June 2024 chemo starters

This topic is for anyone starting chemo in June 2024 to share thoughts and feelings in a supportive environment.

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Hello Future Summer Ladies!!!

I’m starting 4 x EC then 4 x Pax on the 4th June. Have already had a mastectomy and full node removal in April.

I’m 51, have 2 boys (14 & 12) … this year has been hell so far and although I’m terrified of chemo and what’s to come, I’m also (sort of!) looking forward to just getting on with it all so that I can get my life back on track … even if it’s a different track!!!

Looking forward to supporting each other xx


I am due to start chemotherapy next month, sometime in the middle. I am now entering the unknown, after weeks of tests and lots of needles being stuck in me, I can finally breathe until my start date.
Not sure how I feel, but I am glad to know this forum exists and I can read other people’s stories as I go on and we can all go on together :blush:


@itsjustme81 lovely to ‘meet you’ … I’ve had a bit of a break before starting chemo, mainly so we could go on our planned family holiday but also so that I could breathe a bit. It’s definitely helped … I’ve attended some feel good look better courses, have my wig appointment tomorrow, been on lots of dog walks etc… I’m not prepared really but I feel slightly stronger to deal with it all.

We can get through this … the June group will help us through :kissing_heart:


Hi, haven’t posted on here before but was pleased to come across this thread. Got 6 sessions of chemo starting on 13 June (they’re letting me go to my Pet Shop Boys concert on 6 June first - having to cancel my holiday but can at least still have this!) I’m currently 6 weeks after a lumpectomy. Will also be having radiotherapy after on the lymph nodes. Bit nervous about what the next few months will be like.


@wjs nice of you to join us!!! My onc also let me start later so we could have our holiday, he said I look like I needed it. I’m going to enjoy it :partying_face: So glad you have your concert … dance and enjoy … whatever comes next will be manageable for us all xx



I will be starting chemo on 14 june.
3 x EC every 3 weeks and the 9 x P every week.

I had my surgery on 20th April - ER +, PR +, HER2 neg, Grade 3 thankfully my nodes were clear.

Im 43 with a 10yr boy & 9yr girl.

Feeling very overwhelmed & surreal & tired all at the same time!!!


Hello everyone, lovely to be a part of such a strong group!

I’m starting 12 x Paclitaxel weekly chemo sessions starting next week. I’m 6 weeks post-mastectomy and reconstruction, ER+, HER2-, grade 2, no spread to lymph nodes after biopsy. I had my chemo port fitted a few days ago.

And as I’m 29, engaged (with a wedding booked for 15 weeks time… eek!) my partner and I have just completed fertility preservation (ivf). Plan would have been to try for a family this year but the universe had other things in mind!

Like others have said, I’m scared but soooo looking forward to getting at least half of the sessions down so we can get the countdown on!!


Welcome to the group @bettyb24 and @kcg0610 … it’s gonna be a long summer!!! But it will be nice to do this ‘together’.

@bettyb24 how are your kids taking it? My 12 year old boy is autistic so isn’t quite getting it (I guess nothing has really happened yet apart from my surgery) and my 14 year old is really worried about me being physically sick and having no hair! Either way … I’m dreading them being dragged into this with me - I almost wish I could live by myself for 4/5 months!!!

@kcg0610 … you are so young !!! But how lovely to be engaged and have a wedding to look forward to + a future filled with children too. How have you been coping mentally all this?

And everyone else … keep posting… it makes you feel less alone being here :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


So here we are in June and heading towards our start dates. Hope everyone is doing ok. I have my appointment with the chemo nurses next Friday to find out more info. I had a chat with a BCN nurse yesterday re the hair issue. I have long hair and from things I’ve read am thinking it’s a good idea to cut it shorter so it’s not so heavy in case I have the cold cap option but also because I’ve heard it’s less stressful if it’s shorter when it starts to fall out. Anyone else with long hair have any thoughts on this and anyone considering giving the cold cap a try?


@wjs I’m not going to cold cap as I personally don’t want another thing to stress about. My onc said it only works in 1/4 people so I’m not keen + want to be out of the hospital asap after each treatment. I have below shoulder hair which I’m actually going to cut/shave today. It will be :cry::cry::cry: but it’s easier to see less hair fall out than loads + easier for my boys to get used to mummy being different!
It may be silly but I also want to be a different person going through this - I have found some crazy clothes hidden in my back of my wardrobe that I’m going to wear to each appointment and have chosen a few 2nd hand wigs that are different from my normal hair. I guess it’s a way of trying to distance myself from this … probably not the best approach but I’m going with it for now!!!
What’s everyone else thinking??


