Life is Unbearable with flushes and sweats.

Life is Unbearable with flushes and sweats.

Life is Unbearable with flushes and sweats. I am just asking can anyone give me any advice about anything i can take for these darn flushes and sweats.
I have been on tamoxifen for 11months not had a period since Feb 2006, started chemo Jan 2006.

I have cried tonight as i feel i cant cope any longer with these sweats.

I went away last weekend and it was miserable as i was soaked so often.
Tonight i went out with friends and the sweat was drippin off me. I reckon today i have had flushes every half hour.
Bloody sensitive hubby says can you turn off that fan i am getting blown away, arh poor him he aught to have sweats.

I have tried taking half the tamox in the morning and half at night but i think its worse.


Hi R

I had this with Arimidex & Tamoxifen, eventually it was affecting my quality of life as the flushes and night sweats were half hourly all day/night long (sometimes 2 or more in half an hour!) and my Onc decided that I could discontinue them - I am only very mildly ER+ so a very minimal gain would be achieved. Not that I am suggesting stop them!

There is a web site called and if you go on the forum there, the ladies have some wonderful ideas for helping with flushes. There is also the chillow pillow that’s supposed to help (not my own experience).

It’s worth visiting the site as you may find some help there.

Lynn x

Chilllow Pillow Hi

Wow do I know what you are going through, they creep up on you and bang your leaking for England…Like Lyn says try the chill-ow pillow (cannot remember the site…just google it) I took someones advice and got one it great. You fill it with water and if needed place in the fridge for a while before you go to bed. It really works and gives me a good nights sleep. Cannot help with the day flushes as I am getting them as well, (am on arimidex) apart from walking around naked (not a pretty site)at work, I just tell them I am having a caribbean moment…lol


Chillow Pillow, Chillow Pillow Hello

I would also recommend the Chillow Pillow.

It’s a bit expensive, but I use 2 of them. I alternate them during the night. When I wake up in the night, as I do, several times, I change them over so I always sleep on a cool pillow. I do not put them in the fridge but just leave them open to the air and like magic they go cool - but not immediately - that is why I am glad I have two of them.

I get back to sleep immediately on this new cool pillow and sleep soundly until I wake up again a couple of hours later - and then exchange it with the cool one again.

People say how well I look at the moment and I can put it down to not being continually stressed at nights with night sweats owing to the 2 chillow pillows. When I am asleep I sleep soundly.

I originally bought the 2nd one for my husband who gets very hot at night - but he found he got too cold!!! He gave it back to me. I am so pleased he did!!

The only problem I have now is that they are too heavy to take away with me when I go on holiday.


Try Probanthine When I was on Tamoxifen I had all the symptoms you mention and my husband who is a GP suggested I take Probanthine which stops sweating. It worked pretty well and the only side effect was a dry mouth so I used to chew gum. It was the last straw as I had tried everything else. Now I am Arimidex (17 years later) and the flushes are back but much less and no sweating. Good Luck and let us know how you get on.

I can identify with what you are going through only too well. Don’t know how much longer I can put up with them either, and only been on tamoxifen for 8 months. But have found the chillow pillow to be great during the night. I don’t sleep on mine all night, but keep it by the side of my bed and when I wake up sweating put it under my head - works a treat! Well worth the investment. Not found any answers for hot sweats during the day, and now we have the hot weather they are so much worse. Only consolation I take is that the tamoxifen is going a long way to keeping recurrence at bay - fingers crossed!

Let us know if you find any answers - take care.

Jean xx

Hey Daises where about in the NW are you Where did you have treatment you look familiar.

Thanks for all the advice i actually got a chollow pillow last summer and didnt like it. I have it put away in a box can i re-use it??

i cope ok at night its the day i need help for the sweating and drippin and soaking affect.

Alchol seems to be a no no too which is sad.

Stood in asda today coldish day sweat pouring off me drippin down my back.

I need to have a word with onc. Was slightly disappointed its the same on arimadex. I have a gyneocologist appt July and was thinking of a oophectomy then i wud know i am post meno and cud have arimadex.

What a bloomin mine field this is.

Ta ladies great to have ya all

Sweats and all that Hi Liverbird

I’ve had the same problem although less so during the day; they say some exercise might help. I cycled 23 miles last evening - it did NOT help.

