Miss Match - Bra & Breast Form Fitting Consultant

Just popping by to introduce myself,
I’m Yvie of Miss Match Fittings.

I have recently launched a pocketed bra & breast form fittings service in & around Hampshire.
Currently it’s s mobile service, I hope with growth, to expand & offer pop up shops.

I offer bookings online via my website www.missmatchfittings.com & by phone/ message.

Having over 8 years experience of bra & breast form fitting working for a brand leading company.
Spending my days fitting in private & NHS hospital clinics, training nurses, working with charities and hosting events.

I travelled the country extensively, even though the travel could be tiring, I always felt extremely blessed to have fitted thousands of women, from all corners of the world.

Hearing stories, wiping tears and just being part of so many individual journeys on a one to one basis, is a priveledge.
We’ve laughed & cried, hugged and elbow bumped!
Still today there is nothing like seeing a smile at the end of a consultation, that glimmer of confidence being restored, well it’s priceless.

When my career took a change in direction, I decided I wanted to continue to offer my fitting services.
Its been such a big part of my life, well, I wasn’t ready to let go, so Miss Match was born! .

After enjoying a few months working extremely part time, I’m now starting to pick up pace and expand on my services.

Over time, I may pop on here, to run ideas past you. I’m a Libra and sometimes important decisions get stuck in my mind - it would be great to have other honest opinions.

I say this with fingers crossed🤞🏻, I have never met with anyone that I couldn’t fit, I’ve had some challenging cases and (so far) I’ve been blessed with positive outcomes.

Specialising in fittings for mastectomy, lumpectomy, polands syndrome, natural imbalance and the LGBQT/ transgender community - I’m proud to have offered a helping hand to so many, who needed my help in very different ways.

Who knows, I may have even met some of you in person? Perhaps at a charity event or in a hospital clinic.

Now I’m a forum member, I will try to look out for questions that lean towards my expertise.
Similarly, should you have any questions, please reach out.

I have a Facebook page which would be grateful for more followers, this would hopefully encourage me to post a more regular and fulfilling content. (Procrastination is another libra trait :slight_smile:
I hope in time, to incorporate videos, competitions and announcements for events where I will be speaking & fitting.

The brave ladies I have met have fulfilled my life in many ways, it’s not always an easy job, especially at the first fit stage.
Stories, experiences and emotions can weigh on your mind and you end your day with a heavy heart.
On the flip side, on many occasions it also encouraged me to put any problems that I may have had at that time, into perspective.

I like to view my consultations as a transference of skills, what I offer in fitting is generally reciprocated by personal growth in some way.

Thank you so much for reading & please reach out any time :slight_smile: Miss Match

Hi Yvie.

I have the two 64k dollar questions which is i don’t live anywhere near Hampshire, so does your mobile take you as far north as the Midlands, or just locally to you?
Also, your whole service, is it affordable? Meaning less than £50?
The cost of bras and prosthesis are phenomenal alongside everything else to do with cancer.
It is quite frustrating having the high physical and emotional costs of mastectomies etc…and then receiving the monetary costs of just trying to get on with your life and look the same as everyone else!
It’s very upsetting.

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Concerned have you had a look at evenly bra balancers that Kate Taylor does and also Trulife in Sheffield for prothesis? Also your trust I believe should provide you a new one every 2 years I think? Also Primark are doing a range of bras too :heart: just wanted to mention if you were not aware :heart: might be of some help and yes agree it’s about time that there was ranges and bra balancers and prothesis available in stores do we could shop for nice underwear and have what we need bra balancers and prothesis right there in store alongside so we can enjoy underwear shopping :heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

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Hi Shi.
This is all news to me. I will check out the two outlets you mentioned, although im guessing they will be in excess of £50+ which to me, is expensive.
My ‘trust’ gave me one very heavy oversized prosthesis that couldn’t be worn and told me that’s all they had, pulled out a dusty box of used foams and said, you can have one from there, you’ll have to wash it first.
That was 2 years ago. Haven’t heard from them since.
Ive just had to fend for myself as I said. Same thing with wigs. Im not European, so a wig like that would look ridiculous on an ethic person.
A voucher to look for afro Caribbean style wigs, would’ve been more sensible.

Evenly bra balancers very reasonable and look like they will be in your price range, Kate is developing the range too so have a look at her website :heart: trulife are more expensive but I’ve personally found both excellent :heart: the lack of options and wigs at reasonable price is something that the nhs should address but you could raise directly with bcn and become a voice to campaign for this maybe? Something to think about :heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

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You go back to your trust about your prothesis they don’t usually volunteer the info of what your entitled to do you have to ask for one has been my personal experience :heart:hope this helps :two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

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Im on it! Thanks for your help.:+1::+1:

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This is something to think about. Ive even made my own, just based on the talented ladies on utube.
It is something I will try to raise with BCN, as we have been looked over, as it were. Thanks.

