Ladycare Magnet

Hi All, Has anyone tried the Ladycare Magnet for hot flushes. You just attach it to your panties and it is supposed to do wonders. Interested to hear your comments. There is an article in the Daily Mail archive. Maddy.

Hi Maddy
This sounds interesting - I can’t wait to hear if anyone’s tried it? How is it supposed to work? I want to ask if it takes batteries, but then it might sound like another device altogether!!!
Tracey x

Hi Tracey
I don’t think the manufacturers know how it works. I’m not that bothered as long as it’s safe for us to use. These flushes are getting worse.

Maddy x

Hi JMaddy, I tried it for another problem and it worked within days, no more problems so I thought it well worth the £20 it cost!!!

Hi, I thought the ladycare magnet sounded wonderful too so I purchased one, really to see if it helped with the hot flushes. I have only been wearing it for 2 weeks, not noticed any difference as yet but early days I suppose!!! I’m fed up with the flushes, they seem to last all day and I feel miserable sometimes but feel I just have to get on with life. I have tried megace, clonidine and tibolone without any effect too, my oncologist suggested trying accupuncture when I saw her last week, would have to pay for this privately so would like to hear if this has helped anyone.

Judy H x

Hi Judy
I tried acupuncture, had 5 sessions and cost a fortune but it made no difference. I have been wearing a Ladycare magnet for two days (24hrs) now and I didn’t have a hot sweat last night. I think it is recommended to wear it for a month before seeing the full effect. I’m certainly going to persevere with it. Good luck with whatever you try.


Hi everyone.

I have been having accupuncture for nearly 3 years for hot flushes provided free of charge at my local hospice. It has definately helped with the flushes and all sorts of other things that have cropped up over that time. Its worth enquiring and giving it another try.


have had two sessions of accupuncture, one last week and one today. I feel that it has helped to reduce the amount of flushing but the ones i get are still really horrible.

i have had the for free via hospital.

it is certainly worth a try. it doesnt hurt at all. and the fine needles only need stay in for 15 mins. the nuse who does it for me also does it at the same time for anxiety/depression for me.


I found the magnet worked really well by reducing the really bad hot flushes and now 1 year 3 months after zoladex and ovaries out last dec hot flushes are more tolerable without magnet !!! So I would recommend it - certainly I was desperate ! Also find a hand held fan useful for those extra sweaty moments…

Sage has been recommended and used…

are we ok to have sage if on medication…would be interested to know thanks…

Hi Lillian,

Here at BCC we always advise that before taking anything other than your prescribed medication you check with your medical team first to avoid any adverse reactions.

I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication on complementary therapies:

and also the area of the website that discusses complementary therapies:

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

I’m just finishing rads and started Tamoxifen few days ago. I asked onc about magnapulse and she said she couldn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t try it, and would be interested to know how I get on with it. Am keeping a tamox diary for couple of weeks to see how it goes without anything else to help with SE.

Hi there,

I bought one of these magnets after hearing about it from the physio at my hospital. I was really sceptical, but after a few months on Tamoxifen, my menopausal SE’s started to intensify, so I was willing to try anything!

So, I’ve been wearing it for about two weeks now and I do think that it has possibly helped to reduce the number of hot flashes I was having. I am certainly sleeping MUCH better….no hot sweats!

This is a bit anecdotal, but my physio tells me that from what she’s been hearing, it seems to work better for ‘younger’ women. So it may be that it’s more successful for those of us whose menopause was brought on by chemo?..

Anyway, I’d love to hear from more people who have tried it. Anyone tried wearing one through an airport scanner? !!!



I’ve worn it a couple of times throught the airport scanners in Palma (cos I forgot to remove it, chemo brain!) and never got bleeped…phew! I do get stuck to shopping trolleys and checkouts, though.

Have to say I don’t think mine reduces the hot flushes by any more than 1 or 2 a day - I’m still having 15 or so a day and sleeping really badly - but at least that’s a couple of times without anxiety attacks and sweats ! Going to discuss with onc in a couple of weeks, although she already thinks I’m a bit loopy (in the nicest way) with the magnet !!!

Good luck with the airport.

Thanks Lizcat,

I’ll be v. careful the next time I go to the supermarket!….

Guess I’d better take care around large appliances too!
( Now I have something to blame for my uncontrollable snacking urges!!!) LOL


I´ve been using this fabulous product (much to the hilarity of my friends and family:) since 2007. It is brilliant. My flushes went from 10 an hour to 2 a day. Don’t worry about it at the airport ( no alarms get set off . I definitley reccomend it. Good luck! ( and no I don’t get commision on this product :slight_smile:

Came across this in a magazine advert and thought I would search the forum to see if any of you ladies out there had tried it before I went ahead and made a purchase.

Thank you for your comments. Interested to hear if anyone else has more to add?

Well, I’ve been using it since the end of May and it def helps with hot flushes and night sweats. I also found that I was quite nervy and anxious when I started on Tamoxifen but that has settled too. It’s worth a go I think.

Dratt!!! I started reading all these posts saying how its hugely helped some ladies with their flushes and I started getting all excited as I suffer terribly with them, but on reading about it more, it seems its not for me, gggrrr!, My cancer was oestrogen and progesterone positive and these magnets claim to increase the oestrogen and progesterone in the body, so not for me, but I’m really pleased to hear its working so well for all the oestrogen neg ladies, woo hoo, something that works at last


I’ve now given up on mine after experimenting with and without it. No difference so have to find another wacky remedy cos I really can’t stand these hot flushes that seem to be getting worse…I hadn’t seen the bit about it boosting hormone levels (just stuck it on !) and was mortified as it was recommended as a possible cure by the bcn team and I was 100% ER and PR…Hey-ho.