JUNE radiotherapy anyone?

I know, I know, I’m writing this on 6 th May, and the May people are busily getting on with their rads…but I had my start date today of June 1st ( pre rads appointment 16th May) and wanted to start the thread in advance. Anyone joining me?



Hi I start mine on 25th May, I am having 25 rads. My planning session in Weds 11th.


Good luck 



I’ll be dropping into both threads - I start 25 May and finish 15 June. Had my CT scan, planning and tattoos so I’m ready to go!!

Hi all
I am really please you have started this thread Charys thanks.
I have my last chemo on 17th May followed by my pre rads appointment on 25th May with 1st of 15 rads on 15th June. I am due to finish on 5th July, day after our grandchild is due. That baby better be late. ?
I had an appointment with my oncologist 2 weeks ago which has left me rather confused. I have a prescription for hormone tablets but no clear date to start them. 1st day of rads last day of rads? I didn’t get a clear answer. I phoned BC nurse but she was vague. I asked for a bone density scan , I already take prescription supplements for bone deteration. I didn’t get any information about that either. What happens after rads? Do I go back to oncology or breast care unit? I have a whole list of questions for when I go to last chemo but as that will be nurse led I don’t think I will get any answers.
If anybody has an idea about the what next issue I would be very interested. I know different areas of the country do it differently but any info would help.
Thanks all

Kayak Jan I was told it was up to me whether I started hormone tabs before or after rads, so started 3 weeks after chemo & before rads, but later read on Liz O’Riordan’s blog (she’s a breast cancer surgeon who has it if you haven’t seen it) that you should start after because there’s some evidence that the more active any residual BC cells are, the more effective the radiotherapy. Good luck everyone. Charys aren’t you having chemo now then? xx

What a result! Really pleased you managed to dodge the chemo bullet. Hope rads & hormone tabs go ok x

Louann, my radiotherapy planning, CT scan and tattoos were absolutely fine - by far the easiest process I’ve had to go through since diagnosis in November :slight_smile: xxx

Hi ladies.  I had 33 rads in Feb and March and hope I can give you some encouragement, especially you, Louann having 25 :frowning:  My rads team were very vigilant re side effects and looked after me really well, staying one step ahead of the side effects.  After week 2 when my stump was swollen and felt bruised, my rads team patch tested my skin and then sprayed my stump with Cavilon, most often used on incontinent bottoms to prevent tissue breakdown!!  It worked very well.  


Half way through they gave me a special dressing called PolyMem which I kept moist with cooled, boiled water and they gave enormous relief from the discomfort I had been feeling.  I doubt I could have completed the course without the PolyMem.  My onc said I had a grade 3 skin reaction and it wasn’t pretty, but healed amazingly quickly once rads were over.  Because I was expecting a bad skin reaction over a long course of rads I decided to always wash my hair separately in the shower by bending forward and leaning over so it was one less chemical for my skin to deal with.  I’ve no idea whether it made a difference,  but I felt I was doing something positive, despite it being a little inconvenient!


From about week 5 I needed a nap every day, but my husband said that being a bit groggy made it easier to bundle me in the car to rads!  I finished rads on the 21st March and we had a long weekend away at the beginning of April and I began to feel much more energetic and more like myself.  I haven’t had chemo, though, so wasn’t starting from that kind of low point.  I kept on using PolyMem until my stump had returned to more or less a normal colour and weaned myself off it - it had become a bit of a security blanket by then!


While 7 weeks of daily trips to the hospital aren’t fun, it was do-able.  I did get tired, but by far the hardest part was all that time to think about why I was doing it and as the physical side effects began to rack up I did feel especially low.  That was the point when it became important to have a good support team around me and to accept I would have to take regular pain meds.  I mostly drove myself for the first three weeks and then the seatbelt became quite uncomfortable and I was finding it hard to concentrate, so then I let other people take over the driving.


