LD recon + reduction - HELP

LD recon + reduction - HELP

LD recon + reduction - HELP This keeps going wrong - I seem to have posted this topic a zillion times and its not going to the right place. Sorry sorry sorry - if this does not work this time i will give up.

Home from hospital yesterday after mastectomy with immediate LD recon with implant and reduction on other side on Fri 23 Feb.

I am (was) quite large breasted (F) and was advised that it would be difficult to get a LD recon to that size. I quite liked the idea of smaller boobs and after consultation with my plastic surgeon decided to go for the reduction at the same time - I was worried about my reaction to waking up with one small and one large breast. So what I was expecting was my reduction to be larger than my recon and its so obviously not. I feel hidious.

I am trying hard to be positive. The op was Ok and I was just so relieved for it to be over and did not crack until day 6. But now I just can’t think of anything else.

I think he has taken too much from my ‘good’ breast. Even when the swelling does down on the recon, there is just so much more skin. I had large nipples but the skin flap seems a lot bigger than what has been taken away.

He said I could expect around a DD and I am aware that in a couple of months things will settle down. I had a lift too as was told the recon would seem high in comparison, but its not.

I keep wondering if I made the right decision, should I have waited for the reduction. At the moment I feel that they could take the recon away and I will have a prosthesis to match the reduction.

The reduction is lovely - never thought I would have such a lovely pert boob and a beautiful nipple - but it is almost too good for the recon to come anywhere near matching.

I know they can do adjustments later on and maybe this will all seem minor when I get my results next Friday.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Am I just expecting too much - after all I have breast cancer and I would rather be alive and well with odd boobs - but at the moment I am just all over the place.

welcome back Hi Anita

I was wondering and thinking about how you got, I am so glad that you have posted, welcome back…try not to worry too much about it at the moment and get well in yourself and strong in case you may need further treatment, just getting the results takes it out of you mentally …I’m sure it will be sorted out in the end, my new breast is far bigger than my normal one and it is pert, where as my normal one droops…I dont think we are alone with this one…

love Lucy

Thanks Lucy Been a bad day but its good to let it all out. Tomorrow is going to be a day of concentrating on other things.

Its nearly 1 am and I am up drinking hot milk - but feel fine. Trying to ween myself off the sleeping tablets I have had for the last 10 days.

How are you?

Anita xx

Hi Anita

Me too, one minute I am positive, the next minute I have hit rock bottom and the tears just come from no where…my mind just goes round and round with it, I find it hard to sleep and keep waking as I cant get comfortable and I am so tired…the swelling under my arm is disappearing my breast nurse told me to gently massage it in circular motions and this seems to have helped, but it feels like a ton weight on that side, I went to the hopsital on friday to discuss chemo etc and came home totally exhausted, I also get breathless when walking upstairs, but have read yesterday on this website that others get this as well with the LD proceedure, I was starting to get paranoid about every little thing… I start chemo on the 16th and as you can imagine I am not looking forward too it, so I am gritting my teeth and going to have to bear it…hope you feel better today…I’m sure we will look back in 8 months time and think my god did I really get through all that…be thinking of you when you get your results.

love as always

for anita Hi Anita

I too had mastectomy and immediate LD reconstruction a couple of days before you. My recon breast is larger and higher than my natural breast but as I have been told by several nurses and Drs it is early days - I still have a lot of swelling and so I am hoping it will not be as noticeable in a few months. It has already shrunk down a little. I suppose what I am saying is that we both need to be patient and see in a few months time and if we are still unhappy with the non symetery there are things they can do - I think reconstruction is a number of procedures rather than a one off operation and so we should think of it in stages of the same procedure? I doubt if this helps at the moment - but I do know how you feel and i hope you can find some comfort in knowing that you are not alone in how you feel. Good luck with the results,

Chloe x

Thanks Lucy & Chloe Thanks so much for your support - today has been better.
I went to visit my parents (my mum is housebound with osteoporosis) and then my partner and I popped into town to try to get a sports/support bra. Nearly impossible with 2 completely different size boobs! I was absolutely knacked and have spent last 2 hours in bed. My recon boob is so heavy today I feel like it needs a sling.

Although you would not wish this on anyone else, it is so comforting to know that others are feeling the same and having similar problems.

I am feeling rather antisocial and do not want to talk to even my closest friends today - I hope they understand.

It certainly is an emotional roller-coaster - I too find myself crying over the simplest of things.