Anyway, I opted for an oophorectomy earlier this year and therefore changed from Tamoxifen to Arimidex and was told this MAY help with the flushes i.e. the drugs, not the op. I can confirm the change of drugs has made NO difference. Not to be negative but just factual. I take Evening Useless Primrose Oil, Sage the size of a horsepill and at least 12 x 25mg of Clonidine per day and I still feel ready to self combust. Seems to be, or at least feels, worse when dressed decently to go out somewhere!! I was at a talk yesterday afternoon in a very chilly village hall, my feet were like blocks of ice and I thought “where’s a hot flush when you need one?!”, well like buses and policemen, sure enough three came along one after the other.

I have two chillows and during the day use one against my back in the office which helps a bit but could no way sleep with one.

A BCC peer supporter, I met at a BCC event some months ago, found a “cure” in Mulla Mulla - an Australian Bush Flower Essence, just Google it. I took it on hols with me last month, it was 95 degrees most days, and the jury is still out but worth a try and it does not contain any plant oestrogens.

One thing I didn’t try was a 2 week prescription, from the guy who did my oophorectomy, for Progesterone - might be worth giving it a “whirl”.

Lastly, but not least, I have seen threads on here before where Effexor has been mentioned as helping to some extent. I have previously heard that some antidepressants have this effect so your GP may be willing to explore this a little further.

It amazes me that with all the chemicals we have access to these days, no one can help with something that would improve quality of life enornously. T’would be nice to have a hot drink or a good spicy meal with impunity eh?

Probanthine Hello Olivia

I have done a search on net doctor and - I cannot find this. Can you please confirm the spelling or whether it goes under a different name?

I fear the polar ice cap is at severe risk if Liverbird and I don’t cool down soon.


“It amazes me that with all the chemicals we have access to these days, no one can help with something that would improve quality of life enormously. T’would be nice to have a hot drink or a good spicy meal with impunity eh?”

I totally agree with you and on the subject of Tamoxifen too. I can see you have a good sense of humour and that is very necessary. I had a recurrence in April after 17 years and am now on Arimidex - still getting about 12 hot flushes a day but not as bad as Tamoxifen. I am 68 and very fit and do a lot of sport and yoga. I have tried stopping coffee, spicy foods and alcohol but it doesn’t really seem to make any difference so had a couple of glasses of wine last night and slept better!

Keep smiling and one day there will be a solution.

Pro-Banthine Dahlia - anything to save the polar ice cap!! The drug I took which certainly helped me with the dripping sweats was Pro-Banthine. When I told my oncologist she had never heard of it but my husband, a good old fashioned GP knew about it. You will have to get it from your doctor but I have checked and it is still available. Let me know how you get on. Happy Weekend!

Pro-Banthine Have just googled this and you will see there are many references to excessive sweating. Worth a try.

Hi Liverbird,

I live in Derby - had mastectomy at City Hospital and chemo and rads at DRI - both in Derby. You also look familiar - are you nearby?

Love Jean xx

My consultant recommended trying Megace (Megestrol Acetate). I resisted for ages thinking I didn’t want to take more drugs. But in January decided to try it (after nearly 2 years of flushes). It doesn’t work for everyone but has completely stopped my flushes during the day, still get them at night but not as bad. It works so well that I don’t even take it every day. Hope this helps.

Megestrol acetate is a hormone - check it out on the web.

Wow thanks for all the posts and advice will take someof these on board. I have found this cooler weather helps and havn’t had as many hotflushes.
I was having a hypnotherapy type of relaxation the other day and started to flush at the beginning but the relaxation seemed to help.

I aint from Derby, so i dont think we could have seen each other i am a scouser. I actually spend alot of my time in the midlands and pass Derby. i have one daughter in Loughborough uni and another who has just completeed a teaching dgreee in Leics and has secured a job there.
Just been to a conference in Market harborough, hubby comes from Rugby so midlands is HUGE on ours agenda.

Love R

I am another one suffering from these horrible sweats and flushes, i have been on tamoxifen and zoladex now for a year and a half and had hoped they would have died down abit by now, but if anything they are worse !!! In bed at night is a farce, and I have a chillow pillow although that is a very good tip to get another one and alternate, I think I will try that, but still it is a very inconveniencing side effect. I was in pizza hut this afternoon with some friends and our children and from nowhere a flush started and before i knew it my face was covered in sweat which was so obvious that one of the children in our group asked what was wrong with me !!!

Megace I find that Megace (megestrol) helps a lot. I only take one tab a day.
It’s a synthetic hormone which is Ok for women who’ve had BC, and it really helped the flushes bugger off, sorry go away! It’s worked so well I can’t think why more oncs don’t recommend it. Good luck

Heavy Metal Band Just noticed there is a website for a heavy metal band in Hamburg who call themselves Megace !!