May I join you???

Hi. I have tried on several occasions to join in this forum but have not really had any replies - although I have had some very appreciated e-mails from some of the lovely ladies.

I just needed to write today because I am on a real downer. Apart from my breast cancer my husband went for a heart op on Monday (to fit a stent) but unfortunately even though he was in theatre for nearly two hours they could not get into the artery, it was too badly blocked. He now has to wait for another appointment for them to try some different equipment - so you can imagine we are both stressed to the hilt.

My Son has been staying with us for a couple of days to help out but he has just gone home and that has made me sad too.

I hope that I will be able to join some of you lovely ladies and hopefully next time I will be back to my own self - which is nearly always upbeat and very positive.

Regards to you all

Sorry to hear that you have been having such a tough time…:frowning:

I hope that it doesn’t take too long for them to get your husband another appointment… as you say it is tough when one of you is ill - let along both…

hugs Theresa x

Thank you rhapsodyangel for replying to me. Ho w are you and what stage are you at?

I hope things get better for you and your partner. I browse the forums but don’t post very often. It is doubly hard for you with your partner also having health problems. I hope he gets another appointment very soon.



I seem to be doing okay at the moment thanks…:smiley:

I was diagnosed last May with inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) so i had to have six months chemo first, then the mastectomy and full lymph node removal then 4 weeks rads and now i am on tamoxifen…

How is your treatment going…?

Theresa x

Hi mommyw

I am sorry to read that you are feeling this way, if you feel it would help to talk things through with someone in confidence please do call our helpline where you can receive more support and a ‘listening ear’. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and 9-2. The helpliners can also talk to you about our other support services such as ‘Peer support’ which you can read about via this link:

Best wishes

Hi mommyw,
Sorry to hear that you and your OH are haveing such a tough time at the moment.Hope your hubby gets an appointment through asap.
Shame your son has had to go back home too, i have 2 older children who live up in Lincs and it breaks my heart every time they leave to go back.(mums eh)
Where abouts are you with your treatment? i was DX almost 2 yrs ago now, so have finished all my major treatment (WLE,Chemo.Rads) and now on 6 monthly checks and Tamoxifen ive just had my check up this week and doing ok so fingers crossed.
Realy hope that things start to get better soon, come on here when you want to chat, there will always be someone here who understands what your going through. If i can be of any help just shout.
You take care
Hugs ((((((o))))))
Lindiloo x

hi - mary here - I did mean to email you the other day but then sieve-head forgot…I’ve been thinking about you and your hubby and his op too and also about you and the camper van - I was meant to get camping last weekend for the night with a friend in her trailer tent as both our kids weren’t going and she had a sore throat and cough etc so I had to be sensible and not go - second chemo was yesterday and didn’t want to rrisk it…so talk away and take care and hugs to you both, you’ll get there…mary x

Pauline - just re-read my emails and remembered your son was from shrewsbury - up the road from me - are you staffs way? Mary x

Sorry to hear about your hubs,that must be doubly tough on you having to deal with that too. My hubs is off to Riga with his mates this weekend so will be first time have been on my own since all this started,well, apart from having my 2 girls around too,Im quite looking forward to it,as Im now driving again it just makes life that bit more “normal”. Be kind to yourself ,big hugs and keep chatting.

Sandra x

Hubbies are a worry, aren’t they? Mine has emphysema - he’d given up smoking a couple of years ago, and what did he do the minute I told him my diagnosis? Went out and got a packet of fags! He can’t even walk up the stairs without getting dizzy. It’s been a couple of months now - he SAYS he’s giving up any day. (Me and the dogs will move into the garden shed for a few days.)

Thank you to all of you lovely ladies who replied to my last post. I am feeling so much better today and hubby is getting on fine too. He is badly bruised each side of his groin but he could drive today ao we had a trip to Matalan and Asda (liver dangerously) but it was so cold and windy out that at least we had some exercise waling round the stores, plus I treated myself to 3 new blouses.