I will be thinking of you both

Anita xx

Me too, but getting better Hi Anita

I too had mastectomy and LD recon done on the 30 January, so 5 weeks today post operative and doing ok. Things are finally settling down, and some softness coming in the boob. I too felt like you, and if you look on my previous postings I mentioned several times the fact I had a melon and a grape stuck on my chest. I was told when the dressings came off to go and by a sports bra! What a laugh, I had a boob that came from the side of my arm, that was rock hard and all black and blue, the only bit that wasn’t was the new skin from my back! lol. plus one other little boob in comparison, always been my pride and joy they looked pathetic as a pair.

There is hope. I decided to try again this weekend to get a bra and success yes!!! not the sexiest of numbers 36d where I was wearing 36b but my consultant felt I was probably wearing the wrong size cup and said I was a c so not so far off now. I was going out saturday so felt good to think I could wear a bra, rather than support T shirt’s. Bought some new clothes went out feeling normal. Still not perfect and I start Chemo next week but that was the best I’d felt about myself since diagnosis even tho chemo round the corner.

It will get better,

keep me informed

Take care
Scotty xxxx

Sports Bra Hi Scotty

Yes, I have read a few of your posts - I find sometimes if I just search on past topics I find the answers to my questions. My arm has been feeling very odd so I looked that up only to find that others have had the same feeling too- in the floppy bit at the top of the arm.

I went out today and got a sports bra - I have been wearing tubigrip vests type things that the hospital gave me. I ended up with a 40D! I was a 38F but all the 38s were too tight, but I imagine that will go back to normal in a few weeks. My recon boob fills it out and it feels well supported. The other reduced side - well the bra is a bit big but not so much that it feels or looks too bad.

I can’t really say good luck with the chemo, but I hope it goes OK. I am trying to enjoy these last few days in ignorance - worrying about the outcome will not change what they tell me on Friday, so I might as well relax and get myself as strong as possible.

Anita xx

Results Hi to you Anita,

Thanks for replying. I presume you mean waiting for the results on Friday. I will be thinking of you, hope all goes well.

You know where i am

Just do a post

Take care x stay positive, love to your family too x

Scotty xx

There is Life after LD Hi, just joined the site. Reading your message and just writing to offer words of comfort. I had a lat dorsi nearly eight years ago and at first my breast was swollen, bigger than the other one etc. It all settled down eventually. I’m still here to tell the tale and have no regrets with
having it done.
Best wishes

swollen breast I had a quarter removed from one breast, then got an infection, had radiotherapy and it swelled up hugely and was rock hard after the infection.

Two years later it is smaller and the scar is less noticeable. I reckon it takes at least two years before you can really judge results. Having said that, my quarter removed breast is still larger than my normal breast and I still don’t like the dent in it and the way it is sucked in in the area around the scar. I don’t think I will ever be entirely happy with it as I am a perfectionist and I honestly think my breasts looked better before.

As one can maybe expect but that’s breast cancer for you,


Thanks Pat That’s just what I needed to hear today - its been very uncomfortable and feels like a lead weight and I am feeling generally out of sorts. Been lying in bed for a couple of hours but feel no better, so now out for a walk round the garden for some fresh air!

One day at a time I suppose.


thanks Moneypenny I am nearly 3 weeks post mastectomy + LD op and was really happy to read your post - it gave me hope and can’t wait for things to settle down,

thanks Chloe

So interested to read all your postings. I had an immediate LD recon and a reduction on the opposite side on the 6th March and came home 15th as the drains took a while to slow down. I was a FF cup before and was concerned about being too small when they suggested B to C after the recon but didn’t want to go for a Tram flap so we agreed on trying for a D. They have put an implant in but will gradually infate it so at the mo nothing really on the bad side just a rock under my arm! I was disappointed when I saw the reduced side as it looked so small. I was always bigger on that side and it went under my arm more and now they have done the reduction it looks as big across as before but nothing at the front. it almost seems as tho they have just chopped the bottom half of the breast off. I have been told it is early days yet and to see how gravity takes over when all the dressings are off. Maybe I was expecting too much. Any way we will see. Haven’t tried wearing anything yet as no idea what size or anything to get. I have bought a vest top with secret support so will give that a go. Best Wished to everyone out there.
L xx

Hi Linbo I am now 3 weeks post op and things have settled down a bit, although there’s still a long way to go to get the end result.

The reduced side has plumped out and looks bigger than when I first looked down after my op and though ‘oh no they have taken too much away’. I would say it is a perfect D, whereas at the moment my recon is more a DD with an extra bit under the arm!

