Marvellous Marchies 2012 Moving on

Hello ladies

It might seem premature but thought I’d start this new thread in preparation. I’ve just got back from oncology and been told I’ll have to have chemotherapy. Have to wait for call from suite then visit and start about a week later so this’ll probably take us to March. Six sessions with the three week break then radio!

God it sucks I hate the waiting when I don’t even feel I’ll. Feel like I need to scream the house down.

Look forward to hearing from others to share this awful time


Hi Carolyn,

Popped in from the December chemo thread. I’m half way through chemo, I’ve had x3 FEC and I’m due to start doxetaxol next week.
It’s not the best way of spending 18 weeks, some of the SE are not pleasent, but it is doable.

Take care.


Hello Carolyn

Looks like I will be joining you in March. I have been posting on the February thread, but have had my dates confirmed today and my first chemo session is 1st March!

I had an mx on 5th January and like you am having chemo, rads and drug therapy (Tamoxifen i think). I had my oncology appt on Monday so I hope you also will hear pretty quick with a date to start. I agree that the waiting is frustrating, but once I got my date confirmed, I shed a few tears! Its all so real now!

Hang in there, its all very daunting, but I am sure we ladies are strong enough to cope with support from each other. Have a good scream if you feel like it, it might release the stress!

Big hug coming your way

Joan x

Hi Carolyn / Joan - think I may be joining you both on here, I have my appt to see the oncologist on Friday and they said about 2 weeks from there so may just be into March. I was diagnosed on 27th Jan went in for surgery on 6th Feb but had severe allergic reaction as soon as they had cut me so had to stop surgery so in effect not had any op. They say although my tumour only measures approx 14mm x 10mm by body won’t cope with another op just yet so I’m having my chemo first followed by op then radiotherapy. Feel bit more postive after reading comments on here but still probably going to be tough going. Jo. X

Hi Carolyn, Joan, Jo

I’m also expecting to be starting in March - I was hoping it would be sooner as had WLE and node clearance on 11th January, but Oncologist appointment is on Monday so not likely to start chemo before March. I also have to have radiotherapy.

Did you get any idea from the Oncologist how long you’re likely to be off work?

I’ve just ordered an eyebrow kit from Groupon - losing my hair will be bad enough, but I think losing eyebrows and lashes will be even worse!



Nice to hear from more Marvellous March Ladies!

Caren, I also have a Groupon voucher to use but can’t decide on what colour to go for!! I hope to work round my tratment when I can. Fortunately I have a very understanding boss and work close to home so it will be easy for me to pop in. My oncologist did start off by saying that I wouldn’t be able to work, but I think its just better to see how I am. I think it would also help me to feel better to have a distraction! Good luck on Friday!

Jo, good luck on Friday for your appointment, you had some bad luck with your op, it’s good they are happy to do things the other way round. Ladies seem to have treatments in lots of different orders! I was in hospital with one lady who had started tamoxifen first before any other treatment.

Going to cook tea now!

Joan x

Sorry Caren, I meant good luck on Monday with your Onc appt!

J x

Best wishes to all of you. I was on the “Starting Chemo in August” thread, and having “virtual” friends to go through all the ups and downs with me was such a boon. You will spend a lot of time in bed and on the sofa. Not feeling ill as much as exhausted . Picking up the IPad or laptop made all the difference. It was empathetic company. You could say my taste has gone on day two and somebody else would have the same…so reassuring. "Positive posts about Tax " may be a tread worth reading.
You will get to the end. Ten of us are meeting for the weekend in April. All with the same hairstyle. Hold on in there and most importantly listen to your body. If it feels tired rest!!! Be kind to yourselves.
Big Hugs and crossed fingers

Hi ladies

Oncologist told me people do work between cycles so it’s doable. I’m lucky I don’t have pressure to go back to work and being a teacher not the most conducive place to stay bug free!

Caren if you’re seeing (I saw his registrar and then met him at the end) they will go over everything you need to know I was told I would get a call from nurse within the next week or so then when about 6 weeks post op visit chemotherapy suite then start about a week later.

Joan I am one of those who started Tamoxifen pre op then stopped now back on it, and now have to stop pre chemotherapy.

Keep in touch ladies to keep us all informed as we go through thus.


Sorry meant to say Caren I too feel more anxious about loss of eyebrows and lashes than hair - is that weird?

I’m off to look at Groupon now in readiness.


Hi Carolyn

on another thread you said you were borderline for chemo. how did you decide treatment. I am struggling to make deciscion Have decided to go with oncotype dx test to try and indicate if thereis a benefit to chemo. Oncologist told me that wouldnt normally go for chemo for grade one cancer but have micro mets which complicates as potential to spread has increased i really dont know what to do they just tell me the benefits and risks and want me to decide.

I am scared that whatever happens i will feel that i made the wrong choice

How do you feel now you have planfor chemo

love poppy

looks as if i will be joining you ladies.Ihad my mx and anc 27 jan 1 node affected but lump 77mm.
Already knew i had to have chemo but not when.I saw oncologist last week who said it would start 4-6 weeks after surgery, which would be 1-3 weeks time.i have a masssive seroma which i have had drained 5 times already, and they won’t start chemo till this has been sorted.

