Just been diagnosed

Hi I have Been diagnosed with bc, my lump is 7.5cm I have had the mamagram ultrasound and biopsy, I’ve now been told I’ve got to have a ct scan on the 17th jan to make sure it’s not spread any where else as they have found a lump under my arm. I haven’t been told what stage it grade it is just that I’ve got to gave chemo before I can have surgery to remove the whole of my right breast , I’m so scared I’m a 41 year single mum with a son of 18 any help and advice and support I would be very grateful thank you x

Hi Purple 42,

I am so sorry you have had to join this group. It is a really terrible time for you. One of the worst things is not knowing what is going on. It is a terrible roller coaster that you just want to get off.

I had a cancer called invasive lobular cancer, but it had not spread to the lymph nodes. I did however have initially a wide excsion and lymph nodes, but had to go on to have a mastectomy. I am 49yrs with a 20 and 22yr old. The mastectomy is not what I would have wanted, but it has been better than I thought it would be.

I am now having chemotherapy, the first few days after I am quite nauseated, then quite tired the second week, but fine by week 3- it is OK if you take it as each chemo is one nearer to the end!

I think you will find that once you know what is happening and when, you will feela little better. There are also several women on this site who have had similar tumours to yours and I am sure they will be able to reassure you.

Take care.


Hi Purple 42,

Sorry you have to join us here. I was diagnosed in December and have had the lump and lymph nodes removed. Tomorrow I have to decide whether to have Chemo or not. I still need Radiotherapy.

It is hard to take in at first, and hard waiting around for results and whatever comes next. I am sure you are feeling just as we all did at first, and you will have good days and bad days.

There are lots of people on here to offer support, and help answer the questions you will have. I have found it really helps to hear from people who are going through it, and those who have come out the other side of treatment and can give you an idea what to expect.


Hi Purple42

Welcome to the BCC forums, in addition to the support you have here please feel free to call our helpliners for further support and information on 0808 800 6000, the lines are open Mon-fri 9-5 and Sat 9-2

I am posting a couple of links to other BCC support services available to you and information which you may find helpful:



Best wishes

Thank you so much for all ur kind words snd support , like u all say the worst is the waiting for the results, I know I’ve got to gave chemo first to shrink the lump x

Hi purple42,

I’m so sorry you’ve had to join our club! :slight_smile: The first few days after diagnosis are so difficult as you try get your head around what treatment will be and how you will cope with it.

Like Fiona I had invasive lobular and also invasive ductal carcinoma and the whole lot came to 5.5cm in all. I had a full mx and axillary node clearance Nov 2010 when they discovered it in quite a few of my lymph nodes so I had chemo before rads.

I just wanted to say that I went through a pretty traumatic lot of treatment but (and it’s a big but) I did come out the other end! Dealing with all the treatment is tough but you can do it and we will support you!

Best of luck!

Nymeria x

Hi Purple42

Another one here with invasive lobular and nodes involved. I too had chemo first to shrink the tumour 8 sessions in total 3 weeks apart (4 x EC and 4 x TAX) then in December 2011 I had a full mx and axillary node clearance. I have now waiting to for my Rads planning meeting at the end of the month when I will start my 15 sessions.

Like Nymeria says, the treatment is tough but you will start to feel better about things once it has started. I got a white board and wrote all my appointment dates and times on it so that the rest of the family knew what was going on. Keep crossing those chemos off and the end gets closer and closer.

We are all here to support you - I don’t know what I would have done without this place.


Hi is it normal to feel tired all the time? All I want to do is sleep I’m
Also I’m
The middle of movin house on tuesday sorry to
Keep askin questions my head is all over the place xx

Hi Purple,

I also am sorry you find yourself in this situation, but echo the sentiments of all the other ladies, you will get your head around it, but at first it is a helluva shock. I think that is partly why you are feeling so tired. I remember when I was first diagnosed, in October 2011, there were times I just didn’t want to talk about it or think about it and just wanted to sleep to get away from it all at times.
I too am having chemo prior to a mastectomy. I have a 4.3cm tumour in my left breast with some lymph nodes also involved. I had a sentinel lymph node biopsy under general anaesthetic on 12 October and then started chemo, 6 x FEC-T, on 24th November. I am due my third session of FEC tomorrow. Had an MRI scan last week and hopefully when I see the Onc. tomorrow he will tell me if my lump has shrunk any. This website is a Godsend and you will find loads of information and support here. At firsst you wonder if you will ever be able to get through it all, but you will. We women are stronger than even we ourselves know when we have to be!!