My recon is still swollen under the arm and towards the middle, but it is smaller than it was, and generally it is softening a bit. I saw the surgeon on Friday and he explained that because they use a muscle it will pull and spasm but gradually it will slacken off. It has been really pulling since last night and feels tight across the boob and under my arm.

I got a couple of support camisoles in BHS - only £14 - and they are really comfy - I find the secret support tops usually have elastic under the bust and that irritates the scar under the reduced boob. I have a couple of sports bras but after a while they irritate my the scar on my back. Listen to me, complain, complain! I can’t wait until I can go to bed with nothing on my top.

Anita xx

Hi Anita. I came home a week ago after having mastectomy, LD recon with implant and a reduction on the other side on 6 march. I was tempted by the TRAM flap as I have a big belly but was worried bout it being less successful and needing reduction on good side later so decided to go for all at once. I was FF and like you fancied being smaller, but know they can’y get too big with LD so asked for D. I am really disappointed with the reduction wish I’d asked for bigger. I was always very full under the arm and this is still there but there is no volume at the front. At the moment I don’t see how I will ever wear a bra again. The recon side has only had a bit of infalting but I don’t reckon they need to put much more in as the other is so small. I feel really deformed.
I know I am very fortunate in that I do not have to have further treatment and that the op was purely preventative asI had DCIS so I do get angry with myself for being down. Will have to see what the surgeon says when I see him in a couple of weeks.

Sorry to go on but I know how you feel. I hope your boobs settle down and you feel better about them soon.


What a wally. I’ve got myself in a muddle on this forum. Posted a reply to your original letter and now find we’ve already corresponded. Forgive me, I think they took part of my brain as well.

I was told to try a sports bra but wasn’t sure what to get, they were a bit vague so got some secret support tops but have now bought two crop tops from mail order but will try BHS. Haven’t been told to wear them all the time so I don’t at night. Just wish I didn’t have to sleep on my back all night. Scar on my back not too bad altho I did have a reaction to the dressing and came up in blisters, just a little fluid on back which doc tried to drain yesterday but it wouldn’t come. My leg muscles will be building with the squats I’m doing to pick things up, can’t bend over, my recon feels as tho it will explode! See I can moan as well! Oh well onwards and upwards. Sure it could’ve been as lot worse.

linda xx

Gosh Im quite worried now I posted on here about being worried about recon and how it will look and did not receive many replies, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

I had my mastectomy 2 years ago and was against the recon at the time for many reasons i.e. home problems blah blah blah(wont bore you all LOL), but comming into another summer and seeing all the swimwear etc out again just makes me very sad.

I used to swim all the time and was qualified as a Diver too but havent been able to face the local pool since my mastectomy as I just dont know how to deal with 32dd one side and nothing the other except for prosthesis, I am only a size 8 so my dd is very obvious. I cant get bras that fit well enough so havent attempted the swim wear thing as I think it would nearly finsih me off if I was overtaken by my prosthesis in the pool LOL.

I decided to go for it and see about recon and was told I need the one where they take muscle from my back etc. I dont want to make situations worse as my mental state is shall we say ‘fragile’ with the whole self image thing.

Oh dear now Im quite confused - do I go ahead and hope for the best or stay as I am and start saving fast for my own pool and just skinny dip LOL ( could manage the price of a paddling pool maybe LOL).

Seriously though, I have young children and would love to swim with them and take them for sunny holidays, its what I miss the most so for this reason I thought I best get it done but now after reading this Im not sure, decisions decisions. Any advice Ladies ?

Sorry for the moaning session

Hugs and best wishes to all

A very confused Neenie x

I had a mastectomy and immediate DIEP done last July the shape of the new breast is great but tho’ they say they have put the same weight back as my old breast the new one is noticably bigger. They have offered liposuction to reduce it but that has a risk of hitting the veins they connected and could cause it to fail so I’ve ruled that one out. I’ve also got a reconstructed nipple that looks like it wants to look over my shoulder. They have offered to correct that one for me but the closer it gets to having it done the more I think I should just leave it alone for fear it may look worse. Don’t know what to do.
I don’t regret for one minute having it done it’s lovely to be able to wear a bikini etc but I do use a silicone chicken fillet(as we call it!) under my smaller breast. Everytime I moan to the plastic surgeon I feel very ungrateful but I have got to live with this for the rest of my life and I would like to feel as good as I possibly can. I suppose they can’t work miracles and I expect we would all prefer to look like we did before, even with all it’s imperfections.