Totally get that. I guess by facing the hair issue from the start you can then adapt to the ‘temporary’ new you whether that be wigs, head coverings etc without waiting for it to go. I know it’s random with the cold cap. My brother’s friend has used it and hers has only thinned. I guess I’ll find out more on Friday and decide what to do, but in the meantime I think I’m going to get it cut shorter. Good luck with your hair cut/shave and your first session and hope your boys are doing ok. I’m 51 and have 2 boys as well but mine are 19 and nearly 17. So I guess a bit easier to talk things through with them and they also have female friends who they have been be to talk to who have knowledge of family going through breast cancer which has been a help for them too.x


Hi I have been very up and down since Friday. I had my heart checks (told I had a leaky valve apparently loads of people have it but dont know until something like this is done). Anyway all clear to start chemo on Thursday 6th June. Having a portacath fitted on Wednesday 5th in prep for thursday. Im anxious about it as sedation doesnt usually work for me so I need to ask for lots of it and hope I dont feel it being fitted. Chemo 9am Thursday. I am cold capping although not holding out much hope but you never know. Ive had a wig appointment too just in case. My hair has been cut shorter into a bob but I am hoping it just thins. 4 x EC and 4 x Paclitaxel every 2 weeks


Lots to get our heads round isnt there…

My little girl has taken the chemo news quite hard - we have tried to explain in simple terms but I’m struggling to accept this is happening so I’m not surprised at 9 years old she is struggling. My little boys hasnt said a lot - he’s 10.

I’m not cold capping - I’ve always had fine hair so expect it to fall out and I think it would upset my little girl more. So I’m cutting it off too - I’m going to donate it to a children’s wig charity.

I think I will get a port put in this week too before I start on 14 June.

I need to tell work tomorrow too…


Hi Everyone
I start my chemo journey on the 25th June. I’m 48, married and have a 15 year old daughter in Year 10. I’m a science teacher.
I discovered a lump on the same day as my father in law died, so we went from one trauma straight into another. Lumpectomy went well but getting results back didn’t. It’s seems like all I’ve done in 2024 is wait. Eventually I found out that I only had a 3.5mm invasive cancer but that it was triple negative and so now I will be doing 6 sessions of preventative chemo followed by radiotherapy. I’m dreading it!
Like lots of ladies on here, it’s lovely to know there’s lots of us out there, supporting each other. We can do this!


Know how you feel with everything happening at once. Lost my dad end of last year then diagnosed with this January. Keeping my fingers crossed for a bit of good look after all this treatment is done! Anxious to get my appointment done on Friday to find out more about my chemo treatment and what to expect.x


@smt sounds like you have the same treatment plan as me but I start tomorrow. I’ve just been blubbing on my dog walk, absolutely terrified of it all but at the same time want to get it started, such mixed emotions all the time… it’s exhausting not knowing how you’re going to feel at any one point!

@bettyb24 good luck with telling work - what do you do? Will you have to have time off? I work from home as a self employed bookkeeper so I’m planning to keep on working as it’s really flexible (+ I have lots of dream holidays in my head now so I need to earn to pay for them). Your children will adapt… just be open with them in a child friendly way. My two are okayish with everything so far and both understand that this is to ensure I’m ‘not dead’ as they keep on saying. That makes me cry and laugh at the same time!

@alig1961 so stressful for you and awful timing. How is your daughter coping? My son is in Y9 and is struggling with the hair thing more than anything…my hubby hacked it all yesterday (more blubbing!) and he was horrified but at the same time said ‘it’s better to be bald than dead’ so he gets it ! Have you told work yet too?

And everyone else … keep posting. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow as I think I’m the first up … gulp… positive vibes needed !!! xx


Hi. Thanks for the message. My daughter is good. She is very practical in her thinking. She’s found eyelashes for me and has done some of her own research for anti sickness sweets. Bless her. It’s a shame that she has to sit her year 10 mock exams just as I start chemo :pensive:.


Forgot to wish you good luck for tomorrow. Let us know how you get on. Big hugs :hugs:


Best wishes to all of you starting your treatment this month.

I found the anticipation of the treatment far worse than the actual process. I remember blubbing in the phlebotomist office beforehand.

Those of you with long hair that are thinking about cutting it off before starting have you thought about donating it to somewhere like the Little Princess Trust https://www.littleprincesses.org.uk/ You might need to find a sympathetic hairdresser to do the cut.