M xx

Thank you M good luck with everything 2 Moro xxx

Hiya purple,I myself have just before Christmas (diagnosed,initially negativity set in,came to this website soon afta diagnosis(primary,ductal carcinoma,no lymph node involvement so far,mastectomy on Tuesday,my fears are there,but being on this site ,is helping me be positive,these women are strong,I want to see my 11 year old son this year start secondary skool and leave.

Hello Purple,

Sorry you’ve had to join us.

I was diagnosed in May at the age of 33. 3 lumps - largest at 9cms. I remember the sheer terror and panic but promise that it eases. The cancer had spread to my lymph nodes and I also had a CT scan. My scan was clear and I felt as though I’d had a full MOT. There are plenty of ladies on here who don’t get a CT scan and then just worry as to whether it has spread and wish they’d had a scan.

I had chemo first (MUCH easier than I expected - in fact was very lucky with very, very few side effects) and then I decided to have a bilateral mastectomy as I had to have my left side removed so opted for the right side too - to minimise my chances of going through this again and also for symmetry. The recon options are fantastic (have seen many in the flesh now) and by having the chemo first it gives you time to research the different options and make the right decision for you if you would like reconstruction.

There is a lovely girl on here called Lisa who I’ve met a few times who is your age, is a single mum, and has a son the same age - and also had a similar sized tumour! She doesn’t come on here as often anymore, but hopefully she’ll come along and give you some words of support.


Hello Purple 42

I am again sorry you have found yourself on here. I too have been recently diagnosed on the 19th of December. My lump is atleast 4cm and I too am going to be having chemo first before surgery. I am 31 years old and have two girls age 7 and 4.

This site is an amazing support and always someone able to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

I too was so tired after my diagnosis, still am to be honest but I think your mind works overtime and being stressed all the time takes it out of you.

The waiting is definatley the worst.

Nic xx

Your right the waiting is the worst my mind is on constant overdrive,like is. It normal to wait yet again another 10days for a ct scan then another 6 days to see the oncologist ?

Hello purple!
I was dx on the 6th jan with bc. I had a snb and wle on 28th Dec. I’m going on 10th for results and praying I don’t need another op!
I’m 39 with two young children 7 and 3 so its hard work but I’m feeling better and not as sore now!
Just then got to get to tuesday. The first two weeks were the worst weeks waiting to find out results.
Good luck with it all
Sending lots of love

Hi Purple!

I’m 54 with 2 girls aged 26 & 23 and have an OH. I was dx on 12th December with a 4.5 - 6 cm tumour. Mx on Thursday and an SNB as recommended by my oncologist, although scan shows that it hasn’t spread to the lymphs. They seem to think that chemo before won’t reduce the size - better to get rid of it, I say. The 12th December was the worst day of my life, but the better day was the 28th when they said that the cancer hadn’t spread. Take each step at a time, but stay positive - you WILL get through this.

You will get excellent support from the ladies on this site and do talk to your breast care nurses.

We are all holding ‘virtual’ hands for those of us having surgery and treatment during January.

Love and xxxxx
P.S. Hi Fran!!

Hi I’m having a really bad day today can’t stop crying just been told it’s grade 3??? And it’s has gone into lymph nodes I really can’t cope with all this waiting don’t have my ct till the 17th jan and then see the oncologist till the 25th I’m so so scared please tell me this is normal to feel like this and pray it ain’t spread I can’t cope with any more bad news I’m goin out of my mind with worry I can’t even eat im really sorry for havin a rant xx

Hi Purple

Mine was a grade 3 and also spread to the lymph nodes. CT scan and bone scan came back clear! Chemo shrank the tumour and Mastectomy plus axillary clearance removed what was left. Try not to think too far ahead and pre-guess results. Just focus on right now - that is all you have to deal with at the moment.

Also, like you, I couldn’t eat - drinking lucozade helped me.

Good luck with everything - and do come back and let us know how the scans went and what the onc’s plan of attack is.

And it is normal to feel like you are feeling now!

Hi super thanks for your reply I just wondered is it normal to have ct scan first then chemo? I’m so confused with everything just want to get treatment started xx

Not sure what “normal” is any more but I had my CT scan and bone scan before chemo to check to see if the naughty gremlin had spread anywhere else. I also had a Mugga (?) scan which checked my heart to make sure it could cope with the chemo. My Onc said I was having that because I had passed the magical age of 55!

You will feel a lot better once treatment has started - I promise you! Although your life will totally revolve around your chemo dates and your good days and “bad” days. I marked everything off on a calendar so that I could plan treats to look forward during my good week.