It will be good to hold hands as we go through the next stage of our treatment.

Can i ask what groupon is?

ASre any of you ladies going to use the cold cap? i have asked for it and they said last week that i will be able to do this.
well virtuals hugs everyone debbie xx

Hi Debbie,

Groupon is a website that you have to register with online and they send you discount offers from companies in your area that participate with groupon, eg. cheap weekends away or hair cuts, beauty treatment and lots lots more. Its well worth registering with there are some great offers.

Deb x

Hello I am also starting chemo in March. I have just had a mastectomy and lymph nodes removed. I am dreading chemo!

Hello all - I’m just popping in from February Chemo thread - had my first dose today and so far feeling fine!

Poppyd - I was also borderline for chemo - grade 2 with micro met in one lymph node. Spent alot of time discussing with onc and at the end of the meeting he said “if I was you I would do it”. So thats what I’ve done. I’m on the AC regime which is 9 weeks short and sharp. I just want to get back to normal as quickly as possible!

Mollie43 - I used the cold cap today - it is VERY cold but not too uncomfortable - its like a rubber bike helmet! The nurse told me there is a success rate of between 50 - 90% so thought it worth a go. I’m more concerned about losing eyebrows and lashes!!

Hugs to you all - I feel much better now the first one is done - only 3 to go!


Hi March chemo ladies! I thought I had posted something but now cannot find it! I am also due to start chemo in March and then radioI had a mastectomy in January and some lymph nodes removed then developed a haemotoma last week. I am swollen again but do not have another appt for 6 months. So not sure Whether it’s a seretoma or haemotoma.

Cackles, thank you for your kind words of encouragement! Its good to hear that you have come out the other end of this stage of your treatment intact!

Debbie, I hope they get your seroma sorted out soon. I had one which was drained a few times, and my BCN told me that suddenly your body will start dealing with the fluid itself. I am happy to say that did happen for me and after about 3 weeks orso following surgery it went right down and was much better. I am still very lumpy and bumpy following surgery but I suppose things are still settling down. I will be starting chemo 8 weeks after my mx. I am not doing cold cap as it isnt offered at my hospital and I just wasnt bothered enough about it to go elsewhere for treatment.

Poppy, do you think it might help you to make a decision if you ring the BCC helpline? I just wondered if it would help you to talk it over with someone else? It must be awful to be undecided. Maybe you could write down a pro’s and con’s list? It may help to see it all in balck and white!!

GeorgieB, welcome, I guess we are all dreading chemo, but I am SURE we will all get through it and help each other along the way.

Hugs to all
Joan xx

Hello March chemo buddies! Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride. I finished chemo at the end of November 2011. I posted mostly in the August chemo thread (with Cackles) please come and read our blog. You will see that we all survived, we had good days and bad days but we supported each other. We lost our hair - all of it!! But we never lost our sense of humour. Our hair is growing back and we are all close to finishing active treatment. Just take it one step at a time, don’t look into the future, it’s the present that matters. Above all, remember that THIS TOO WILL PASS.

Good luck ladies - I will be following your posts if you don’t mind. I found it so helpful to hear from people who had been through it. It’s reassuring to know that what you will experience is normal.


Morning ladies

It’s very refreshing to have you ‘pro’s’ popping in to reassure us, but I’m sure you all know at the moment it’s a long road ahead.

Poppy you were right I did mention on another post I was borderline but when I went to oncologist yesterday it was a decision already made for me. When I look back though I probably shouldn’t have been surprised as it was mentioned due to lots of factors it was a string possibility.

I must admit though having the decision made for me was a lot easier than being faced with making the decision yourself. The registrar said there were lots of factors the size 35mm, although I thought it was only 29mm, the type invasive lobular and the best part my age. Apparently at 48 I’m considered young, which is the best bit of news I’ve heard from doctors in a long while.

I think another thing that annoyed me is the time, 6 cycles of FEC with three weeks between each one then a three week break before starting radio, so my chances of being back to teaching in September are slim.

I don’t really think it’s properly sunk in yet about having this, I’m still cross about the thought of losing eyebrows and lashes more than anything. I feel like it’s happening to someone else and I’m a bystander looking in, maybe that’s how I cope.

At least today I’m meeting my teaching colleagues for lunch and a catch up so maybe they’ll make me realise it’s

It’s great to see this post growing, and have others going through the same.

Hugs to all


Morning everyone! Feel sick today just at the thought of seeing the oncologist for the first time tomorrow and had a nightmare trying to style my short hair for the first time this morning (had it cut short yesterday) - I could just sit and cry but coming on here and reading everyone else’s journey keeps me going and thinking I can get through this!

You are all an inspiration - long journey ahead but wouldn’t it be great to all meet up after the journey has finished? Hope you all have a lovely day and take care. Jo. X