I hope my experience helps with the worries that are inevitable ahead of rads.  Don’t be afraid to ask your rads team what else is available to manage your symptoms and skin reactions.  The radiographers have a difficult job - they are working to a tight time schedule and yet dealing with a vulnerable group of people and the good ones get the job done but ensure you don’t feel rushed, especially when you have questions or problems you want to ask them about.  I did take in a lot of home made brownies and cookies for my team, though, so there was an incentive to be extra nice to me :wink:


Tat x




Hi Charys and Louann. I had a mx for a sarcoma in my breast. Sarcomas are aggressive, hence the big hit with rads - 66Gy! I tend to think of my mc as an amputation, Charys, just seems to help mentally,although my OH hates it when I call it my stump :wink:

Hope you both get through your rads with minimal side effects. I recovered much more quickly than I thought I would, so try not to overthink that side of it. My biggest issue now is 3 monthly scans to check for recurrence and mets - standard protocol for sarcomas as they are persistent. Hugs xx

Forgot to say, the consensus re tiredness is hat your body is working hard to repair the damage rads do to the healthy tissue. Add to that the travelling and hanging about, clock watching… All takes its toll xx

Hi All

I may or may not be joining you in June I have MX next Wednesday and if all goes to plan should just start rads mid/end june x so will join in and span June/July and help keep everyones spirits up :slight_smile:

Im Jen I was diagnosed with IDC plus another sma ll tumour in my lymph node in Oct 15 I had 3xEC and 12 weekly paclitaxel as neoadjuvant chemo plus im her2+ so have had 6/18 of those to date. I amhaving an MX and full right ANC on weds next week im expecting about 4 weeks of rads

Love to all

Jen x

Thanks, Charys one NED scan down so far and seeing onc on Friday after MRI last week :o


All the best for your op and rads, JenJen.  I kept a rads countdown calendar.  Unfortunately, it was mostly fairly depressing until the last couple of weeks, but once I could see the finishing line I loved crossing them off!


Take care all xx

Can’t find mine!!!Obviously things have moved on!!!Some hospitals will use inedible pens if you strongly object to the tattoos .

Thanks Charys & Tat xx had daycase so home yesterday … all went well and feeling OK x

Finished chemo today. ? . Rads Ct and marking session next Wednesday. Rads start 15th June. Time to face the next challenge. Well when I get through this last (whoopee) lot of SEs.
Glad to have you all to share this with.
Jan. X

Good luck for tomorrow.
I have my marking up appointment at 10 tomorrow.
Strangely not really bothered yet. Feel as if anything must be easier than chemo.
Here’s hoping for minimal SEs for us all
Sending hugs
Jan. X

hi charys, just popped over from the May thread, zaps are pretty quick, mine took a couple of mins, also had a video screen overhead with relaxing pics & music. Like you, I also found the whole process quite interesting. If they’re running to time, you can be in & out in 10 mins or so.

Hi ladies.  I see some of you have already started rads, some still having planning appts.  I finished my rads in March and have a whole box of R1 gel and 95% of a box of R2 cream going spare.  I didn’t use them because I had a lot of rads and was quickly given a special dressing to help get me through.  If anyone wants the R1/R2, pls send me a PM and we can work out how to get it to you.  


The first rad session is a weird experience but it soon becomes second nature to lie there while you are pushed and pulled into position.  I had some lovely radiographers who shared my sense of humour and even on my lowest days we had a laugh about something or other.  They were always pleased to see me because I regularly took in home made cookies and brownies :slight_smile: Best of luck to you all xxx

Had my first zapping today too (see May Rads) I was cold - the room was freezing!! I have an appointment with the oncologist tomorrow and I’ll know which hormone blocking (?) tablets I’ll be on and presumably get them. I’m going to look at my diet re. Oestrogen too, but first I’m trying to generally up my water drinking and walking / exercise. Think making small changes first will mean I stick to new habits.

Had mark up today and it was definitely more interesting than scary. Got to wear a beautiful hospital gown. To be fair well designed so it could be opened in such away as to only expose the necessary area whilst covering everything else.
Well three weeks now before actual treatment so I am going to try to get some normality back in my life. ? .
Very tired, as usual, so goodnight ladies.
Jan x