May 2024 chemo starters

I probably drank 1.5l before treatment, then had cups of tea and a few glasses during… :blush:
The silk bed cap and pillowcase was from a company called Jasmine silk which I found online xx

Hi everyone, have been reading many posts with much interest, and thought I would join before starting chemo tomorrow (same day as you @rosa1) 4 x EC & 4 x paclitaxel. Bit nervous but reassured by hearing all your experiences; which are obviously not without difficulties but it gives me courage to face this in the company of so many other strong individuals :heart:
Not cold capping as was told it didn’t have a high success rate with the drugs I’m on and I personally didn’t want to extend treatment times. I did also get my haircut before starting chemo and went from shoulder length hair to a short Bob look and ended up liking it so much I’ve got a wig that’s virtually identical :rofl: just need to master styling it now!!
Anyway, hope everyone is well and continues to be so xx


My oncologist recommended I try cold capping @kiltie Some women on this forum who have tried a similar chemotherapy regime have kept a good amount of their hair but others still lost it. He said we won’t know if it works for me until I try it. The breast nurse also suggested I try it. So I’m going to give it a go. If it gets too painful I may stop. I really hope it works for me and I can cope with it x

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Yes I have read some conflicting reports since they told me that @rosa1, it just seems that everything about this whole process is uncertain at times :confused: but I do hope all goes well for you today too :heart: x

Just got home from my first chemo session. I did cold capping which didn’t feel too bad at the start. Towards the end I started to get a headache which eased off once the cap was removed. I also felt nauseous just before the end of treatment and when I got home. I’ve just taken some more anti sickness medication but hasn’t helped much. I was expecting these side effects but not instantly. I hope it eases off.

I hope @kiltie your session went ok today.


@rosa1 well done for getting through it. Your symptoms sound so similar to the pattetn mine took, the cold capping and the nausea. I found food did help if you can face it and it eased up after the first 12 hours. Good luck x

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Thank you @tori123. I hope mine also stops tomorrow. I’ve been given two lots of anti nausea medication so I hope they start working soon.

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Rosa1 keep drinking plenty of fluids :heart::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Hi~~I did cold capping, and I will start my second chemo next week, I feel nothing when I am having the cold cap treatment, it was so amazing after the treatment my head turned some ice on it!

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Hey @rosa1 I hope you feel better soon and those anti-emetics kick in for you :crossed_fingers:t2: I don’t have nausea at the moment thank goodness, but then I think I have about 3 different anti-emetics going round me!! However, I did have a bit of a nightmare with my cannula though; apparently I have good veins in my hand but unfortunately they spasm when they’re trying to syringe the drugs in, which meant nothing was going in and at one point the saline fluid was backing up into the syringe and caused it to leak all over the nurse, it was a bit of a hairy moment for both of us. So they re-cannulated me 4 times, which was excruciating. They eventually got a vein on the side of my wrist, but it was slowing down by the end and the struggled with the last syringe. They’ve suggested I consider a PICC line and I think a few others on here have them and would be really interested to hear other’s opinions/experiences with these. Apart from that just feeling wiped out right now. Hope all goes well for others approaching their second round :heart: X


@rosa1 @kiltie Well done for getting through your first round hope you both feel ok tomorrow. Keep the fluids up.
@kiltie I chose to have a picc as l bruise as soon as a needle even touches me, it was a 30-40 min simple procedure to have it put in and didn’t hurt at all.
The injection of the syringes was fairly slow but had no issues.
Take care ladies :two_hearts:

If anyone is on Instagram, @_breastoffriends have recently posted their chemotherapy tips. Some of it we have already discussed on this thread but there’s a few extra things and its grouped quite nicely.


I had my first EC on Thursday and have been having joint pain on and off. Is this normal? As it’s not listed as the main side effects.

Hi @rosa1, I didn’t have any joint pain until I did the filgastram injections (not sure if that’s spelt right)

@tori123 I have to start these injections on Monday

Hello to all you incredible lot, we really are going through it! I’m currently Day 6 after having my first chemo on Monday. Was an absolute nervous wreck but the amazing nurses at Royal Marsden took me into their arms. I did cold capping, my hair is a big safety blanket for me and was luscious and past my bottom. I’ve since cut it less than shoulder length which was so difficult to do but gave me a lot of closure. It was like getting rid of years of trauma. I thought cutting it will give me the best chances of saving it as well but constantly reminding myself that it’s just hair. Anyone having headaches? I’ve got the worst headaches that I can’t shift most of the time. Don’t know if it’s cold cap related or chemo? Also feel very dizzy and what seems like vertigo. Day 3 was definitely the hardest, blood pressure dropped drastically and literally couldn’t move. Also the constant gas!!! My stomach is all over the place. It’s not been easy especially as I have three young children, so grateful for my own mum and husband!

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@shahz4169 I did have a headache during cold capping and the next day. My stomach feels knotty and I’m constipated. Feel achy as well. Today I woke up feeling nauseous again. Im also at the Marsden and they were lovely and attentive. X

My first chemo (EC) was on the 9th. My worst side effects was the dizziness and brain fog x

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Are you doing the filgrastim injections? It’s a side effect of those x

Same here :heart: first EC for me was on 9th. How did you get on?