lump got bigger! has anyone had this

My lump has increased in size since I visited my doctor, was just wondering if anyone else had this? Maybe this is a sign that its a cyst and not something else!
or is that just wishful thinking?

would appreciate anyone views on this, also had really bad swelling last night and really bad pain. roll on monday!

This happened to me too.

My lump was the size of an almond in the middle of Jan when I first found it. I saw my GP on 25th Jan and it had grown to the size of a plum.

Now a month later it’s very big (13 x 11cm), and I have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Please don’t take my case as typical, as everyone is different, and I hope your outcome will be much more positive

Huge hugs … the waiting is horrid, Rebecca

Thanks rebecca,

Its the shape of an almond at the minute and hard! if that makes any difference god im so frustrated I just want it here now so I can start dealing with it! you know what I mean
what are they doing to help you if you dont mind me asking?

Be strong lovey, the waiting realy is the hardest part {{hug}}

My story is complicated by the fact I have a baby boy of 6 months, and was still exclusively breastfeeding him when I was diagnosed, which may be why my lump grew so very fast.

So far, I’ve had every test under the sun! All of course to exclude the spread from my breast (thanksfully it seems to have only gone to my lymph), and am having a bone scan next week

I’ve been prescribed 6 doses of chemo (FEC & Taxotere if you’re interested), I will have a mastectomy & node clearance when this is finished, and then a six week course of radiotherapy to be sure it’s all gone.

I’m still very much a newbie here, but I’m thinking I’ll be a regular and around a fair bit … so if you need a chat we can catch up, but hopefully you’ll be leaving the forum behind very sson, and not needing to look back

Rebecca x

Thats so sad that you are going through this with a young baby. I have 2 boys aged 4 and 6 and breast feed both of them. New babys are tiring as it is without having to deal with this too.

I am finding this site a great deal of comfort to be on as I am the sort of person who needs to know every detail about the possiblities! sad I know but I like to know what Im getting into but having a number of friends who have had and are dealing with too at the minute I am aware of things to an extent.
I really need to know now and am finding the waiting so very hard at times then the next minute I am fine!

can I ask did you have any pain in yours as I seem to be in agony all the time! I do suffer from fibromenia already hence the reason I left the lump so long before realising it had grown over the usual size. I have had puckering in my skin since last july but I thought that it was with losing weight as I had lost over 2 stone. This worries me more as it was obviously growing then

sending you hugs


thanks for getting back to me so quick

Hi Nikki

My lump didn’t hurt at all, in fact it’s only been since I stopped feeding & started chemo that I’ve had any pain at all, and that I suspect is related to me going cold turkey on the breastfeeding!

I’m like you, and NEED to know all the answers to ALL the questions!

I hate not knowing, even when I know the news will be bad, if you get me. I think it’s a case of better the evil you know than the evil you don’t!

It is tough having little ones, but then at least they’re not old enough to understand what’s going on (I hope) which is a Godsend.

You will get through this, you are strong! You’re a woman and we are invincible!

Rebecca x

LOl you made me laugh I only wish I was invinsible right now!

My oldest insnt coping to well hes very clever and he over heard a conversation that my sister in law wasnt very quiet about ( dosent have kids so dosent understand they listen to everything) and was so upset as he thought mummy was very sick. Hes not coping to well ,as much as we have tryed to reassure him that I am fine!
he knows when we are lying!!

I think that is my biggest worry that he will hurt more than me the youngest one dosent understand he said he would stand on mummys lump to push it away god bless him!
I guess we will just have to take it as it comes and hopefully it wont be anything too bad although im ready for the worst and am fine with it. I am worried that I will be annoyed that it isnt cancer if you can understand what I mean as I feel a bit of a fraud at times as though nothing is wrong and its all in my head. But at least if it was cancer I could say you know what I do have it and I wasnt making it up.

Isnt it amazing where we find the strength to cope I never thought that id deal with anything like this!


