I am managing ok so far after my first round. Not had any nausea, but struggled with sleep with the steroids, and then when they wore off of day 3, I then had a few really unpleasant days of discomfort and the feeling of a hangover that just won’t go away. Am my tastebuds feel numb, so food if far less appealing

I went with the cold cap, so will see how much hair I keep.
I have seen a lot of good studies on the benefits of exercise (survival, recovery etc), so went for my first post chemo run today. It was 15min and super slow, but I did it.


Hi @lea1357 … welcome to the group, like a previous poster said we really are a young bunch this time!

It must be all such a whirlwind for you right now … I still finding it surreal and I’ve had a few more weeks to get my head round it!

Your post is full of positives though and how fab you managed a run! Are you a runner anyway? I like to walk but have really let that slide last few weeks so you’ve inspired me to get going again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@lea1357 welcome … what a fab group!!! Glad your first session went well & a run, well done you!!! I’m feeling pretty normal today so technically week 1 is odd (I was also v restless on the steroids!) and week 2, ok. If it stays that way, I’d be ok!!! I’m doing every 2 weeks so we’ll see.

What’s your fur baby? We have a white Labrador called Spud… v enthusiastic about life… more so than my 2 boys but I guess they are mostly teenagers!

Hope everyone doing ok xx

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Hi @donna_51,

Yes, very much hoping things start to improve from here. The lack of taste is the worst, and not sure how quickly that improves.

We have a 3 year old snow Bengal cat. She is full of personality. I would describe a Bengal as somewhere between a cat, a dog and a toddler! She is harness trained and does some tricks, like high fives.
We would love a dog, but have never been home enough. I grew up with Labs! :slight_smile:


Hi all - adding another count to the young bunch here! 30, invasive ductal, ER PR+ starting neo-adjuvant chemo this month. Diagnosed early May and just finished fertility preservation last week and straight on to the Zoladex shot on Monday.

Getting a double whammy for my first one with port fitting and straight onto my first chemo in the same day on Wed 19th June. I think my oncologist is putting me onto an intense regiment with 4 x EC every 2 weeks and 12 x Paclitaxel weekly.


Welcome @akioqey … you’re in a good company with our June group. Hope you’re doing ok. Hope the fertility treatment went well. Keep on posting here for support, questions, ranting, anything. We all get it xx


Hey @akioqey, hope you’re doing ok…

Sounds intense but at least you get the port fitted and one session down all in the same day. I’m currently in my second (of 12) Paclitaxel sessions. 15minutes left to go and counting! Though it’s generally been fine this week.

You got this! Let us know how you get on :muscle: xx


Just have start date of 27th, I’m a little anxious but ready all these entries does help.


Welcome @toffee … good to have a date. I sort of relaxed a bit once I had a plan! Enjoy the rest of the month. Treat yourself to some lovely things whilst you wait for D day!!

@kcg0610 how is the pax? Weekly? Is that in the hospital? I’m having x 4 later on but every 2 weeks. Interesting how everyone seems to have slightly different regimes.

I’m doing well this week … feel normal, almost like I imagined last weeks feeling bleurghh and out of sorts. So fingers crossed, the first few days are rough but it gets easier. We’ll see!!!

Good luck to anyone else starting this week :two_hearts:

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Hello to all the new joiners. It really does help being able to chat with other people going through this experience. We will get through it together. :muscle:

I’m off to get my PICC line fitted this morning. Bit anxious about that. Had my few weeks of ‘normality’ back at work after surgery now it’s all starting to feel a bit real again. Have my first EC session tomorrow. Got 3 of those every 3 weeks before I then move on to 3 Docetaxel. @donna_51 glad to hear you’re still doing ok after your first session - this is giving me hope!x😉


I’m having the same treatment as you. I don’t start until 25th with pre assessment on 24th. Good luck.

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Yes weekly pax in hospital. It’s ok thanks @donna_51! Well for now… 10 to go. The doctor did say effects are cumulative so we will see. It’s been described to me as being slightly easier on the system than all of the other chemo cocktails so I am feeling for those who have to have this plus other drugs.

It is interesting seeing everyone else’s regimes - my prosigna genetic assay came back at the very low end of intermediate risk for recurrence (grade 2 35mm invasive ductal carcinoma main tumour - with other 6/7mm cancerous spots present, no BRCA genes). So after a discussion about treatment options, my oncologist and I agreed this regime was right for me, along with at least 5 years of hormone therapy. Here’s hoping it all works!

Has anyone picked up any handy tips/advice to control the fear and anxiety of recurrence/spread?

Glad to see you’re doing well too this week @donna_51! :heart:

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Thank you! Managed to harvest 7 mature eggs to be frozen. The actual pre-process itself was harder than the extraction with me having to inject myself day and night to induce my ovaries to produce more eggs. My husband is super scared of needles so I had to do it all myself! I’m glad to have found this group, makes me feel less alone going through this x


I know the feeling about trying to “enjoying” thr normality of work between surgery & starting chemo…

I start my first chemo session tomorrow so ive got a day of jobs lined up today…
Smear test - lets be honest notbthe worst thing in the world now!
Getting my eyebrows micro powdered!!

Anyway happy Thursday lovely ladies xx

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Thanks, oncology suggested I buy my wig now so thats what I’m doing, trying to have bit of fun with grown up daughters who have also bought one. I’m a little anxious but also want to get going too…

Good luck everyone… one step closer to this all being in our past!

Fertility treatment sounds rough … but fab that you got 7 eggs. That’s your future there.

I have a plan with my various wigs (all 2nd hand) and hats/scarves… in theory, I have 14 more hospital visits with chemo and picc line flushing etc… so I’m planning on a different ‘look’ for each visit. I’m sure I won’t be this upbeat when my hair actual falls out (possibly next weekend after round 2) but at the moment I think I may as well have a bit of fun with it and try to lighten my mental load a bit. Who knows, I may get inspiration for a new hairstyle in my future as I’ve had straight mum hair for years now!!!

Keep going June team xx


@donna_51 just wanted to say how lovely and positive all your posts are for everyone and how beautifully and eloquently you write… they really do bring a smile to my face! So thank you :smiling_face: