Anyone else diagnosed with invasive micropappillary carcinoma ? I have had the cancer removed surgically . It was ER +,PR+ , Her 2 negative. Postive sentinel lymph node . Plan is for radiotherapy and hormone treatment but now they are thinking about Chemo as an adjuvant therapy which has totally thrown me . I am waiting for results of Ki67 and have first appointment with oncologist in 2 weeks . Anyone else in with similar experience? Would love to hear from you. Thank you *emphasised text


Hi Bella
Have just seen your post. I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with micropapillary features in December 2023. Multifocal and 2/3 positive sentinel nodes. Had a mastectomy in February and started chemotherapy in March. - one more cycle to do then 3 weeks of radiotherapy.
It’s quite a rare diagnosis and I haven’t seen many others with this. My oncologist has over 40 years experience and is confident that treatment paths and prognosis is not so different to other types, they are talking about curative intent so I’m staying positive.
Happy to chat and share experiences if you want.

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Hi There
Thanks for replying to my message . The KI 67 test I had came back low so I didn’t need chemo in the end but I am going to be having 3 weeks of radiotherapy and have started tamoxifen, an ovarian suppressant and also due to start biphosphonates . How did you manage the chemo ? Not long to go now … Can I ask were you HER 2 positive or what led to the decision for chemo ? You are the only person that’s responded to my message re micro papillary . The oncologist also said my prognosis is good . I had 2 areas a Ductal carcinoma and micropapillary and cells present in the sentinel node . They only managed to get one sentinel node biopsy but the radiotherapy will also be treating that area … I’m trying not to Google and just trust what the oncologist says . I think although it’s rare it’s just been treated as an oestrogen positive breast cancer … would love to hear hiw you are getting on …

Hi Bella
Like you, Ive only seen a few posts with this diagnosis. I am Er+ve 8 and PR+ve HER2-ve.
I was offered chemotherapy as the pathology report showed lymphovascular invasion. Was told this would potentially mop up any cells that may have escaped. It’s not been easy but I felt that it was best insurance policy. I’m not having axillary clearance surgery as trials I was shown give same outcome with radiotherapy. (AMAROS) My pathology was like yours IDC (NST) and micropapillary. It was grade 2 but some high grade ‘in situ’.
Anyway all gone with mastectomy! They just seem to treat it as normal ductal carcinoma and the, everyone is positive and I have to trust they know what they’re doing! My BCN stated when I had a wobbly day “we can’t give false hope, if we didn’t believe there was strong probability of curative intent then our conversation would be very different’. This did give me confidence.
My only concern is that mine wasn’t picked up on mammogram 9 months before I found lump, and lymph nodes looked normal on ultrasound (2/3 positive) so follow ups going to have to be aware of this.

Hi there
Sounds like you’re in good hands and the prognosis is a good one ! That’s what I was told and I guess there’s no guarantees for anyone … even people who haven’t had breast cancer . I’ve been struggling with those worries of reoccurrence at the moment but hoping with time it will settle … Are you on hormone therapy ? I’ve just started taking tamoxifen and the injections . Have some brain fog but seems to be ok so far … my first radiotherapy pre assessment appointment is on the 18 th June … I didn’t have any symptoms at all . The cancer was picked up in my first routine mammogram . They said it had been there a while . Like you my lymph nodes looked clear and healthy on the Ultrasound. Hopefully the radiotherapy will blast any of the rogue cells … good luck in your ongoing recovery …Let us know how you get on … :blush:

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I’m obviously a bit older than you! (65) I’ll start on Letrozole I think after chemo finishes and before radiotherapy.
That’s really weird as on Saturday I got my letter through for pre radiotherapy planning - mines on 18th June too!
I’m used to brain fog with chemo, I’d been on HRT for years, don’t regret that (even though it’s a possible risk factor) but had been reducing dose for a few years (stopped on biopsy day!) and so am definitely post menopausal - I’m hoping the hormone blockers won’t be so much of a shock to my system- but we’ll see. I’ve got a few friends who are BC survivors and have said if side effects are a problem them you can ask for different brands or types until something suits. All seem to be tolerating well currently so fingers crossed.