Bless you Nikki

I know what you mean about being annoyed if it isnt cancer I think it is just sooo stressful that you dont believe anything can make you feel this bad, if it isnt serious. (Just think how fab it must be if it isnt bc - there have been some ladies recently on here who got good results) Maybe check them out.

Hang in there when do you get your appointment we were talking about a cancellation did you do that, soz dont sleep much then always seem to feel fuzzy memory jumped out of head completely and abandoned me.

Sending hugs



no havent called yet was so busy today and feel I should be waiting my turn!

hope you are doing ok

big hugs will spk soon xx

Hi Nikki

It doesnt hurt to ask especially at this time of year when there are lots of illnesses around, so you wouldnt be jumping the queue just filling an empty space!!! It doesnt sound so bad if you think of it that way does it.




I guess not!

IM a few glases of wine and I dont really drink much now adays so am getting tipsy but reality is hitting home and watching titanic isnt helping lol

big hugs

Cant fault the wine Nikki just about to pour one myself BUT Titanic!!! I hope you have got a humugus (spelling and I havent had the wine yet) pile of tissues.

Read a report that drinking wine is bad for your health so I have decided to stop reading!!! he he

Hugs and stuff



LOL totally agree wine is bad for you and in need of tissues big time hiding in toilet for secret cry lol but you have to laugh!

so I will keep suppin wine as we say up here in scotland!

love n hugs

Lord og lord I measured it tonight and we have gone from 2 cms to 5cm! should be happy or sad I truley dont know how to react. Im trying not to panic!!

I feel like I could scream right now and never stop I just need to see someone as quickly as possible but monday is a life time away!

sorry for moaning I know there are people on here alot worse off than me I just needed a moan lol

Hi Nikki

Moan all you like sweet heart, you are in a lousy place at the minute and as much as I would love to give you all the answers you want I cant. Please give them a ring tomorrow and explain your situation and ask for a cancellation why put yourself through this torture if there is any chance of being seen sooner.

Why not give your gp a ring tomorrow and ask for something to help you get through the next few days, I did and it really helped just helped me cope with life while waiting either surgery or appointments. Not took them any other time just had plenty of wine LOL.

Sending you huge hugs



Oh my gosh!!! Im having such a bad day, am really misreable and I dont know why. not sure if its the thought my appointment is getting closer or not close enough!

I came home from work and my dad phoned to check how I was and I just burst into tears how sad am I! I am such an emotional wreck at times one minute im doin fine next Im crying for scotland!

I have cleaned the house so now I feel a bit better just thought Id have a moan on here too!

hugs to all


Hi Nikki

You are not sad. I was exactly the same as you but the funny thing was when the time came I was as calm as anything. It was weird, I think it was maybe because I knew that I was getting closer to sorting it out. You moan all you want thats what we are here for.

Yvonne xx

ta Yvonne I just feel so over whelmed at times! but I do think when its here I will cope much better, it dosent help that all the girls at work keep asking if Im ok and that just makes me worse bless them they are only trying to be my friends but sometimes I just want to get on as normal.

I keep expecting the lump to be gone but then its still there, maybe by the time I get there it will have gone lol and the doc wont be happy with me for wasting time but thats just wishful thinking eh!

Well, another day has nearly gone, try to keep yourself as busy as possible. Treat yourself too a bit of pampering if you can.

Yvonne xx

I just wanted to say that the waiting really is the worst bit - and to reiterate that you may well get good news anyway which will be fantastic! If it isn’t good news - it’s not the end of the world - it’s just another bump in the road that you will deal with. It’s hard explaining things to young children but I have found that they respond really well to you being as honest as you can in age appropriate terms. I found saying that there was something in mummy’s boob that may need to be taken away by a doctor - and that was a bit worrying for us but would be fine as soon as we managed to get it sorted - helped to reassure my son who was 6 at the time. I also found that reassuring him that I would still be around to bath him, put him to bed, read him a story etc worked wonders. They seem to want to know that their routine will not alter. They really take their cues from you and always know when something is amiss…and imagine the worst!

Good luck girls and I really hope that you get the appointment soon. I would definitely chase it up.

Love Mary x