Low Days

Today is a low day, weekend is over family back to work/college and Feeling sorry for myself.  I had every intention of going into work and then didn’t want to risk catching any germs.


What do you all do to combat a bad mood day.


Love Maria xx

First of all I would say you are doing right by listening to your body and looking after it. So now I would just snuggle up with my comfort blanket and a good book.
Finally dont feel guilty its not a bad mood day our emotions are naturally all over the place when dealing with sbc. All the best xxx

It’s still early days yet for your emotions and u must go with your feelings. Going to work might b good for some but if u can’t cope with hugs and sympathy from work colleagues who don’t know what else to do…stay at home .settle down on sofa unwashed in three day old Pjs if that’s how u feel or go through the house spring cleaning or whatever …BUT do what yr body says.
Hugs xxx

We all get low moods and due to hormones and the turmoil our bodies are going through this is completely understandible. As with everything connected with this disease how we cope with our low days is down to the individual, personally I spend my low days on my own at home I see it as riding the storm you just have to hunker down and sit it out until it passes and I promise it will pass. I’ve been living with SBC for over 5 years now and I’ve learnt to listen to my intuition if your not feeling up to facing others then don’t, if you want to curl up in a ball and have a duvet day then do that, it doesn’t much matter how you get through it just do what feels right and remind yourself this is a passing phase. Do not deny yourself these days they are an integral part of your coming to terms with what fate has handed you, and ultimately will in some way assist you in moving forward giving you the chance to mourn over the old you, clearing these emotions out of your system is positive. Don’t beat yourself up over this, you should look after yourself, treat yourself to something that might help lift the mood, sometimes watching your favourite DVD or comedy helps to raise your spirits. Sending you lots of love and light xxxxxxx

Hi Maria - I agree with what the other ladies have said but exercise is known to release endorphins, which are your body’s natural pain killers and mood improvers. If you’re well enough, and can motivate yourself to get out for a walk, or a bike ride, then I think that will raise your mood a bit, and it’s generally good for you anyway. Up my neck of the woods it’s a glorious day, so if you can get out into a bit of sunshine and warmth I’m sure that will make you feel a bit better. Have a look at the lovely spring flowers and listen to the birds chittering away. Also, (sorry, I’m wittering now) at work they gave us some tips on how to cope with stress for things like interviews. They said to go to your ‘peak place’ in your mind - that’s a place/occasion that was a very happy time for you. For me, I go out on a particular fell walk that I really enjoyed. I can absorb myself in that experience and it does help. Give it a try; nothing to lose.


I do hope you feel happier soon. I know how the fear can make you incapable of doing things, so it’s easy for me to say “Get out for some exercise,” when I’ve had longer to get my head around things.


All my best.


Hiya Maria. At the moment mine are all bone Mets …femur, hip, pelvis and spine but I havent had a scan since October 2015 so have no idea of where else the little blighters have spread to.
Yes we all know what u r going through right now …I’m five months down the line and still have bad days when I just don’t want to get out of bed and have to hobble on a crutch and then i see people walking their dogs past my house and would love to b able to do that even though I don’t even have a dog in reality. Loosing the independence of driving was also a big loss . BUT hey hoo …still here , got friends and family not in pain …got a big bar of chocs so what more can a girl want.
Live for today …don’t save that nice bottle of perfume for a special occasion …spray it daily. Don’t save that nice new top …put it on even though u r At home eating spagetti bol !!!
Hugs xxxx

Taking a Walk out in the sunshine on this lovely spring day might lift you up as well as a good old dose of vitamin D. Sending hugs to all that are in need of a boost xxx

Well Maria …put on a new top and that special perfume …sods law u will end up with bol sauce all down the front !! Or is it just me that is a mucky girl with food …cant blame the cancer for that !! Lol.
Hope u r feeling a little bit more you again now.
Hugs xx

Well enjoy your duvet day. You c I’m not much into serious replies …leave that to community members like marirose and Julie who have the expertise …I’m just the irritation on these boards with loads of twaddle but hope it helps.
Enjoy spag bol tonite …go on put a nice white top on to eat it …then c if “vanish” does what it says on the tin and adverts . Lol.
Hugs xxx

