Metaplastic triple negative

Just found out that not only am I triple negative but my cancer was metaplastic. I understand that it’s quite rare and aggressive and I wondered if anyone else was also metaplastic. Lou x

Hi Loupylou, just bumped a couple of thread up for you, regarding Metaplastic bc xxx hope they are helpful to you xxx

Thanks a lot Sandra, much appreciated xx

hi yes i am also metaplastic but only recently found out so sorry cant help you out with any info as dont know much about it myself. Im 29, having right mastectomy tomorow, already had 2 operations but they decided i would need to have mastectomy in the end. havent started any treatment yet and not sure what i will be having yet! feel free to message me. geanie x

Hi Geanie, I’ve found quite a bit of info from America including a Facebook site set up by a lady with metaplastic. I’m trying not to be fazed by it as I already knew I was TNC and i’ve had two WLE, dose dense chemo AC-T which seems to be recommended and 25 rads. Just more stuff for us to deal with I suppose. Good luck with your treatment, let me know how you get on. Lou xx

Lol Loupylou

Have just found this thread. Have just private messaged you to see if you knew about the facebook site.

Geanie - I was diagnsed with MBC last November. There’s not really alot of info out there but the fb site is a really good start.

Both of you feel free to Pm me.

Good luck with your mx tomorrow

Maria x

Hi all,

I have just found this forum, I was diagnosed with Metaplastic spindle cell carcinoma on Monday (13th) having a right mastectomy next week and follow on chemo and radiotherapy. Very scared as not much known about this type of cancer, but trying to stay positive.
Nice to know I am not alone though,

Hi Nic
I’ve only just seen your post as I don’t come on this site very much anymore as there aren’t many ladies with metaplastic. I am a member of the MBC Facebook group set up by a very inspirational lady - Bena Roberts and it is very supportive and informative. There’s around 200 ladies with MBC around the world on there. Hope your surgery and treatment went well. PM me if want any info
Lou x

Bump…i have it too!
Dulcie xx

Can we keep this thread going please? can the ladies who are Metaplastic get in touch with me by PM or better still …post on here… thank you…
There are 2 of us posting in another area together…now i did know several others…but have lost the contact…
Dulcie xx


I have it too!! Going to start chemo 26th. Please get in touch xxx

Hi Heidi, I think we’ve talked on the FB site x

i have it too. Trying to think the positives, just because it rare, domaker make it better or worse. I loop liking into changing my diet and lifestyle afterwards. I have a very stressful job, didn t eat well and if I am honest have alot of anxiety around me (Prior to BC).
happy to be involved with this group.

i may sound okay- but as frightened as every one else is x

Note 2 Nd day after chemo. Just read post “chemo fog” has really set in x hope you can make some sense of my ramblings - good luck :slight_smile:

Also metaplastic, surgery Dec 2012 and just started chemo. I am on the Facebook site too, which seems to be very helpful and not just women from the US but worldwide, including several from the UK. Look up Redirecting... - it’s a closed group and you will need to email Bena to join.

Hi Ladies

I am also Metaplastic TN and have just had a third recurrance. Has anyone seen ********** at Guys?

Great to find somepeople in a similar situation, wishing you all lots of luck.

Hi what is metro aplastic is it the type of tumour. Just curious as I am TN bu not had surgery yet


Deleting post. I had my wires totally crossed. Sorry guys!

No Morenna what you are describing is metastatic disease. METAPLASTIC disease is a type of breast cancer where the tumour cells have changed type of cell. BCC have a good description of it…under their types of breast cancer. It DOES NOT mean the disease has spread although it does have the potential to spread like all breast cancers.