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:heart:use your voice Concerned75 do get BCN onboard and hopefully the NHS can help source or find suppliers that will give greater wig options :heart: you’ll help so many :heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

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I am certainly going to contact you. My experience with the NHS was so awful it was very funny. My diagnosis happened during Covid so getting anything was a nightmare as our caring sharing NHS was only interested in the pandemic. About a year after the mastectomy I got an appointment to get a breast form. A woman asked a few cursory questions and then flung open some huge cupboard doors with pigeon holes in the wall like a postal sorting office. ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘we don’t have your size. Would you like one two sizes bigger or three sizes smaller?’
A box was eventually pressed on me with this quivering mass of jelly-like substance that looked like it had been worn by many others. I told her I didn’t want it but she said if I didn’t accept it, I wouldn’t be eligible for an upgrade when the right size came in. I took it home and tried it on. It weighed a ton. I have entertained friends with the sight of this monstrous contraption.


Teddy271 :heart: you too please use your voice to BCN the more voices we can get about more accessible bra balancers and prothesis being stocked in stores with lingerie the better and not just the sponge things that one or two might stock we need full ranges of bra balancers and prothesis in stores and available to purchase. Confused is going to use their voice so there is better availability of wigs which they have strut with :heart: come on everyone use our voices to help BCN to use so we can get the things that should be readily available to us in shops, it is 2023 not 1883 :heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

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Hello & thank you for your questions.

Re pricing yes I stock bras that start from £22 and offer a range for all budgets.

Generally they are priced the same as high street non specialist brands , However with all mastectomy brands a lot of research goes into fabrics, technology & sustainability.
Manufacturers work closely with surgical teams and nurses etc .
The pocket fabric adds on a cost and covered seems for comfort etc - lots of factors that aren’t a consideration for non surgery patients, these all effect the price …

Re travel generally I work with in an hour radius, however I’ve travelled as far as Middlesbrough and jersey for work, so I am I used to travelling :slight_smile: .

If there were several ladies bookings together or a charity event with lots of ladies to be fitted, I would happily make the journey.

Prosthetics - yes most NHS trusts will replace every 3-4 years,( each rust varies )
Weight is crucially important in breast forms, the main reason they are made, is to keep your posture correct,
of course symmetry & the confidence that gives is highly important too .
But to help reduce the risk of shoulder drop & back complications, the weight has to be with in a certain threshold .
Therefore foam & microfibre products are only advised for comfort post op & occasion sports & sleep if required.

Silicone is recommended for long term use to help posture & as the product has the weight required, Even the lightest of silicone can only be 40% less heavy than a fully weighted silicone if posture is to be maintained.
A small lumpectomy can cause trips & falls in the elderly, as the body naturally leans to counter balance! So shapers are always recommended.

I hope that answers a few questions :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry you had such a bad experience, I’ve met many wig fitters who would have stocked the appropriate wigs for you…
as for the prosthetic - that’s just dreadful , you should always be offered to try on 3 or 4 different types, even if they have it be ordered in for sizing )

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Thanks for your reply.
It’s just me in the West Midlands, however I am a member of the White House Cancer Support group charity in Dudley, West Midlands and there was supposed to be a lady discuss bras and fittings, but never turned up.
If you would be interested in something like this, i could ask the chief executive if your services is something the White House would find useful.
Let me know.
In the meantime, do you have a link to what type of bras you have to look at please?

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Ive had a mastectomy, so one is heavy 44DD/F which I’ve been struggling to manage with for the last two years.
Bought loads of bras, cost me money i didn’t really have and none of them are comfortable after a couple of hours.
Just very frustrating…

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yes I would love to attend - feel free to pass my email to the group and we could discuss :slight_smile:


& when you have a minute if you would like to drop me a line too, I can give you further info :slight_smile:
I am part way through loading my online store , started it in August , then i had a holiday & returned with a nasty virus - so I’ve just recovered & am getting up & running again.

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Yes it can be frustrating, being sized correctly plays a part in comfort & some times a deeper band can help everything stay in place.

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I’ve heard this a lot over the years, it’s just not acceptable.
A consultation should flow…
An introduction to make you feel at ease & asking questions as to your lifestyle & requirements.

As mentioned In my other post -being offered to try on at least 3 to 4 forms is vital to you feeling that you’ve have a good experience with acceptable choices.

Having time to look in the mirror, so you can see the results & I often also offer a larger and smaller size to be tried, so you can make an informed choice & will be happy that you are in the best size, for you .

I promise not all fittings will be as clumsy as your first :slight_smile:

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Hi Yvie.
I will get onto this at some point today or before end of the week.

Thanks, Ruby


We would love to work with you Yvie! We need more services like yours. What you said about the weight of the prosthetic being so important is spot on! That is why our Evenly Bra Balancers are the weight that they are.

I have dropped you a message through your website.

Kate founder of Evenly - www.evenlybreasts.com

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