Dediced to go to local pub for a meal so no cooking or washing up.
Idle or what but nice. At £3.00 each for a dinner and pudding you can’t go wrong - and I was stuffed it was too much to eat.

Keep smiling everyone
Pauline (Mommyw)

Woooooooooooops mean live dangerously not liver dangerously - have to get fingers working properly

Hi mommyw I live near Shrewsbury too!My husband had a stent put in 7 years ago after a heart attack and he has been absolutely fine ever since:)I hope your OH is ok now.I finished treatment in 2007 Ihad trip neg IDC 2cm Gr2 no nodes and after WLE,chemo and rads I hopped onto the post bc roller coaster and sometimes I just want to get off!I have 2 grown up children,3 steps and 9 grandchildren so I get lots of support but what you get from this and other sites is really special.Sometimes we meet in person and that is wonderful just to chat about those things that only we understand.Where else do you meet a stranger and within minutes you have your top up and compare scars?Take care love,we are here.

Lol at your typing Pauline,Im sure liver can be very dangerous in the wrong hands… and Val,that made me laugh, I found that in hospital,women that were in for a 2nd lot of surgery or reconstruction after dinner on our first night were more than happy to whip up their tops and show us what they had…so to speak, and it was great and comforting in a strange way,as it took away some of the fear of the unknown,and didn’t look as bad as what we had imagined.
Big hugs to all.

Sandra x

Hi Pauline

I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better now, this is my first good day of this chemo cycle so I know what you mean about feeling down. It must be doubly hard if your hubby is ill too. Nobody else is allowed to be ill in my house until I’m better!!

I like the sound of £3 for a dinner and a pud. I could just fancy a nice pub lunch today but I’ve got nobody to play with. Boo hoo.

Gennie x

Hi everyone

Again thanks you all for your lovely replies and good wishes for my husband.

We had a lovely day out today, hubby was reading a motorhome mag last night (we have a classic camper van, hence the interest) and he saw an ad for the Outdoor Show at the NEC. We decided that we needed to go out somewhere and where better to get lots of exercise in the warm so went this morning.

The show was really good - not that I wanted to climb walls or learn how to dive or skateboard etc. but it was good watching the youngsters having fun. I spent some of my pennies on a gillet and belive it or not - now don’t laugh - a little gadget that you can use to have a wee without having to remove your trousers. Needless to say this is to use when you are really caught short, maybe in a country lane and don’t want to squat or when you are camping and do not want to go out in the middle of the night. You simply place it underneath you and wee into it. There is a pipe at the other end and you just wee like a man, either into the bushes or into a bottle.
Bet you think I am having you on but as I have an over-active bladder and will soon be camping in the camper van I thought it might be useful. Watch this space I willgive it a try.

Anyway we had a lovely day, then popped in to see an uncle and aunt and then naughty naughty we had fish, chips and mushy peas. I really am getting idle just lately and can’t be bothered with cooking etc. I am piling on the pounds but at least when I start treatment and maybe can’t eat I will have surplus fat to get rid of.

Well I am going now to check on e-mails and facebook etc.

Best wishes to you all.
Pauline (mommyw)

Ooh I’m not going to laugh at you re your little gadget…not only have I got one …I bought all my friends one after one was caught short in a traffic jam one day and literally had to pee her pants as she was stuck on a motorwayfor hours ,surrounded by men in cars and high embankments… very traumatic ! So when I saw these advertised in some mag I bought a job lot…took mine camping last year and it was very handy,but mainly keep it in the car…just in case…

Glad you had a nice day out,makes all the difference,am just chilling with a glass of wine.

Thanks Sandra 44, glad I am not nuts for buying my wee gadget and I am so glad they work. I think I know what will be stocking fillers this year for a joke!!!

Please tell me where I can get one I would find it soooo useful to have in the car.I find it very hard to squat down outdoors[sorry] and this would be a godsend.
Love Valx