Meeting up in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Is there anyone who lives in the Kings Norton, Bournville, Selly Oak, Northfield, Longbridge, West Heath, Edgbaston and Bearwood areas and anywhere else in between who would like to meet up once a month during the day somewhere in the Birmingham centre for a coffee and a chat, and so we can support each other.

I want to do this as there doesn’t seem to be much support for us in our area especially during the day (evening meetings are a problem for me). and if I can get a few people I can let the Breast cancer care helpline know.

If I can get enough people interested I will try and find us somewhere to meet on a more permanent basis.

I will be in Birmingham on 14th February with someone who has already contacted me, so it would be nice to get more numbers.

If your interested you can private message me via this site

Sue xx

Would like to meet sometime, 14th feb should be my last day of RT, so if u get lots of takers would come to next one. IAM new to useing a computer so havent worked out how to do this privately.LOL LOL

Do come along if you are in the Birmingham area–Sue and I had a good chat this week, and we’d both like to get something going.

One way to keep track of who is coming to something is to make a list by copying and pasting all the names ahead of you and adding your own.

So far we have:
Gettingoverit (Sue)
Gardenparty (Yvonne)–in March
Mezzomamma (Cheryl)

If you click on someone’s user name, the one that’s underlined, you will go to a page about them which includes a green box that says ‘Send a message’. Other people won’t see that message. If someone sends you a message, they may say so in an open forum message, but you should also see a number next to your user name (gardenparty) at the top of the page to tell you that you have a message, or more than one. If you click your name at the top of the page, you will go to the page where you can add to or change your profile, and where there is also an inbox. If you have any new messages, a number will tell you how many, and you can answer if you like.

I will send you a message, so you can try to find it and read it. If you want to give someone your address or phone number, it’s best to use a message, because anyone can read the forums.


Just bumping this up. Anyone in the Birmingham area is welcome to meet up in a couple of weeks, on 14 February. Just come along to the Rackham’s (House of Fraser) Restaurant at 11 am and we can have a good chat. It would be great to get regular meet-ups going in this area, so please come and share any ideas.


Hi all,
I’m currently ok for 14th so expecting to meet you all. Just wondering if any of us also have a hospital in common…I had my surgery at the QE…

There are so many ladies having treatment at any time in this region I’m surprised more aren’t in touch so I was wondrrg if some of the local hospitals already have support groups.

Bumping again.


If you have a support group connected with your hospital, could you come along and tell us about it?

Hi there ladies,

Yes ill be there, be nice to have a chat

take care


I’ll try to come but am having the boiler serviced that morning. If I can get rid of the engineer by 10.30 should make it. However I will also be on day 5 of Tax2 so may not actually be able to raise myself from my pillow!

Hope to see you there, if not maybe next time. I too have been surprised how little seems to be going on in Birmingham. I’m having all my treatment at QE. Mx and ALNC in October and now chemo.

p.s. is it the 6th floor restaurant at HoF in which you’re meeting?

Yes, that’s the one. Good luck with the boiler. We had a lot of trouble with ours last year and had to get a new one in the end. Hope to see you there.

Anyone else in the area?

Hi all

is everyone still on for wednesday? What time does everyone suggest to meet?

I have RT that day and they are going to zap mw with a ‘high dose’ so dont know how I am going to feel, but really want to be there ( H-O-F)

can you confirm this is still on?




Not Wednesday, Tuesday the 14th, Valentine’s Day. I hope that’s a better day for you.

Just a reminder that anyone in the area is welcome to meet up tomorrow 14 February at the restaurant on the top floor of the House of Fraser at 11.

Hi All

Was hoping to take a drive out & join you but tucked up poorly in bed worst luck! Have a cuppa for me. Maybe I can join you another time.

Twinky x

Sorry you’re not well, Twinky.

Reminder: Today 14 February at 11 am, in the 6th floor restaurant at House of Fraser. All welcome.

It’s reminder time: all welcome on Tuesday morning 13 March, at 11, in the 6th floor restaurant at House of Fraser (still Rackhams to us old-timers).

Would be good to meet you all - hopefully next month when I will have finished treatment I can come along.

Have fun on Tuesday


Hi there,
I might be able to get there this tuesday but am starting back at work tomorrow so not sure yet how timing will go.
Thanks for making the arrangements anyway,