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Had my BC appt today, on examination the surgeon could clearly see my indent and said there was a mass or thickening nearby and also thickening in the other breast but that he felt it was nothing he could say was malignant. Then had mammogram and ultrasound, both all clear but the surgeon seemed to gatecrash the ultrasound (is this normal?!) and pointed out my indent to make him keep looking, he then said ‘I’m worried it could be lobular, if you’re not going to biopsy then I will’ so they then did a core biopsy of the indented breast. They have made an appt for results on 18 Dec but told me if they’re not back then it will be after Christmas! Not really sure how to feel now, he explained that lobular can be hard to detect and often won’t show up on the scans and that with my family history he wants to be sure but kept changing his attitude from being reassuring to saying he was worried all throughout our chat afterwards. Has anyone had this where all looks fine but the biopsy says different? I suppose all I can do is wait and see but surely there must be something thats causing this indent/pucker?

Hi Milly, 

I am sorry to hear you are going through this anxious time, I am sure our users will be along soon to offer their support and advice. 

In the meantime do give our support line a call at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk to you about you biopsy, offer you a friendly ear and provide you with some information.

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I’m waiting for results too. Just wondering how you are doing having just read your post.

Hi Poppy, well I think it’s all good news so far! The nurse called on Weds to say the biopsy results show a benign cyst and so instead of going Friday they want me in on Monday for more scans. She said something about a ‘wide area’ and my family history so they want to look with a more modern machine…I was on my mobile with a v bad connection so I didn’t catch it all. I don’t understand what she meant about a wide area, perhaps they have seen something on the scan when they looked again? I do feel a lot more relaxed now though and am glad they seem to be doing all they can to make sure, especially as I’d been worried they could have biopsied the completely wrong area with nothing to guide them on the scan, they only took 3 samples and I do have rather large boobs lol and I am bruised everywhere other than all around where the problem is! Do you know when you will be getting your results? Fingers crossed for good news for you x

Hi. I’m glad it’s a cyst and I hope that nothing else is found at your next tests… It’s the waiting isn’t it that’s so difficult? I still haven’t heard anything. The radiologist said 2 to 3 weeks and it would be the same wait for good or bad news. It will be 3 weeks on Thursday and I think if I haven’t heard anything by Tuesday I will go to the hospital to ask. I really don’t want it to go on until after Xmas. I’m in spain and I don’t really know what the process is here. I’ve been very bruised too although it’s pretty much gone now. I had 13 core biopsies taken in 2 different places but in the same boob. Best of luck tmw. Do you know exactly what they are going to do? X

Yes I would definitely contact them to find out when they are planning on giving you a results appointment, I wouldn’t know how it all works in Spain but three weeks seems a long enough wait to me! Well today they took another biopsy as he said they found an area of distortion on the scan that was in a different place to the previous biopsy. He did pick this up on the US today so I feel more confident they have got a sample of the right place this time! He told me he isn’t overly worried and that if this is also benign they may just leave it…but that this is not what has caused my ‘dimple’ and he doesn’t know what is, this didn’t seem to bother him but it does me as its quite obvious and wasn’t there before, I’d feel better if they could find a reason for it! Do let me know how you get on and fingers crossed you get good news before Christmas, I have to wait until 4th Jan now but I’m going to keep calm and enjoy :slight_smile:

Hi. I was thinking about you this evening! I hope your biopsy results are abit more conclusive in Jan. It’s the not knowing that I find difficult! I still haven’t heard anything today so I’m planning on going to the hospital tomorrow morning and see what I can find out. I’ll let you know. Hopefully it will all be OK. X

Hi. I spoke to a nurse at the breast unit in the hospital who said I’ve been scheduled an appointment on 4th Jan at 09:15 (can you believe it, same as you!!..) but when she looked at the time she said that they didn’t give results early that morning that they do other stuff so she thought it was a mistake, she went away to sort it out but eventually came back and said that it was actually correct and to attend at 09:15 on 4th. So I’m actually now thinking (but obviously I don’t know) that like you I may need further tests. I also have family history… my mum had breast cancer when she was around 45 years old. So we are both playing this waiting game!! I’m not happy about it but there’s nothing I can do. She said they don’t give results over the phone.

