JUNE radiotherapy anyone?

Hi Charys

I am starting mine on the 31st May feeling nervous, I would like to share treatment thread with you it will be good to have someone to talk to xx

I had n3 today too - everything looks as it should so far! Been coming home and going for a walk before allowing myself an afternoon nap!! My appointments have been between 9:15 and 10am this week and we’re an hour’s drive away (I’m not driving - way too knackered for that!!) Next week my appointments are 9am and 8:30 on Friday - I’m going to be shattered! At least it’s the weekend and I have Bank Holiday weekend off too :slight_smile:
Take care everyone xxx

Hi all, had my fifth today. Skin seems to look ok, however it is feeling like its tightening up even though I have been moisturising twice a day. I think that perhaps the bra and heavy prosthetic aren’t helping. My arm and shoulder on the side that’s being zapped is also starting to ache a bit more. I had my mx in November and according to the rads staff today I should still be doing my post mx exercises. I do get more sore on my mx side especially if I sleep on it for too long! Good luck to all starting rads next week, have found it so much easier than chemo xx

My sera filled up again so looking like I will be a July girl now …needs to hurry up though im going away in August and want to be done and dusted (apart from herceptin) .

Sissy my BCN said I might be better wearing softie during rads as will be better for skin she said I could wear either though but thought id let you know as maybe swapping to softie for a few days (or even softie in house silicon outside) might help. My friend suggested I just swap bras if I was going out as I tend to wear leggings and a top in the house and get changed into smarter stuff if im going out so it wouldnt be much more effort for me to swap from a softie to silicon too

Jen x

Seroma even …

Ladies someone said a foam one is good during rads x

We all found ourselves much more tired after Herceptin whilst on rads & the one after. Well worth scheduling less that week.  It seems to be the double whammy if the two treatments together.  The next one was perfectly OK again.  My chemo nurses said they had never heard of it, but everyone was affected so it’s definitely reasonably common at least. xx

Charys, honestly you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Good luck tomorrow charys, I was nervous and tearful at my first one, but it was fine. Had my sixth today and I find it quite interesting watching the rads team and listening to them xx

No5 tomorrow. I’m allowed to wash off the daily pen marks as long as I’m gentle. I just shower as normal- sometimes they come off, sometimes they don’t.
Good luck everyone having their first ones this week!

Hi everyone…can i join in the fun & games with you June Rays??..
Decided to go ahead so first one will be Friday…think ive got to do all i can to prevent recurrence, really don’t fancy hosting this b#gger again. Though i don’t mind admitting im scared of the unknown. Mainly cos of my wound issues - 8 months with a wound after failed mammoplasty in October. But im am some what of a reluctant expert at woundcare now, so im gonna stride through my fear and deal with it.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated re: best moisturisers to use…im leaning toward Aveeno at the mo but yet to buy. Is it worth pre skin care these next 2 days or just using simple soap n water. I have a small wound still and scars are very sensitive/friable. Im trying to buy cotton soft bras but its so difficult sourcing to fit a bigger size comfy one…ive must have tried 15 so far without luck.
But after 14 months since diagnosis - chemo finished Sept 15, its time to kick on and ride to the finish of treatment line…#☆** atlast!!
Wishing you all good luck through your treatments…hope its kind to us all.x

Dont forget you can get aveeno on prescription and given that you should be liberally sloshing it on lots of times a day you may get through a fair bit so itd be understandable to ask for it from GP as a need.

JKY have you tried eba* for comfy larger bras I got my post MX ones from there as I have a v large back I am a 46D so difficult to find bras usually,

Jen x

Haha.“given lotions at Ossie”…my Yorkshire accent evident in even my writing!
Informed im to be given Aqueous cream at the local Unit to use whilst receiving Radiotherapy…

8th rad today, skin looks okay, I’m starting to feel quite tired though and the heavy legs from chemo are back! Xx

Hi Charys, I’m having 15 rads, it’s all going quite quickly. How many are you having? Xx

Here goes…1/15…see you all on the other side Hope everyone has a comfortable day.

Hi all, I think I’m in for June rads, just waiting for my dates. Had lumpectomy on 20th May…lymph nodes were clear & clear margins.

Having 20 sessions at Royal Free in London. Will let you know when I have dates but want to say hi & send my best wishes to all. 

Pat xx 

Hi all…
Congrats on all clear Snow Leopard…onwards & upwards now.
Just got back…was ok, got seen by Doc and nurse before starting…assess wound was ok to receive Rads which it was…phew. Theyre going to keep an eye on me throughout and assess skin twice weekly…which puts my mind at ease.
Everything went as expected but was very emotional before going in…think just relief that after 14 months im at the final stage. ?
Plastered to axel grease on after (aqueous cream) as advised not to use Aveeno. Will invest in some Aloe Vera gel tho for later into treatments…where was it from Charys?..saw some on Holland and Barrett and thought about getting some yesterday.
Hope you all have a good weekend…see you next week.xx

All my appointments are early morning - mostly 8:30 which means leaving home at 7:30, which is a huge shock to the system after months of lying in!! I guess it gets me back into the swing of things inpreparationof going back to work…

Guess im lucky…got my schedule today…all between 11.30-13.30 except one at 4 (sorry kim :0) )…was a 4.5 hour stint all in all today.
Cannot wait to get back to work…tho dread 5am wake ups after over a year off.???