Liverpool Meet Up, IDEAS??

Saw quite a few posts on a Liverpool meet up and people being keen to have one.

I know it seems a long time off but my idea is this :-
We meet in October at the new shopping centre Liverpool 1. It should be fully open by then.
If we made it at 3pm probably a Friday we could shop and have a meal at one of the restaurants.
Last year my friend organised a fund raising evening for BCC at a social club, if it fell on the same day as we have a meet up it would be great to attend and support it.

Just an idea.

Ofcourse there is nothing wrong with meeting earlier summertime in the nice weather if anyone has any ideas.

Its probably better not to book anywhere first time around incase people let us down.
I am quite good at organising things. ( i think)


Hi liverbird …maryfrod was emailing us all but I am up for anything … the october one or the summertime as .long as I am iven enough notice …will leave the venue to you lo ashavent been in town for ages …after I lost my mum and dad in 2005 I only go to the garden of rememberance in Huyton ,and occasionally to Rice Lane so just let me know as I have to travel from the Midlands xxxxxx

Hello Liverbird,

Im up for a meet although Im not in Liverpool all the time at the moment. I could probably do October or the summer if I have plenty of time.

Thanks for organising!

Polly x

Hey liverbird

a Liverpool meet sounds good, organise away and count me in!

Hi Ruth

Me too. Like the meal idea and of course always enjoy a good bit of retail therapy! Fridays are good for me as I don’t work on that day but equally monday. I could combine it with a visit to the folks in Crosby now I live in the sticks.

By the way, when are coming up to me?! I’ll ring soon.


Hi Liverbird,
Yes I’m up for a get together too.Sounds great!Just what we all need.Anytime is fine with me.
Alli x

I was wondering if any of us liverpool ladies have anything in common other than bc , how old and what school ? we may even have crossed paths before.
I’m 42 and went to OLA belle vale then Notre Dame woolton

I went to Quarry Bank in Allerton and I’m 41.

Hi Allicat , may have taken your shins at hockey ! we used to play at Quarrybank

Hi ladies
I’m 43 and went to St Bernards then St. Patricks in Toxteth then La Sagesse in Grassendale

I am 52 st margaret mary then Notre Dame Woolton lived in Knotty ash

Hey Mazaroo , dont suppose you know Susan Bailey ? she was at Notre Dame woolton too also age 52

52 this year just remembered

Sounds faniliar year below i think im 53 in July …and on tamoxifen so dont remember much LOL

I’m from the Old Roan nr aintree, went to Countess of Derby High in Netherton and Hugh Baird College in Bootle. Will be 50 in August (big family gathering in the offing and daughter getting married a few days before and a grandaughter having a first birthday same week, a busy time!


brought up in Walton then West Derby, now lived in South Liverpool i.e. Mossley Hill/childwall area for about 20 years.

Im now 45 and went to mary help of christians in Croxteth.

Polly x

I live in London now , but my neighbour who is also a scouser went to Mary Help. Small world isnt it.

This thread seems to have gone a bit cold. Is anyone arranging a meet?!


Hey Cally,

Cant believe that, yes it is a small world! how old is your neighbour?

Hope someone is arranging a meet!

Polly x

I went to St Dominics Juniors and Broughton Hall I am 46