Evening all :slight_smile:


So, this is a new thread for the 2015 MARCHING Together posse and anyone else who wants to join in to swap notes and advice as we all try to find our ‘new normal’ with work, relationships, finances and just life generally.  



Thanks Sharon x

Hi Sharon 

I’ve still to start radiotherapy hopefully in the next 6weeks or earlier if im lucky

can I join you guys? 

Sheena x

I’m here girls! Going to march forward with you all, even if I’m only walking very slowly! Spent the day running in and out of the garden, as we have bumble bees living in our roof and they wanted to get friendly with me! Now I love bees but am not so keen on them trying to sit on my head. ??? OH useless, a real wimp, never seen him run so fast either! ???bzzzzz

Ooh, lovely to see you all here, more the merrier so very glad you’ve joined us too Sheena :slight_smile:


Aww Beryl, nothing like a little furry friend to lift your spirits is there; I’m excited for you! I have a cat (had two but one died this time last year) and I find it is pretty much impossible to be low when a little bundle of fur hurls itself at you in adoration day after day.  Well, I say that, but actually my kitkat, who is called Dollop, is the size and weight of a pit pony and extremely grumpy now that he is old and arthritic so he spends most of his time howling at me in outrage because I haven’t cuddled him enough or given him his favourite biscuits or something equally evil.  Still love him more than life though :heart:


So, ruined doorframe repainted today and kitchen reassembled so that’s pretty much all of the decorating done which gives me a good excuse to have a day off tomorrow and sit in the sun with a good book. Bliss :womanvery-happy:  Hope your days are good too





Now there’s a coincidencence Francine, the book I’ve just started is called The Bees by Laline Paull and it’s wonderful, it won the Baileys Women’s fiction prize this year.  Probably make you pleased to have bees in the roof :smiley:



See Sharon, i think we must be sisters separated at birth!! Love my bees! I miss my two old moggies, George and Henry, who lived to 17. They were very large, British Blues and gave a good cuddle with very noisy purring! Now we’re renting we can’t have any pets. Sob. Beryl, how lovely to get another dog. Shall we have a virtual naming competition for him/her?! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend but weather looks very iffy here. XxFrancine

My quiet day reading in the garden morphed into a day spent painting the garden fences so I’m an achy mess now and praying that it doesn’t rain - if it does and washes away all my hard work I’ll do a Violet Elizabeth and scweam and scweam :womanfrustrated:


How are you doing today Francine, still hanging in there I hope? 



Hi Sharon
Not so good but at least I have my endoscopies arranged for next week now so moving on a bit. Going to drop off the thread for a while, as Idon’t want to post negative things in ‘marching together’', should be for good positive stuff. There are some things you have to tackle on your own. Ladies, thanks for all the support in the past, meant a huge amount to me. Sending you all the biggest hugs asyou move on. Xx Francine

Hi all :slight_smile:


Francine PLEASE don’t disappear on us, we all need to hear each others fears and moans just to know we are not alone with our own worries and we all get them. I’ll be the inaugural whinger today - the scar on my boob is still sensitive and red whereas the one from the axillary node removal has all but disappeared.  Is this normal? I’m four months post-surgery now and I have been massaging the scar with cream reasonably regularly so I don’t understand why it is still red. Aaarrgh! Anyone else got this or am I just a manky mess? 


Beryl I’m a fan of non-human names for animals (my fluffy boys are/were Smidgin and Dollop) so I’d probably vote for Cinder (as in the toffee) or Jasper.


Having a slightly low day today as I’m not sleeping very well.  Think it is the background worry of having to find a job and wondering if I’ll be able to cope.  Everyone keeps telling me that I’ll need to take it easy for a while whatever job I find but it’s hard to see how I’ll be able to do that as the sort of jobs I’m normally considered for are pretty full on and I just don’t think I’m up to it any more.  But then the problem is how to find a job that is a bit less full on as most places assume I won’t be prepared to stick at something at a lower level (and I’m not convinced that more junior jobs are any easier anyway, they just bring a different kind of pressure I think).  Sigh.  I suppose the fundamental problem is that I’m a bit frightened of attempting something and failing.  Wish I could win the lottery and not have to work again.