Good Maria. Hope u r feeling happier now than early this morning when u posted that u were feeling low.
Hugs xxxx

Hiya bjh. What good news about the liver Mets …makes it all worth while as chemo is sooo hard to cope with.
Well hopefully everyone is feeling a bit happy about things and the weather helps.
I had my chemo in 2004 and I’m surprised that FEC is still the same regime sort of 12 years later but its working so why change things?
Well I’m one of you few ladies that isn’t having spag bol tonight …got a pizza but still open to dribbles down my clean jumper if I’m not careful!!
Hugs xxxx

Hiya Maria …Just checking in with you today … hope you are feeling a little bit more like yourself - just remember these forums if you get a little glum again as there is plenty of support in hard times.


Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  

Glad u feeling better…forget what other people think and do what u want to do. A walk sounds good and will help the hip hopefully …use it or loose it that’s the motto !
I am pottering today …just done some washing and changed the bed sheets. Got a few bits to get at Sainsburys later …if hubs will drive me.
Take a day at a time …do what u can and don’t feel guilty about the washing or dust piling up.
We women set such high pressure on ourselves to b super women …but we have been delivered this dreadful shadow over our lives and things will never b the same again.
Hugs xxx

Hiya cavills. Sorry my phone went dead last nite and its been on charge in kitchen.
Sorry u r having a lot of light and dark days …we all have them.
The light days r shopping, lunch etc …the dark days are at 2am in the night when all the fears and thoughts run thru your head.
It’s a big shadow hanging over us and I’m sure that none of the ladies here have felt any different. It’s been five months since I was dx with bone Mets after twelve years from original dx. I thought I too had conquered this dreadful disease …but no its back to haunt me too.
The only thing I can say is yu are still here and being mum and wife …so keep being positive. We all hope for the magic bullet to cure us BUT it isn’t going to happen for us …maybe in years to come.
No one understands the fears of scan results, New treatment plans we have to face …some ladies like to know all the details …some like me don’t …
I’m not a good role model I’m afraid but hope by replying to u …Will feel that thereis hope and support anytime of day …

Hiya Ladies 

Thought I would just dip in ( between online shopping for pressys) and touch base with you all and hope there are no low days for anyone today …sun is shining  and everyone should be out in the fresh air and blowing out the cobwebs !!!


Enormous hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I should be feeling happy we had a lovely day yesterday with family grandchildren brought presents for Nanan and Grandad’s birthdays mine last week and his this week. We all went for a meal and had a lovely time I don’t get to see them very often as they live 50 miles away.

After relaxing in the evening reflecting back on the days events my hubby announced he had blood in his water. He has had trouble with his bladder in the past where he has had small cancerous tumours and polyps in his bladder he has been fighting this 16 years now and has gone about 4 years free due to a reduction op to his prostrate.

My treatment seems to have stopped working so I have not been in a good place and we were going away in the caravan for a few days next weekend. So I am trying to be cheerful today but find it hard.






























































I hit the enter key and it goes mad sorry for the big gap

Marirose . Come on don’t get too down at what life throws at us …we have to keep thinking positive . I’m sure there are alternative treatments for you …I have been following you and you seem to do well on the peachey pills.
Life is highs and lows …don’t know what we have done to deserve all this.
Sending u hugs xxx

Oh Marirose, what an end to what sounds like a lovely day. I guess everything feels worse because its a bank holiday weekend so there is no where to go for help. Hopefully come tuesday your GP will get the ball rolling for your husband to be checked out. Stay positive for each other at least you both understand the emotional pressure. Hugs to you both.
Brenda xx

Hi Marirose

Keep your chin up and try to smile.

Easier to say than do I know, but try and stay in the here and now, and not 2nd guess what might be. We don’t know the future, there are lots of new treatments becoming available all the time. By worrying about what might be you are using up energy which you need to stay well, and live in the here and now.

Make a list of the little things that make you happy and do one thing each day. Doesn’t have to be a big thing, cuppa in bed with the paper, walk in the park and look at the beautiful daffs, naughty choccie bar, afternoon nap, phone call to a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, whatever brings a smile to you. It won’t take away your worries but may help you enjoy a little time away from them.

Take care, thinking of you xxx