Enjoy your Christmas and we’ll touch base again I guess in the new year! Best wishes. Xx

Oh dear, not nice to have hanging over our heads all Christmas is it? Here’s hoping we both get good news on the 4th and don’t have to put up with anymore waiting! Hope you have a great Christmas x

Hi Poppy and Milly
I am also waiting for results. I feel like I have spent the last couple of months waiting. I waited weeks for an appointment after my original mammogram. That was followed by a 4 week wait for biopsy results. I had surgery 3weeks ago and am now waiting until 5th January for path results, to find out if the cancer is anywhere else, will I need chemo, what my treatment plan will be. I could have had results on 29th December but because of Christmas my team wouldn’t have met to discuss my treatment plan so I would need to return following week anyway. I decided, especially as I travel 60miles round trip, that as we have family visiting I would wait to get results and plan in one visit. There are times when I really wonder if I made the right choice delaying a week, then I think I really want time to deal with the outcome personally without my kids going with me to the hospital.
So the wait continues. Fingers crossed for good news for us in January.

Hi Sarah, good to hear from you! The waiting is tough isn’t it. I really hope you get good news, do you know when the results will be? I’ve now got pain in my armpit and I’m wondering if this is fallout from the core needle biopsy a little over 3 weeks ago. Any ideas? When I go to the hospital on 4th Jan it will have been a calendar month since the biopsy!! I’m in Spain and the process is different to the one stop shop clinics in uk. And I’m learning as I go along! I’ve got a feeling that on 4th they are going to do a small procedure or something but I’m really not sure… I hope you are recovering from your surgery well. Take care. X

Hi Jan. Yes, I’ve had enough of waiting around too. I was very disappointed not to get my results before Xmas. I had my biopsies on 3rd Dec. If you don’t mind me asking what were your symptoms and diagnosis? I’ve been told I’ve got 3 clusters of suspicious microcalcifications and also a small lump thought to be a fibroadenoma (and not a problem) in the same boob, 3 samples taken from the lump and 10 from the microcalcifications. Ofcourse they may not be anything at all but a month of not knowing is horrendous (as you know.) I hope you get good results on 5th. It’s a big week for all of us next week. Stay in touch. Xx

Hi Poppy
Thanks for replying.
Originally I had no symptoms my BC was picked up on a routine mammogram. I went for a follow up appointment where I had an ultra sound and a biopsy on the suspect area. I had not felt or noticed anything. I then had to wait 4 weeks for biopsy results. They confirmed grade 3 lobular cancer. There was some discrepancy about the size, US showed 16mm but mammogram showed 27mm. I was then sent for a MRI scan which showed 37mm and a further suspect area. Up until this point a lumpectomy seemed to be the way forward. The increased size and added area changed things, suddenly the doctor was talking mastectomy. All a great shock. I was far from happy with that decision. There had been some issues around my appointment and the doctor thought I had already been given the biopsy results and had discussed treatment, where in reality I knew nothing. The final outcome was that I met with the lead consultant and he discussed options. Eventually, after being at the hospital for over 5hrs, I decided mammoplasty was best for me. Basically breast reduction removing the lump and the suspect area , then reshaping what was left. I can honestly say I am quite happy with the results so far. I am now waiting for the results to see if the margins are clear and the biopsy on my sentinel node. Then next steps. I know I need radiation therapy at least. So fingers crossed. Waiting really is the pits but hopefully Poppy good news for all of us.
Let me know how you get on.

Your story starts the same as mine. I was also recalled after a routine mammogram and went for the diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound on 16th Nov. I had no outward symptoms. They wanted to do the biopsy a couple of days later but I had to travel to UK and so had to wait 2 weeks to have it done. And now ofcourse I’m waiting again… It really sounds like you’ve been through it so far and I really hope you get better news on 5th. It must be alot to cope with over Xmas. Stay in touch. X

Hi - I’m waiting for a breast clinic appointment on 7 January. Was referred by gp on 11 Dec after I found a lump on right side of right boob, which I first noticed about a month before. Alternating between being convinced it will be nothing and feeling terrified. Had thought my boobs had felt lumpish earlier this year but put it down to anxiety issues I was having at the time. Frustrated that my body already knows if I have cancer or not but I have to wait until 7 Jan at the earliest to find out. ?

Hi there. The waiting really is very stressful. But we must remember that the likelihood of having bad news is minimal. I hope your appointment goes OK and that all of us on this thread have good news next week. X

Thanks poppyfields. Trying to stay positive for everyone.

Hi Poppy
Got my fingers crossed for good news for you tomorrow.
Let us know how you go when you can.
Jan x

Thank you so much… And everyone else, best wishes for appointments and results this week. I will post as soon as I can with an update. X

Sending good vibes your way for your appointment. I hope you get some answers.
Love to all taking the next steps through this challenge this week. ?