Sorry for the moaning, just one of those days :slight_smile:

Love to all



Thank you ladies for your very kind posts and Sharon for your DM. Having a difficult day and feel that family and friends have abandoned me really. I expect they’re fed up after 6 months from dx but they no longer ask how I am or make much contact at all. Feeling sad and angry at the same time. I feel it puts a great strain on my OH and it would be nice if they thought about him from time to time. He’s supporting me and helping to run our business at the same time and he had a heart attack last year. People we hardly know have been more supportive. Anyway, must stop feeling sorry for myself, not an appealing trait! Incidentally my boob scar is also very red still after 4 months and I can’t say that creaming it and using Bio Oil has made any difference. It’s true my underarm scar had faded quite well. Perhaps it’s the difference in tissue type? Anyway might be saying goodbye to Pinky and Perky soon. Beryl, how about Cassie or Jessie for your new addition, she sounds so cute. Hope she gets on with the cats! Xx Francine

Like Honey a lot!

Thanks for advice about the still red scar ladies, sounds as if it’s normal then although I think I probably need to cream it a bit more often.  I’ve bought some Snail Gel stuff from Holland & Barratt this afternoon as someone here, KittKat I think, recommended.


Francine I’m so sorry your nearest and dearest aren’t really getting how life is for you at the moment. Someone on here said, and I agree, that it is the bits where you are being sliced & diced/chemo’ed that people sympathise over and they think that you are OK the rest of the time whereas we all know that it is the hanging around waiting and worrying inbetween that takes such a heavy toll on the emotions. You’ve plenty of friends here though, whether you like it (us :D) or not!


Rose I hope your day out with your daughter is fun, can’t be bad if some retail therapy is involved and you deserve a treat after all the work nonsense you’ve had to put up with. 




Well of course I like you lot, how could I not! Love a bit of retail therapy myself. Used to love wandering around the fabric dept at John Lewis in London and Libertys of course, so quirky! Now I have a penchant for garden centres (must be old age!) bought three very nice Japanese acers from Morrisons for £20, can’t be bad. Just need the physical strength to pot them on, very frustrating. X Francine

Does anyone know if you can post pictures on here and if so how?

Hi lovely ladies,


Well I can hardly believe this myself, but the Snail Gel cream I got two days ago is already making a difference and the redness around my scar is fading.  Either that or it’s a coincidence of timing but I think it is actually the cream making a difference.  Hurrah!  So now I just need a lotion or potion that will make me 5 inches taller, 10lbs lighter and remove all wrinkles, anyone got any recommendations? :womanlol:


Been to the Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition at the V&A today and it was fantastic, really enjoyed it. Looking at the teeny tiny shoes for Japanese bound feet made me gag & retch though, such a barbaric tradition and I can’t understand why anyone would think that having feet the size of a toddlers would be sexy.  Ewww.


Hope you’re all having a good day.  Rose, how was your pamper day and first day back as a full timer?



Hi Sharon

snail gel sounds icky but if it works, I think I will have to get some

The v&a exhibition sounds fascinating,  glad you had a good day out.

I might be mad but my son is trying to persuade me to go to the cat rescue centre tomorrow and re home a cat he spotted there.  

Any of you ladies here have any thoughts?

sheena xx

Hi Sheena,


Both my babies came from the local rescue centre and they’ve been nothing but a joy.  Definitely think having a pet is a good thing, they are a distraction from any and all woes you might have and are just so totally adoring even when you’re having a bad day (unlike OHs in my experience which is one of many reasons why I’m now single :womansad:).  


Awww, getting all mushy now at the thought of more kitkat babies to play with…:heart::heart::heart:



Hi Ladies,
I’ve been trying to follow the threads…and I’m all for sticking together. How time flies. I’m back at work part time and have been treated well. I wish all here were as lucky! I’m down to…yes down to…one dog, three cats and a chinchilla! The dogs name is Starbucks. The chinchilla is the second one, his name is Wonka and the first was Willie. Then we have Holly, Tiger and Gismo. No more lovely creatures for me. I sure hope and wish everyone well! Don’t leave Francine, please. And thanks Sharon for the new thread! Peace to everyone.
Love, Sue

Hi ladies, been catching up on your threads and it seems we are definitely favouring gods creatures, cats, dogs and … snails. Love it. We went to see Jurassic World in 3d and it is awesome. Dinosaurs fasinate me but I did have to cover my eyes a couple of times as they were almost on top of me! I now need to see James Bond in 3d, certainly won’t need to close my eyes.  Hope everyone is doing ok. Anyone had their appointment with Onc. Yet. Mine is next week 25th.  Lol to all xxxxxxx