March 2018 Chemo Starters

Hi Ladies
This thread is for anyone starting chemotherapy this month. Hopefully you can all help and support each other through this challenging time. I had Chemo in 2016, so please ask if you have any questions.
Best wishes
Sue xx


i have been told that I am going to start chemo on the 13 March.  It will be weekly paclitaxel/taxol for 12 weeks.  I was on lettozole which kept me stable for almost five years, TMs went up and then tried the Exemestane/everolimus combination for three months, it didn’t work but gave me awful mouth ulcers.


I understand that will be another SE of this new one.  Seems strange to have weekly infusions with no break.  But my only real knowledge of chemo is what I have read on these forums.


i would really like to share experiences with others 





I am starting FEC T chemo on 28 Feb, so have just put myself in the March starters as Feb folk been chatting all month. I am v lucky in that I have a close friend who went through it 5 years ago and she is really helpful but I have Herc 2 type, hers was different. I am having chemo for 5 months, then operation , then maybe radiotherapy, praying it goes well

Thanks Sue

Hi, I’m starting EC on March 1st. (Not sure why it’s not FEC. I’ll have to ask.) PICC line tomorrow as long as we don’t have too much snow. I had a mastectomy just before Xmas, which seems a long time ago now so I don’t want another delay !

Hi ladies.
Just popping over from the Oct thread to say hi welcome to the forum. I’m sure this thread will fill up soon. I finished chemo on 19th Jan (FEC-T) if you have any questions feel free to ask I’ll try and help. Also pop onto the other threads and post questions on there.

Hi Lynne, yes my PICC line is in. It was painless and straightforward although the nurses did have some very impressive kit to use. One of the EC drugs is particularly irritant to the veins so that’s why they did it. You can’t swim with it but the plus point is no more blood tests or cannulas. It’s definitely worth discussing with your onc.
I’m all consented now so ready to go on Thursday.

Hi Lynn, I did answer you re sore mouth on the December starters. Just wanted to say I’m planned for Paclitaxel for 6-8 months on three weekly cycles,-and a week off.


am currently this week booked for 2nd treatment of second cycle…so can  boost one another and share tips if you want.




btw…am having a. Port inserted this cycle, have always resisted but a port gives more freedoms  of movement and you can swim with it in. Also, needs less flushing.



Best wishes, Moijanxx


Morning ladies i had FecT yreatment and fin8shed in January so take it 1 treatment at a time and you will get through it!

Re FEC or EC. Some hospitals had already stopped the F part when i stsrted and my hospital has now stopped it too. They have stopped it because the side effects outweigh the benefits. However some hospitals are still continuing with it and we just have to go with the regime we are put on and trust the doctors treating us. You can question 8t though if you wish to.

I had FEC my friend had EC andxwe are both now out the other side. Good luck ladies xxx

Hi Lynne. All went ahead a planned. I am within walking distance of the hospital which makes my life easier. In fact I’m looking forward to my walk home. I don’t think I’ve ever sat down for so long as I have done today.
The cold cap was doable- a shock at first but then I seemed to get used to it.
I hope your trip goes ahead if possible. Scotland will look gorgeous in the snow but you don’t want to get stuck on a motorway for hours.

Hi. I’m new to this forum. I saw the oncologist on the 27th. Signed the consent forms. He said I should start chemo in approx 3 weeks. 3 weeks of EC followed by 3 weeks of Taxotere with additional treatments of bisophonates. I wish I could say I wasn’t frightened but that would be a lie.

Hello Maggie and Elsie, hoping that you are both still feeling okay after your first treatments.  Did they give you anti sickness meds just in case?


The Onc mentioned cold cap to me so it is available.  However, I live some distance from the hospital, it is usually a two hour round trip, more at peak times and I understand that it adds extra time to have the cap.  He also mentioned that they have a mobile unit which attends a local centre and after the first couple of treatments- if I tolerate it okay - I could have further treatments there, but they are unable to do the cold cap.  I am seeing the Onc today for consents so I may mention it but I think that I will probably not bother.  Hope that it works for you.  I have ear length bob at the moment so I may have it cut and layered, I also have it coloured but think that may be a no no as well.


We we are supposed to be going to Scotland tomorrow on a coach trip for four nights. We booked before Christmas before weather and treatments were foreseeable.  We haven’t heard from the travel agent so we think that all must be going as planned.  Part of me wants to cancel but part of me is also looking forward to getting away for a break.







I agree with you Elsie, haven’t washed my hair for 6/7 weeks. I’d like to keep it if poss. Have had one cycle and  two out of the three of second cycle, so far so good.

best wishes to all of you,!Moijan?

Hi Im Michelle & Im starting chemo 6th March.

EC every 3 weeks then docetaxel every 3 weeks.

I dont know what to say, just I am here!

Im age 43 with grade 3 breast cancer 9.5cm tumour removed and 14/21 lymph nodes affected. CT scan in now clear but I dont buy it. Ive had bright yellow mucus the last month when its been transparent and watery for decades and the last 2 days a bit of blood in my nose mucus. Other than that I feel fantastic. Im loaded up with antidepressants and my consultant said I could have diazepam and said its totally safe if I take 3x5mg tablets per week.

I live in York Yorkshire & have severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. They dont know how that will be affected by chemo. Im blogging the effects of my treatement on Youtube here

Wow Moijan did you really mean 2001? That makes me feel a lot more hopeful about all of this!

Starting chemo Tuesday worried about side effects any advice especially sickness thanks xx

I will take any medication on offer to me I think it’s the unknown that frightens me got to do this what’s the alternative? Got great family who will help us all get through this not looking forward to possible hairloss tell me to stop moaning life could be a lot worse xxxx

Hello Pam & Michelle (and any other newbies that I may have missed)


i have been been away for a few days so not posting.  I am starting my chemo on Tuesday (13th)  is that the same day as you Pam or did you start today.  Hope that the sickness isn’t too bad!!!


Michelle - I also live in the York area and will be having my treatment at the District hospital, is that where you go.


I will take all of the meds offered, I am in on Monday for my pre-chemo assessment so hoping for more info then.  My main worry is mouth ulcers.  I was on an oral chemo for a short while and I got some dreadful ones.  I couldn’t eat much at all and I lost over  a stone in weight in about 5 weeks.


I am having weekly paclitaxel x 12…  




Hi ladies I start on Tuesday 13 also going for pre ass Friday I am getting FEC? I will let you know what is discussed and what is on offer I am not worried just fear the unknown we have got this far and we are all strong WOMEN xxxxxx

I am going QE Gateshead xx